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I-League Round 14: Chhetri Nets Third Brace On The Trot As League Leaders Open Six-Point Gap At The Top.

i-league 2013/14 - Mohammedan SC vs Bengaluru FC

11.12.2013 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

BFC PRESS RELEASE : Bengaluru FC ground out a fantastic 2-3 win over Mohammedan Sporting under hostile conditions at the Salt Lake Stadium, in Kolkata, on Wednesday. Sunil Chhetri, who's making scoring a brace a habit, turned up with another pair after John Menyongar gave Bengaluru FC the lead. A goalkeeping blunder by Pawan Kumar and Josimar Martins' let the hosts equalize two times in a game that saw the disgruntled home fans hurl stones and chairs at the pitch.

Keen to keep their away winning run alive, Bengaluru got off on the perfect note when, from a well-worked short corner routine, John Menyongar rifled in an opener in the 21st minute. Receiving the ball from Beikho, the diminutive Liberian turned Ishfaq Ahmed the wrong way in the box before firing low with his left. Mohammedan sniffed but without sting as Bengaluru came close through Sean Rooney, whose going a yard ahead made it tough for him to bundle home Rino Anto's cross. Just when Bengaluru looked like protecting the lead into half time, Pawan Kumar made a hash of what was a simple collection to gift Mohammedan an equalizer they gladly accepted. A harmless punt came off John Johnson’s boot and bounced straight to Pawan who suffered a momentary lapse of concentration only to find the ball slip out of his hands and into the goal.

Refusing to let the blip dictate the way they would tackle the second half, Bengaluru FC grabbed the lead in the 47th minute through what was easily the goal of the game. Employing a well-rehearsed training ground routine off a corner, Beikho cut one back for Chhetri who escaped the crowd and turned to find the ball before smashing home a beauty that ended in the roof of the net.

i-league 2013/14 - Mohammedan SC vs Bengaluru FC

But Mohammedan struck again in the 57th minute when Josimar pounced on a loose ball to make it 2-2. An attack from the right saw an Ashim Biswas attempt on goal pushed away by Pawan only for the Brazilian striker to bundle home from close. Backed by a boisterous crowd, Mohammedan looked to take the game to Bengaluru FC. Collin Abranches, Syed Rahim Nabi and Penn Orji hovered on the flanks but the attempts from their crosses were either defended or off target.

The curse of the corner eventually killed Mohammedan when Chhetri scored his eighth goal of the season, heading home from Beikhokhei's delivery in the 71st minute. Bengaluru FC survived some anxious moments at the death of the game that saw Bruno Colaco coming on for Pawan who suffered what looked like a groin strain.

Adding to Bengaluru's cause was Rangdajied United beating Pune FC 3-2, Mumbai FC holding Mohun Bagan 1-1 and Salgaocar playing out a 0-0 draw against East Bengal. Westwood’s team now have 27 points from 13 games, six more than second-placed Sporting Clube de Goa who have a game in hand.

i-league 2013/14 - Mohammedan SC vs Bengaluru FC

11.12.2013 : MOHAMMEDAN SC  2-3   BENGALURU FC (YBK - FT.)
MSC :Ashok, Collin, Luciano, Mehrajuddin, Nirmal, Masih, Samson, Ashim, Isfaq, Penn, Joshimar.
BFC :Pawan, John, Rino, Lalrozama, Rooney, Jonny, Sunil, Darren, Bekhokhei, Thoi.:: REF:Rateesh Kumar

FT': score - Mohammedan SC 2-3 Bengalutu FC.
90': The Mohammedan SC supporters are aggitated. They are throwing bottles and chairs inside the playing arena.
90': 4 minuted added time.
90': score - Mohammedan SC 2-3 Bengalutu FC.
87': Bruno Colaco replaced by Pawan.
85': Penn failed to trap easy chance lost.
82': MSC attacked, Isafaq'a shot saved by Pawan Kumar.
80': score - Mohammedan SC 2-3 Bengalutu FC.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Bengaluru FC. 2nd goal of Chhetri .
65': score - Mohammedan SC 2-2 Bengalutu FC.Josimar scores of a rebound.
63': Collin Abranches cleared a ball in expense of a corner.
60': Now it's a evenly poised match . Both the team are looking for the goal.
60': score - Mohammedan SC 2-2 Bengalutu FC.Josimar scores of a rebound.It's own goal of Jonson.
57': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Joshimar scored another for Mohammedan.
50': score - Mohammedan SC 1-2 Bengalutu FC. 48': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL: Bengaluru FC scored through Sunil Chhetri. His shot went inside the frame work after he recives a pass from Bekhokhei.
47': Bangaluru earned a corner, as the Mohd defense cleared a ball fro Jonny.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': score - Mohammedan SC 1-1 Bengalutu FC. Joshimar scored.Pawan Kumar failed to collect a header from Josimar
44': Mohammedan SC earned a free kick as Osano fouled dangerously to Manish.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL:Mohammedan SC scored through a header.
40': score - Mohammedan SC 0-1 Bengalutu FC. Jonny scored.
37': Easiest chance missed by Rooney. He failed to connect a pass from Rino Anto.
36 : Mehraj shot sailed over the bar Bangaluru leading 1-0.
35': score - Mohammedan SC 0-1 Bengalutu FC. Jonny scored.
35 : Darren has been shown the yellow card as he fouled Isfaq roughly.
31': Ashim to penn in right side but Anwar cleared for throw in.
30 : Bangaluru leading by a solitary goal scored by Menyongar.
30': Corner and header of Sunil cleared for throw in.
30': Sunil shot went for corner for Mumbai FC.
28': Another corner for Mohammedan,Cleared.
26': Corner for Mohammedan, Rakesh corner cleared by Anwar.
25': SCORE : Mohammedan SC 0-1 Bengaluru Fc.
25 : Shan Rooney's shot hit the Mohd defese. Bangaluru is playing more number of passes now.
22': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bengaluru FC scored goal. Jonny scored.
15': No score - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bengalutu FC.
12': Counter attac of MSC, Penn attacked, ball cleared.
11': Missed pass of Penn, ball went to Bengaluru.
10': Long through of Mashi to Joshimar and he gave to Penn.
5': No score - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bengalutu FC.

I-League Round 14: East Bengal and Salgaocar match ended goalless at goa.

11.12.2013 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

11.12.2013 : SALGAOCAR   0-0   EAST BENGAL
(GOA - FT..)
SAL : Karanjit, Nicolau, Chika, Caitano, Foschini, Karma T, Francisco. Rocus, Clifton, Duffy.
KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Gurwinder, Raju, Saumik, Khabra, Sueoka, Dika, Tuanga, Moga, Chidi... REF :Vishnu Chauhan

FULL TIME: No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
90+2': Chidi's attacked well blocked by Chika wali.
90+1':Salgaocar's caitao's left footer from Francis pass went wide.
90': 3 minutes added time.No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
89': Dika's corner kick cleared.
88': Corner for East Bengal from Lenn's attack from right.
87': Francis to Duffy in East Bengal box but Gurwinder was alert to cleared earlier.
85': 5 minutes to end of schedule time.No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
84': Chidi's solo effort in Salgaocar box blocked by Chika Wali.
83': Cross of Soumik cleared from Salgaocar box.
80': 10 minutes to end of schedule time.
80': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
79': Seuoka long ball in Salgaocar but cleared.
78': Right sided attack of East Bengal, Naoba to Chidi but well blocked by Chika.
77': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
75': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
73': Long shot of Francis went out.
73': Slow pace match now, Midfield oriented game is running.
70': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
70': CHANCE MISSED - SALGAOCAR - Beautiful save of Gurpreet off Duffy's close one to one shot.
67': PLAYER CHANGE: East Bengal: Lenn in and Tulunga out.
66': Gurpreet well saved a close shot of Duffy.
65': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
65': No damage done in Free kick, goal kick for East Bengal.
64': Free kick for Salgaocar as Tulung hold Gilbert..
63': Clifton's cross too long, went out.
63': Salgaocar is attakimg more and more now.
62': Throw in for Salgaocar.
. 61': Gurwinder cleared a cross of Rocus from left.
60': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
59': Corner for East Bengal in Karanjit's left, Dika's corner kick cleared.
58': Another attack of EAst Bengal- Seuoka crossed from left cleared went to Khabra but his shot went wide.
57': Chance missed - East Bengal, Moga's grounder from left of the salgaocar box beat Karanjit but out.
55': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
54': Foshini's aim less shot from 45 yards went out.
53': Slow pace nbow in the matchl.
52': Duffy attacked from right wing, crossed but ball went to gurpreet.
51': Long ball of Milagres cleared.
50': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
47': Long shot of Khabra went wide.
46': 2nd half match starts. In first half No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal. Salgaocar missed penalty in first half.
HALF TIME: No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
45': 2 minutes added time.
45': Dika's shot cleared..
44': Free kick for East Bengal, as chidi was fouled.
43': 2nd corner fopr Salgaocar from Foshini's attack, Corner cleared in East Bengal box..
40': No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
40': ATTACK of SALGAOCAR SC - Duffy from right but Gurpreet bloked and Gurwinder finally cleared.
36': Corner kick cleared..
36': Well attack of Salgaocar, Corner from Duggy's shot but well saved by Gurpreet for Corner.
32': Slow pace in the match.
30':No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
30': Moga scored a goal but cancelled for handling the ball..
30': East Bengal attacked, Chidi shot went to Karanjit...
27':Bengaluru FC is leading 3-2 over Mohammedan SC upto 90 minute..
25':No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
24': SAVE ... Gurpreet saved the shot of Foshini. Good shot and well saved.
23': PENALTY FOR SLGAOCAR as Gurwinder brough down .
18':Free kick just out side of Salgaocar box, taken by Moga but no impact.
17':Free kick for East Bengal as Chidi was fouled by Chika.
15':No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
11':Good attack of Salgaocar but Foshini was offside.
10':No score - Salgaocar 0-0 East Bengal.
4': PLAYER CHANGE - SAL : Milagres in Karma T out.
1': Match starts at Goa.