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I-League Round 20: United SC lost 1-3 to Bengaluru at home.

 United SC vs Bengaluru I-league

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USC : Jayanta, Deepak, Bello, Anupam, Dhanachandra, Souvik, Asif K, Rafiq, Hasan, Eric, Waheed.
BFC : Pawan, Keegan, Osanao, Jonson, Rino, Jonny, Thoi, Hangal, Rooney, Robin, Sunil . ...... REF: Raktim Ghosh.
LIVE UPDATE BY : Saikat Basu - Kalyani

FT : Match end and Sunil Chhetri - Bengaluru declared Man of The Match.
90+2': few second left, Away team Bengaluru is leading 3-1.
90': 4 minute adde time. :: Indian Football Players Transfer Gossip 2014-15 Season: PART-2   R-E-A-D
88': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Bengaluru, Sunil scored from 30 degree angle. Free Kick of Sunil went to Keeper but when he passed to the ball to his co defender in his right, Sunil well snatched the ball and score brilliant
87': Free kick to Bengaluru, Sunil to take the shot, no impact.
86': Throw in for BFC, Rino throw went to Sunil finally in cleared.
85': still 2-1 for Bengaluru.
 United SC vs Bengaluru I-league

83': John shot went out.
80': Player Change- USC : Anupam out and Tapan in.
80': Keegan's shot deflected out from Hassan
78': Player Change- BFC : Rooney out and Vineet in.
76': Bengaluru is now dominating the match.
75': Still visiting team Bengaluru is leading 2-1.
75': Player Change- BFC : injured Jonson out and Gurtej in.
74': Eric to Dhana to Arjun from left, crossed by Arjun but Well cleared by Rino.
73': Sunil to Thoi to Sunil to John to Bekhokhei but finally Throw in.
72': Now scoreline is United 1-2 Bengaluru.
71': Arjun missed from Dhana's pass.
70': Jayanta well saved a Rooney attack.
70': Yelow card to Rino Anot of Bengaluru.
69': Bello well saved an attack of Bengaluru.
 United SC vs Bengaluru I-league

68': Still scoreline is 2-1 for Bengaluru.
66': Player Change- USC : Hassan out and Arjun Chatterjee in.
62': Now scoreline is United 1-2 Bengaluru.
61': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Rooney doubled through a brilliant header, ball went to home after deflecting from Dhana..
60': Scoreline is United SC 1-1 Bengaluru FC.
60': Hassan's kick cleared from BFC box.
59': United attacked, free kick as Eric as Rino fouled.
57': Now both teams are searching for another goal.
57': Free kick to Bengaluru, Thoi shot cleared.
55': Scoreline is United SC 1-1 Bengaluru FC.
53': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.Eric scored from Spot kick.
52': United got Penalty. Keegan Pereira fouled Souvik. Yelow card to Keegan.
50': Bengaluru is leading 1-0.
48': Corner to BFC, Jonson shot went for United goalkick.
47': Bengaluru attacked, Hassan blocked a ball .
47': PLAYER CHANGE - USC : Surajit Bose in place of Rafiq.
46': Starts of 2nd Half Match. Bengaluru 1-0 United.
HT :: Bengaluru is leading 1-0.
44': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bengaluru scored throuhh a header of Thoi Singh as Rooney beat 2 defenders of United and final pass to Thoi...
40': No score, 0-0, Bengaluru wasted Corner kick of Hangal.
37': attack of United bur dismissed in front of Bengaluru box for lack of combinations. Rafiq ahead in box and got offside.
35': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
34': Very slow pace now in the match. No positive change got by any team till time.
33': Bengaluru attacked but cleared by Deepak.
30': Still scoreline is United SC 0-0 Bengaluru FC.
28': Keegan's kick, Jayanta missed the ball flight but finally out.
27': Foul of Rafiq to Sunil, Free kick for BFC.
25': No score in the match. 0-0.
24': Free kick to BFC, John to Roony but cleared.
21': PLAYER CHANGE - BFC : injured Robin out and Bekhokhei in.
20': 10': No score in the match. 0-0.
16': Rafiq is injured now fit.
15': No score in the match. 0-0.
15': Keeper of Bengaluru cleared a ball from Hassan.
15': United is playing short pass.
15': United attack, Hassan to Souvik, shot cleared.
14': Hangal's kick cleared.
13': Jonn's free kick cleared by Dhanachandra for Corner.
12': Free Kick for Bengaluru as Robin was fouled by Hassan. Danger area free kick.
10': No score in the match. 0-0.
10': Shot of Rooney from Rabin's pass but went wide.
9': Bengaluru is holding the ball more.
8': Throw in for Bengaluru.
7': Slow pace in the match, midfield oriented match is going on.
6': United lost to Rangdajied 0-4 in last match in away.
5': No score in the match. 0-0.
5': Rafiq crossed from right wing but poor cross went wide.
3': Bengaluru attacked, Hangal throw in, Osano header went to John.
2': Mistake of Hassan of United but finally 2nd time cleared.
1': Attack of United, Waheed got the ball in right from Rafiq, Cleared.
1': Match start. Bengaluru kicked off the match.
0': United SC Changed their experienced keeper Sangram for his injury, Jayanta Pal will play today.
0': Match is going to start. Both teams players are in line up.