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I-League Round 20: East Bengal shares points with Shillong Lajong at home.

 East bengal vs Shillong Lajong I-league

14.03.2014 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Arnab, Raju, Roberts, Dika, Seuoka, Tulungsa, Subodh, Moga, Chidi..
SLFC : R.Ralte, Taisuke, Min-chol-son, Ramlalluaha,Jeevan, Taisuke, Boithang, Robin, L.Fanai, Redeem, Uilliams..
REF : Rahul D'SA
FT : 0-0 East Bengal shares point with Shillong Lajong in home match.
90+1': Yellow card to Arnab of East Bengal as he fouled Uilliams.
90': 4 minute added time.
88': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Baljit in and Tulunga out.
87': PLAYER CHANGE - SLFC : Subhash Singh in and Haokip out.
86': Robert well crossed from left bar Ramlalluaha well saved it.
85': Dika's shot saved by Ralte for corner and no impact in Dika's corner.
84': League Leader Bengaluru FC Players are watching the East Bengal vs Shillong Lajhong Match at YBK as they will face Lag in their next match.
83': Few minutes left to end of the match, Still scoreline is 0-0
80': No score yet. 0-0.


JAYDIP DASGUPTA - 14.03.2014: The I league match between East Bengal and Shillong Lazong FC ended goal less in Kolkata today. East Bengal need full points to climb up the ladder and to be a contender for the tittle. But the lack of consistency has proved negatively in the performance of Red and Gold. The difference with the League leaders Bangaluru FC are gradually increasing............ MATCH LIVe COMMENARY BELOW

East Bengal were under tremoundous pressure in the first half when Lajong could have converted. An exampilary brillant effort of Abhijit Mondal saved the citadel of East Bengal thrice. Abhijit saved two long rangers of Uilliams and Boithang, but he was brilliant when he made a diving save of Redeem from within the six yards following a cetre from Uilliams.

East Bengal played a number of miss passes and failed to block in the middle third. Lazong was playing with five midfeilers with Uilliams as the lone striker. The Brazalian continuously changed flanks and made the task of Raju and Arnab quite tough.

The easiest chance of the evening waisted by Lenn at the 81st minute of the match following a pass of Dika. The young striker was absolutely clear inside the 18 yards with only the Lazong goalkeeper at his mercy. In the 49th minute Cavin Lobo could have convertedafter beating a host of Lazong defenders, istead he shoots wide. At the flag end of the match a long ranger of Dika was fisted over the bar by Raltey. Though East Bengal were dineied a penalty when the ball struck to a hand of a Lazong defender.

A cofusion arises at the start of the match when the AIFF denied the inclusion of Khabra's name in the starting line up. It was surprising to see that the East Bengal officials were not aware that Khabra had already been booked by yellow card for the forth time. East Bengal remain at the 7th position with 24 points from 16 matches, while Lajong are at the 5th position with 26 points from 19 matches.

Thangboi Singto (Lajong) - We played well in the first half but in the second our players were fatigued.Overall I am satisfied with their performance. Armando Colaco (East Bengal)- This draw would be a setback for our title hopes.But all is not lost we have now have watch the performance of other league leaders.Perhaps the players were a little complacent after their win vs Mohammedan Sporting in the previous game.


79': CHANCE MISSED By Seuoka from top of the box.
78': Corner for East Bengal, misused of Seuoka Kick.
76': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Lenn in and Moga out.
75': STILL THE SCORE LINE IS East Bengal 0-0 Shillong Lajong.
74': Weak shot of Seuoka from right went to Keeper.
73': Tulunga fouled Tuboi.
72': Seuoka to robert in left but ball went for Throw in.
70': PLAYER CHANGE - SLFC: Durga boro in and Reedem out.
69': Attack of Lajong, Arnab cleared Uilliams for corner.
68': Chidi to Moga in Lajong box, but ball was too fast.
65': Still result is 0-0.
59': Corner to Lajong, Haokip's shot cleared.
56': Penalty appeal of East Bengal as Chidi's shot hits the middle of his chest and hand, Referee denied.
55': Still result is 0-0.
53': Khabra is not playing today for his 4 yellow card.
52': Missed of Robert from Moga's pass in Box, he was unable to touch his right foot.
50': 0-0 Still now in the Salt lake.
50': Best Chance missed by Lobo in yeards from Echidi's pass.
49': Naoba's cross from right and Moga's header went for Corner, Corner of Tulunga went to Ralte.
48': Danger to East Bengal box from Uillims Free kic finally cleared by Arnab.
47': Long throw in of Raju from Right side to Lajong Box but Cleared before Moga's header.
46': Starts of 2nd Half.
HT: Half Time. No score 0-0
45': 1 minute added time.
43':Attack of East Bengal, Chidi to Tulunga in right and Tulunga's cross and Moga's weak header cleared.
42': Easy Chance missed by Redeem, Uilliams cross from right and his header well saved by Abhijit with in 2 feet distance from goal line.
40': Still the scoreline in 0-0 .
40': Tailsuke fouled by Lobo.
38': Rulunga's cross from right and Moga's aimless header went out.
36': jonLeague Leader Bengaluru FC Players are watching the East Bengal vs Shillong Lajhong Match at YBK as they will face Lag in their next match.
35: Corner to Shillong Lajong, Haokip's kick and Taisuke header went wide.
34': East Bengal still not get any positive chance.
34': Slow pace now in the match.
33': East Bengal chance - Chidi to Moga in box but he delayed to shot, ball cleared.
30': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Lobo in and Subodh out.
30': Tuboi's shot went direct to Abhijit, Lajong is playing well now.
29': Uilliams kick in East Bengal box and Moga cleared it.
28': Good shot of Haokip from top of the box and Abhijit saved it for corner,
26': No score in the match. 0-0..
25': Robert to Moga in Lajong box but well collected advance by Lajong Keeper.
24': Throw in for Lajong cleared.
22': MISSED BY LAJONG --- Uilliams's left footer from top of the box beat Abhijit but went out.
21': Moga's weak header from Naoba's right sided pass went to Ralte.
20': Still the scoreline is 0-0 .
19': Long throw in of Raju went to Seuoka then to Moga and Then to Chidi in Lajong box, Chidi half turn shot just went wide. Good attack of East Bengal.
17': CHANCE MISSED ------ Lajong, Free kick of Haokip and Min chol son's header missed the target.
15': East Bengal 0-0 Shillong Lajong.
14': Taisuke's header went for Goal kick for East Bengal.
13': Robert to Chidi on left, he missed and ball went to Moga in open space but Moga was offside.
10': East Bengal 0-0 Shillong Lajong.
10': Effort of Moga and Chidi in front of Lajong Box but finally cleared.
8': Miss pass galore of East Bengal team.
7': Long ranger of Haokip went for East Bengal goal kick.
5': Still no score. East Bengal 0-0 Shillong Lajong.
4': Right sided attack of East Bengal but ball out from Tulunga's cross.
3': Corner of Uilliams cleared from East Bengal box,
2': Free kick to Lajong, Left footer of Uilliams hits the post and Abhijit saved for corner.
1': Free kick for East Bengal, Naoba's Free kick for Moga bit cleared.
1': Match starts at YBK, East Bengal kicked off.
0': Both teams are ready to play, East Bengal kicked off.
0': Subodh Kumar in place of Baljit today in the match for Est Bengal.
0': Match will start with in few minutes.

MATCH PREVIEW - 13.03.2014: East Bengal and Shillong Lajong will meet in a crucial encounter at Yubabharati Kriangan on Friday evening. East Bengal registered an important victory in their last match against Mohammedan Sporting and are still in the run for the championship but need a win on Friday evening against Lajong.

Lajong is not at all an easy important for the Red and Gold as the team from the North East are well ahead in the league table and at present they are placed at the fifth position. Shillong Lajong are having an impressive performance in the league so far. They drew the last match against Pune FC in their away match by 2-2.

Though they lost to East Bengal in the home match at Shillong by a margin of 4-0, but are confident enough to win at Kolkata on Friday evening as they have some successful foreign recruits, Taisuke Matsugane and Williams Bomfin and Cornell Glenn.

East Bengal showcased an improved performance in their last match. A win has definitely boost by their confidence and are eager to climb up the ladder . East Bengal will definitely feel the absence of Uga Opara in central defense who is nursing his ankle injury. The combination of Chidi Edeh and James Moga will play a major role in the attacking force.

In a pre match press meeting at the East Bengal Club Chief Coach Armando Colaco said that East Bengal will try to take advantage of home conditions and aim to garner maximum points to move up the ladder in the I League table.

0': The Chief coach of Shillong Lajong Thanboi Singto are in the opinion that although Lazong lost 0-4 in the first leg , but they will try to put up a fine performance here.There is no question of underestimating East Bengal despite them being hit by some injuries as their bench strength is very good.He added that his team will not be handicapped by the Astro turf...