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I-League Round 19 : 10 men Churchill Brothers lost 0-2 to United SC at home.

i-league 2013/14 - churchill brothers vs united sc

19.04.2014 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

USC : Abhijit, Sukhen, Anupam, Bello, Dhana, Asif K, Souvik, Lalkamal, Eric, Rafiq, Waheed.
CB : Lalit, Denzil, Sanjay, Ravanan, Raju, Shabana, Saran, Jaison, Lenny, Wolef, Balwant..

FT : Match End, United SC win 2-0 against 10 MEN Churchill Brothers. Eric Brown scored both the goals for United while SABANA of Churchill Brothers SHOWN RED CARD.
90': 4 minutes added time.
85': Still Score line is 2-0 for United against 10 men Churchill Brothers.
80': PLAYER CHANGED - CB : Ashley in and Jaison out .
77': Corner to Chruchill in Abhijit's left but Saran singh's kick cleared.
75: SCORE LINE : Churchill Brothers 0-2 United SC .
73': Chance again and Erick missed his hattrick from Lalkamal's cross.
72': Free Kick to Churchill, Balwant's kick missed the target.
70': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-0 to United SC, Solo effort of Erick and scored his 2nd goal.
70': Poor Free kick of Saran Singh out.

United Sports Club of Kolkata confirms their participation in the 8th I League. At Goa today they defeated Churchill Brothers by a brace and reached in a safer zone with 26 points from where they will not be relegated. It's really a uphill task for the "United family" all through the year as this team from Kolkata are without any Sponsor and in deep financial crunch.

The Dutch Coach Elco resigned and even the management had to release the Nigerian star Ranty Martins due to the poor financial conditions.Thanks, to the footballers whoso dedication and contribution has made the fight of United Sports possible.

It will be Churchill Brothers who will now face relegation. They are just a point ahead of bottom-placed Mohammedan Sporting, and Churchill will need a win in their final league clash against Salgaocar Football Club on April 28th at Goa.

After a evenly poised first half United drew the first blood in the 49th minute when a quick counter attack saw Sukhen Dey flash the ball across the goal where Brown came up with a low header. Churchill pressed hard in an attempt to secure the equalizer but instead ended up conceding another goal. Brown was the goal scorer again, this time after being beautifully picked up by Waheed Adekunle and placed the ball beautifully defeating Lalit Thapa with an angular shot.

Earlier in the first half Churchill had some chances but a good goalkeeping by Abhijit Das denied Wolfe and Balbant from scoring. Sabana shown RED CARD by Referee Pratap Singh at the 39th minute who fouled ERIC of United SC

69': Free kick to Churchill, Souvik fouled Lenny.
66': Fighting of 10 men churchill, Wolef's header well saved by Abhijit.
65: SCORE LINE : Churchill Brothers 0-1 United SC .
63': Corner to Churchill as Balwant's effort dismissed by Sukhen.
62': PLAYER CHANGED - USC : Baldeep in and Rafiq out .
62': Jaison Vales wasted an opportunity to equalize.
60 : 10 men Churchill Brothers 0-1 United SC.
59': Waheed of United offside.
57': Free kick to Churchill but Jaison's kick went wide.
54': United SC is attacking more and more now.
52': CHURCHILL BROTHERS is playing 10 men from 38th minute as SABANA red carded.
52' : Chance missed by Eric from Rafiq's pass as Ravanan cleared in advance in penalty box before Erick's action.
50': SCORE LINE : Churchill Brothers 0-1 United SC .
49': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Eric Brown scored goal from a right sided cross of Sukhen Dey and Eric's header beat Lalit.
46': Starts of 2nd half match just now.
HT : 10 men Churchill Brothers 0-0 United SC.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': SCORE LINE : 0-0.
44': Out of the last 11 AWAY matches of United SC they lost 0-4 for two times, one to Mohun Bagan and other to Rangdajied.
42': Souvik to Eric and his shot from top of the box went to Lalit's hand.
40': SCORE LINE : 0-0.
39': Now churchill Brothers will be playing with 10 men.
38': RED CARD TO Sabana, 2nd yellow card and Churchill is now 10 men. Sabana shown the first yellow in 2nd minute.
37': Eric is injured and under in treatment, Sabana fouled him.
33': Chance to Churchill - Sabana from Balwant well shoot from top of the box.
32': Denzil blocked Rafiq's left side oriented pass in middle.
30': Churchill is attacking more and more now.
25': SCORE LINE : 0-0.
24': Lalkamal was injured and now he is fit to play.
22': United SC was unable to win in their last 13 matches. They did not win in their last 7 home matches and no score in their last 4 away matches. Their last win came on 27th Nov 2013 against Dempo SC by 2-1.
20': SCORE LINE : 0-0.
18': Eric to soubik but his shot cleared in DB defence.
17': Slow pace now, Anupam cleared Lenny's cross.
14': Lenny's long shot went to Abhijit's hamd.
11': Effort of Balwant off Saran's cross but went to Abhijit.
10': Still scoreline is 0-0 5': No score in the match. 0-0.
5': Waheed of United, his shot went wide.
2': Yellow card to Sabana of CB.