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I-League Round 16: Mohun Bagan beat Pune FC 3-1 at home.

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21.12.2013 : MOHUN BAGAN   3-1   PUNE FC (BST - FT) -

MMB : Shilton, Souvik, Eche, Rowilson, Pritam, Denson, Yusa, Ram, Sabeeth, Odafa, Christopher..
PFC : Amrinder, Tabia, Calum, Anas, Gurjinder, Lalrempuia, Arata, Meyer, Douhou, Anthony, Riga . REF : Umesh Bora
MOM: Odafa

Match End. Mohun Bagan beat Pune FC 3-1 in Barasat Stadium.

90'+3': Again booking for both Calum and Cristopher. yellow card to them.
90'+1': Meyer's shot, too wide
90': 4 minutes added on time
89': One to one chance to Odafa and Odafa made no mistake.
88': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores again and 3rd goal of Mohun Bagan
87': Rocha's header goes wide
86': Brilliant shot of Yusa. Yusa's long ranger went wide
84': Chance to Pune FC but Calum is in offside position
83': Another booking. Now this is Mumtaz
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
82': Free kick to Mohun Bagan. Odafa's shot hit the crossbar and finally Amrinder saved it
81': Douhou brought down Yusa. Referee shown yellow card to Douhou and Yusa
79': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Samboi scores for Pune FC. Riga's Free kick deflected by post and goes to Samboi and Samboi Haokip made no mistake
78': Pritam brought down Meyer. Free kick to Pune FC
77': Another brilliant chance to Riga, but another brilliant save by Shilton to deny Riga.
76': Yusa's shot blocked and another shot of Denson sailed over the bar
74': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal by Ram Malik. Cristopher's pass to Ram, Amrinder clearly missed the ball and Ram scored in open net.

73': Calum's shot from free kick, directly in Shilton's hand
72': Meyer brought down by Pritam, free kick to Pune FC
70': Nice free kick, but good clearance by Pritam Kotal
69': Players Change in Pune FC: Mumtaz in place of Lalrempuia
68': One to one chance to Odafa. But Odafa took too many times and finally ball cleared. Odafa missed an open sitter and must be the easiest chance of the match
67': Good move through Yusa and Odafa, too many defenders and ball cleared
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
66': Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Pankaj Moula replaced injured Shaiju Mon
64': Samboi's header from a centre, went wide
63': Good run of Shaiju and looking for Odafa, but he made a miss pass
61': Yusa's forward pass to Odafa, but Odafa is in offside position
60': Back to back two corner, finally cleared
59': Chance to Odafa, his shot blocked and a corner to Mohun Bagan.
58': Powerful left footed kick of Riga, good save by Shilton
56': Move through Shaiju, cleared in defence
55': Riga's shot, brilliant save by Shilton but goes to Meyer. Meyer missed an open sitter. His shot touches side net
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
53': Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Shaiju in place of Sabeeth
52': Good clearance from corner and a counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Ram's pass to Yusa in wide and finally ball cleared
51': Douhou's pass and a chance to Riga, his shot went wide. Corner to Pune FC.
50': Another chance but weak shot of Odafa and easy for Amrinder
49': Brilliant centre of Ram to find Sabeeth, good block in defence
47': Good run of Ram through right, but Cristopher fails to control the ball properly
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
46': Chance to Odafa, good block by Pune FC defence and Arminder saved it
46': Players Change in Pune FC: Samboi in place of Arata
46': Second half resumes
HT: Mohun Bagan 1-0 Pune FC.
45': 1 minute added time.
44': Pune FC's corner, good save by Shilton
42': Brilliant display by Odafa, his shot went over the bar
41': Mohun Bagan 1-0 Pune FCBrilliant shot of Odafa from top of the box but went wide over the bar.
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
40': Mohun Bagan 1-0 Pune FC.
38':Brilliant move of Mohun Bagan, but Pritam is in offside position
36': Meyer's centre, cleared by Rowilson
32': Douhou's long ranger, went over the bar
32': Nearly another goal scoring chance to Odafa, his shot directly in Amrinder's hand
31':Sabeeth's pass to Odafa from a short corner, Odafa made no mistake
30':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores for Mohun Bagan
29':Chance to Odafa, Gurjinder cleared the ball and a corner
27': back to back three corner to Pune FC
25': Cristopher's forward pass to find Odafa, but defenders gave no space and cleared the ball
ileague 2013/14 - Mohun Baan vs Pune FC
24': Powerfull free kick to Odafa,nearly finds the net. But finally went over the bar.
23':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Arata after he brought down Yusa. Free kick to Mohun Bagan in a very good position
22': Brilliant chance to Douhou from a back pass of Riga, his shot went wide
21':Corner to Pune FC. Eche's header cleared the corner
20':Sabeeth's centre from left, cleared in box
18':Pune FC's move, Anthony is in offside position
18':Score remains goalless
15':Brilliant pass of Douhou to Arata, Arata's shot went wide
14': Mohun Bagan's attack and a corner
13':Brilliant run of Ram but a bad tackle to him. Free kick to Mohun Bagan
12': Brilliant chance to Riga, Rowilson cleared the ball brilliantly. Nearly a one to one chance to Riga
:Free kick to Pune FC. Shot went over the the bar
10':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Rowilosn after his bad tackle to Meyer
8': Odafa's shot, way over the bar.
7': Cristopher brought down, free kick to Mohun Bagan in a very good position
4': Tackle to Denson, free kick to Mohun Bagan
2': Souvik committed a foul. free kick to Pune FC
1': tackle to Ram Malik, free kick to Mohun Bagan
0': Kick off
0': Match is going to be started at Barasat Stadium.

I-League Round 16: Sporting Goa beat United SC at home.

ileague 2013/14 - sporting goa vs United SC

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21.12.2013 : SPORTING GOA   1-0   UNITED SC (GOA - FT) -

SCG : Ravi, Deepak, Keenan, Gonzalo, Kalu, Matthew, Arturo, Shirodkar, Rojen, Rowlin Borges, Boima.
USC : Abhijit, Dhanachandra, Bello, Hassan, Deepak, Souvik, Lal, Asif, Eric, Ranti, Baldip.

USC PRESS RELEASE : Sporting Clube de Goa rode Rojen Singh's early strike to eke out a 1-0 win over United SC, at the Duler Stadium, Goa, on Saturday. recisely, Rojen's conversion early in the game was the one that separated the two sides as Sporting Clube de Goa will end 2013 on number two spot on the I-League standings with 24 points and United SC spotted on the seventh position with 18 points after 14 matches.

United SC started brightly in the first couple of minutes and after moving the ball around well from kick-off, The first opportunity for the Kolkata side came only in the 29th minute which saw Ranti Martins head a cross from Souvik Chakraborty wide. Baldeep Singh saw his shot being brilliantly blocked by Gonsalves as the shot was destined to find the back of the net.

United's Dutch coach Eelco Schattorie made two changes in his starting line-up with the inclusions of Baldeep Singh and K. Asif in place of Tapan Maity and Vineeth C.K. Boima Karpeh for Sporting Clube de Goa, did all the spadework on the left flank by cutting past at least three purple shirts before setting up Rojen Singh in front of the opponent's goalmouth who made no mistake to to tap the ball home to give Oscar Bruzon's side the lead as early as in the fourth minute.

The home team's skipper Mathew Gonsalves and midfielder Pratesh Shirodkar returned after serving their suspension with Jovel Martins and Mauvin Borges making way for the duo. Nigerian striker Ranti Martins had been quite isolated in the attack for the United side today as he over-runs a pass played to him while Gonzalo effects the clearance in the 57th minute of the game.

A couple of good clearances by Garcia and Devrani around the Sporting box as the United side started to move the ball around a lot better in the first half. The Flaming Oranje started the second half on a positive note as Gonzalo's header from a Rowllin Borges free-kick was just about tipped over by goalkeeper Abhijit Das.

The visitors pushed forward in search of a late equalizer in the dying moments as Eelco replaced Vineeth in place of Ranti in the 61 minute of the game but were unable to find the finishing touch. The game ended in a 1-0 victory for Sporting Clube de Goa.

FT : Sporting Goa 1-0 United SC.
84': Sporting Goa 1-0 United SC.
HT : Sporting Goa 1-0 United SC.
41': Sporting Goa 1-0 United SC.
10': Sporting Goa 1-0 United SC.
4': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Rojen Singh score for SCG. Well pass of Boima.