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I-League Round 18: Churchill Beothers hold Mohun Bagan 2-2 in away

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MMB : Shilton, Aibor, Pritam, Echezona, Rowlinson, Denson, Pankaj, Zakeer, Yusa, Ram, Christopher.
CRB :Lalit, Satish, Ravanan, Sanjay, Raju Y, Alesh, Lenny, Shabana, Saran, Balwant, Wolfe.. REF : Umesh Bora

FT: Peep--PEEP--PEEP-- Match end. The result is 2-2 Self-Alesh and Christopher for Mohun Bagan and Balwant scored both.

90+7': CHANCE MISSED BY Churchill - Wolef's header beat shilton from Saran's corner kick but out.
90+6': Both teams are trying to score another in last minute.
90+4': Silton cleared a danger situation.
90+2': Well curling corner kick of Saran Singh and Lagos header went wide.
90': 7 minutes added time.
90': Now score line is 2-2 Self-Asesh and Christopher for Mohun Bagan and Balwant scored both.
90'': Balwant beat Rowilson by speed and his left footer beat Shilton from top of the box in left.
89': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Balwant brilliant scored and equalized.
88': PLAYER CHANGE Mohun Bagan - Preetam out and Shouvik Ghosh in.
87': Another attack of Mohun BAgan, Sabeeth's effort went out.
86': CHANCE MISSED - Churchill, Lagos grounder went out from close from Balwant's pass.
86': Balwant of Churchill fouled Rowilson, Free kick for MMB. Ball went to Lalit
85': 2-1. Still Mohun Bagan is leading from Christopher penalty and Alesh self goal.
84': BAD LUCK TO Mohun BAGAN, Ujjal's cross and Sabeeth close shot beat Lalit but hits the low of 1st post and cleared finally.
83': PLAYER CHANGE Mohun BAgan - Ram Malik out and Ujjal Haoladar in.
81': PLAYER CHANGE Churchill - injured Ravanan out and Naveen Sudhakaran in.
80': 2-1. Still Mohun Bagan is leading from Christopher penalty and Alesh self goal.
78': Dangerious clearence of Lalit injured his own player.
Mohun Bagan locked in a 2-2 draw in an important I-league match against the Fedaration Cup champions Churchill Brothers at Kolkata today. Mariners were leading till the 86th minute, but an equaliser from Balwant Singh failed to fulfill the dream of Mohun Bagan.
Churchill and Mohun Bagan are not in a safer zone at the start of the match. Mohun Bagan are in the 9th position while Churchill are in the 12th position, as both the teams required a win to regain and consolidate their position in the league table. Churchill had their control in the opening stages and scored through Balwant Singh at the 34th minute of the match. But the Mariners proved to be lucky when Alex Sawant failed to clear a low grounder from Katsumi in the 36th minute and put the ball in his own goal.
In the second session Mohun Bagan came back strongly leading by Katsumi Yusa and created pressure in the Goan deep defense utilising both the wings. At one time the Churchill deep defense was under severe pressure when the Mariners were attacking in sheer speed. Mohun Bagan took the lead as Christofer converted a penalty following a rough tackle by the Churchill custodian Lalit Thapa within the 18 yards. Both the teams had their chances in the second session but the tradition of waisting opportunities restrict them to increase the margin.
Churchill and Mohun Bagan are not in a safer zone at the end as both the teams shared a point each. Mohan Bagan are at 19 points at the end of the 17th round, while Churchill are at 15 points from 16 matches .... a long way till to go.
77': He is under treatment in field and going out of the field for treatment.
76': What is it? Lalit unneessary came out and clashed with Ravanan when he was in clearing action of an Aireal ball.
75': Still Mohun Bagan is leading from Christopher penalty and Alesh self goal.
74': WHAT A SAVE!!!!! Shilton well saved a corner last minute fo r an another corner.
72': Mohun Bagan is still unbeaten to Chruchill for last 6 I-League matches.
70': PLAYER CHANGE Churchill - Lagos in and Alesh out.
70': Now the scoreline is 2-1 for Mohun Bagan.
69': Eche injured and under treatment.
68': Sabeeth's poor shot from inside of Penalty box went to Lalit.
68': Still Mohun Bagan is leading from Christopher penalty and Alesh self goal.
65': Now the scoreline is 2-1 for Mohun Bagan.
64': Ram pulled Ravanan's jersey and Ravanan reacted after that with Ram.
63': Ravanan fouled Ram Referee shown Yellow card both players.
61': Corner to Churchill, cleared by Eche.
60': SCORELINE is Mohun Bagan 2-1 Churchill Brothers.
59': Lenny injured with Yusa.
56': Now the scoreline is 2-1< for Mohun Bagan.
56': GOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Christopher scored from the spot kick.
55': Eche to take the spot kick for mohun Bagan.
54': YELLOW CARD TO LALIT THAPA-GK of Churchill Beothers.
53': PENALTY FOR MOHUN BAGAN.Sabeeth to Christopher in right. Christopher was fouled in box by Lalit, Referee awarded Penalty.
53': Churchill is attacking more and more.
Cross of Satish straight to Shilton.
52': Raju Y's effort, long ball but went wide for Mohun Bagan's throw in.
51': Corner to Mohun Bagan in Lalit's left, Denson's kick cleared by Lalit.
50': Still the scoreline is 1-1
47; Balwant attacked from left but Preetam cleared.
46': 2nd half match just start now.
46': PLAYER CHANGE Mohun Bagan- Sabeeth in and Zakir out.
HALF TIME: Scoreline is 1-1
45+2': Corner for Churchill but Shilton is injured.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': Pankaj's weak header from Denson's corner went wide.
44': Corneer kick cleared for another corner now in left of lalit.
44': Corner for Mohun Bagan in Lalit's right from Aibor's cross.
43': Attack of Churchill from left by Sabana his cross went to Shilton.
42': Miss pass galore by both teams.
40': Now Score line is 1-1
40': Satish shot deflected to Denson for A throwin.
39': Free kick to Churchill as Sabana was fouled.
37': Eche to yusa in right and he moved and square pass to behing and Asesh wanted to clear but score an own goal.
36': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL Self goal of Alesh Sawant of Churchill Brothers and now scoreline is 1-1.
35': Churchill Beothers is leading 1-0, Well cross of Saran Singn from right sided from a pass of Satish Singh and brilliant header of Balwant.
34': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL Churchill Brothers scored through Balwant.
32': Mohun Bagan earned corner, Yusa's corner went out.
31': Yellow card to Sabana to Yusa of Mohun Bagan.
30': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
29': Throw in for Mohun Bagan, back pass of Sanjay to Lalit.
28': Both teams are playing attacking football.
27': Well pass of Denson to Yusa but Raju Y well blocked Yusa.
25': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
25': Ram' cross from right and Eche's weak header went to Lalit.
23': Counter attack of Ram Malik but wrong pass finally.
22': Attack of Churchill from left, woleg to Saran in right but his cross cleared.
20': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
20': Saran Singh effort but nissed the target.
20': Yellow card to Satish Singh for that foul.
19': Foul to Aibor by Satish Singh of Churchill.
19': Free kick of Shabana cleared by Shilton in advance.
18': Denson fouled Shabana, free kick for Churchill.
17': Eche well blocked Alesh in right.
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15': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
14': Mohun Bagan missed two positive chances through Yusa in last 3 minutes.
12' Again missed of Mohun Bagan, Eche to Ram and Ram to Yusa but his 6 yard weak shot went to Lalit.
11': Mohun Bagan missed a chance, Eche passed to Yusa but yusa missed one to one, Satish cleared finally.
10': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
9': Saran Sing's kick cleared by Eche.
9': Danger clearence of Eche from Shabana's attack for corner.
8': Right sided attack of Churchill, Balwant but cleared by Eche.
7': Ram Malik's right sided attack but missed to control.
5': No score - Mohun Bagan 0-0 Churchill Breothers.
5': Foul of Denson to Wolef, Free kick, Lenny's kick went to Shilton.
4': Throw in for Mohun Bagan from Yusa's attack.
3': Goal kick of Lalit.
2': Attack of Churchill - Asesh ran and cross from right went for Mohun Bagan Goal kick.
2': Long ball of Preetam for Christopher but too fast to received.
1': Match starts with Mohun Bagan kick -off.

TOTAL HEAD TO HEAD FOR Mohun Bagan - 33 
Win - 10, lost - 7, draw - 16, goal for 41, goal against - 42.

Mohun Bagan Home match total - 16

Win -6, lost-1, draw - 9, goal for 22, goal against - 14.

Mohun Bagan unbeatedn to Churcill in last 6 matches.