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I-League Round 23 : Mumbai FC hold East Bengal 2-2 in YBK...

26.03.2014 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

East Bengal and Mumbai FC locked in a two all draw in the 94 th match of the I league at Kolkata. East Bengal requires a win today to be a contenders for the tittle failed to utilize the opportunity that came in their way following a defeat of Bangaluru FC against Shillong Lazong............... LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

After a barren first half both the teams scored a brace in the second session. East Bengal could have the lead in the first half but a good goal keeping by Kunal Sawant restrict them to advance. Kunal made a diving save of a grounder from Cheddi and denied the young Lenn twice. The Red and Gold are in an advantageous position in the first session but failed to utilize the opportunity. Mumbai FC had the cause of concern in the East Bengal deep defense with Yakubu leading from the upfront.

The dead lock broke by the Ghanian striker Yusuf Yakubu 61st minute by a splendid goal. The Ghanian showed his experience when he lobbed a ball from about 50 yards over the head of advancing Abhijit who had really no answer to respond. The Red and Gold took the lead within a very short spell when their Japanese midfielder Sueoka scored twice.

An acrobatic back volley in the 66th minute following a center of Joakim Abranches can be reckoned as one of the best goal of the I League. Sueoka doubled the margin just within two minutes in a half turn from within the six yards from a pass of Abhishek Das from the right.Though East Bengal failed to maintain the lead as Ausotosh Mehta restored parity in the 87th minute when his powerful shot which ends the hope of East Bengal.

East Bengal are in the seventh position with 28 points while Mumbai FC are at the eleventh position with 21 points still requires points to be in a safer zone.

26.03.2014 : East Bengal 2-2 Mumbai FC (3.00 PM)

KEB : Abhijit, Roberts, Arnab, Raju, Abhishek, Vasum, Khabra, Lobo, Abranches, Chidi, Lenn.
MFC : Kunal, Rahul, Sukore, Anwar, Rane, Alfred, Ashutosh, Sehnaj, Sandesh, Rafi, Yakubu. REF : Anthony Simoes.

FT : Match end. Mumbai FC hold East Bengal in 2nd leg 2-2. Seuoka of East Bengal declared Man of the Match.
90'+2: Corner for Mumbai FC, Cleared, free kick for East Bengal.
90+1: Yellow card to Raju, Missed next match.
90': 3 minute added time.
89': PLAYER CHANGE - KEB : Baljit in and Lobo out.
88': Now the scoreline is 2-2 .
87': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-2. Ashutosh Mehta equalized the scoreline for Mumbai FC, defensive laps of East Bengal and Ashutosh finised with right footer..
83': PLAYER CHANGE - MFC : Khelemba in and Anwar out.
82': AGAIN attack of East Bengal chidi passed to Seuoka but his shot went to alert Kunal swant.
80': Still East Bengal is leading 2-1.
78': Again attack of East Bengal for searching 3rd goal but Seuoka failed to trap a ball off Abrances this time.
77': PLAYER CHANGE - MFC : N.P.Pradip in and Alfred out.
76': East Bengal total scored 24 goals and conseded 16 and points 27 upto last Rangdajied match.
75': Still East Bengal is leading 2-1.
73': Rahul Vike's effort dismissed in East Bengal box.
70': Now the score line is 2-1 for East Bengal.
69': Chidi's shot from Dika's cross just went over the bar from a corner.
68': Now the scoreline is 2-1 for East Bengal, Seuoka doubled score.
65': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka doubled the margin of East Bengal 2-1, Scored from a half turn off Abhishek Das's brilliant pass
65': Now the score line is 1-1
64: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka equalized from a brilliant back volley off Dika's final pass.
61': Mumbai FC is leading 1-0 now.
61': Wonderful score of Yakubu, almost 50 yards shot of Yakubu, just over from upcoming Abhijit.
60: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Yakubu scored for Mumbai FC. Scoreline is 1-0 for Mumbai FC.
60': Kunal again well saved Chidi's shot who got it from Dika.
58': East Bengal is attacking more and more.
57': PLAYER CHANGE - KEB : Duka in and Lenn out.
55': Still no score, 0-0 is going on.
53': AIFF Club Licensing team investigating in the Salt Lake stadium press box now.
52': Attack of Mumbai FC, Ahmed's shot saved by Abhijit well.
50': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
50': PLAYER CHANGE - KEB : Seuoka in and Vasum out.
49': Lobo's cross saved by Kunal.
48': Attack of Mumbai FC, Abhijit collected Sandesh's cross.
48': Chidi's attack dismissed by Anwar Ali inside penalty box.
47': Mumbai FC earned corner, Abhijit collected Yakubu's corner kick.
46': Starts of 2nd half match - Mumbai FC kicked off.
HALF TIME : Scoreline is 0-0 .
45': 2 minute added time.
44': Sukore of Mumbai FC is now in upfront and Ashutosh went to Defence.
43': Few minutes left to end of First half, East Bengal got few chances during the time but unable to utilize.
43': Mumbai FC mainly depending on counter attack, East Bengal is using both their wings for attacking.
42': Now match is paying in mid pitch.
42': Now slow pace in the match.
41': Cross of Abranches straight to Kunal's hand.
40': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
40': Corner kick of Mumbai FC cleared.
39': Alfred long ranger saved by Abhijit for corner kick.
PLAYER CHANGE - Mumbai FC : Ahmed in and Rafi out.
39': Lobo's long ranger missed the target.
38': Sukore cleared an effort of Abrance who crossed the ball for Chidi.
38': Ashutosh shot just missed the target, well effort.
36': In last match Mumbai FC drew 1-1 with Sporting Goa.
35': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
35': YELLOW CARD to Abhishek of East Bengal as bad tackle to Anwar.
34': Yakubu once again in action but Khabra well stopped him.
33': Throw in for East Bengal, Khabra to Arnab to Avhishek, long pass but aimless.
32': Midfield playing is going on.
31': Kunal again saved a cross of Khabra.
30': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
29': Abranches was timely tackled by Alfred, goal kick for Mumbai FC.
28': Yakubu dribbled to enter in EB box, Arnab well blocked him.
27': Counter attack of East Bengal from right but cleared in Mumbai FC box.
26': Yakubu is action but Abbhijit well saved a close shot of him.
25': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
24': East Bengal in attacking mode now playing short pass.
23': Well save of Kunal as Chidi crossed a ball and Lenn's shot he saved in advance.
23': Raju cleared an attack, counter attack of East Bengal.
22': Free kick cleared.
21': Free kick for East Bengal as Alfred fouled Vasum.
20': Still scoreline is 0-0 .
19': Long throw in of Raju cleared from Mumbai FC box via Anwar.
18': Vasum was tackled by Sandesh, Throw in for East Bengal in MFC half.
17': Mumbai Fc is playing number of passed inside the East Bengal box.
16': Attack of East Bengal, Lenn to Chidi but Chidi mistake once another time.
15': Still no score. East Bengal 0-0 Mumbai FC.
14: Free kick of Abranches and Lenn's shot well saved by Kunal.
12': Well attack of East Bengal: Lenn passed to Chidi and his prompt shot well saved by Kunal.
11': Raju's long throw in cleared by Sukore.
10': Still no score. East Bengal 0-0 Mumbai FC.
9': Chidi's long pass to Vasum ut it was too fast to receive for Vasum.
8': Yakubu missed to receive a ball from Sehnaj.
7': Attack of EAST BENGAL - Abhishek's cross cleared by Anwar before Lenn's action.
6': Today at noon, the AIFF Club licensing team visited East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and inspect the aspect of licensing criterias.
5': Still no score, East Bengal 0-0 Mumbai FC.
3': Mumbai FC is attacking mode, Yakubu was tackled by Khabra in our side the box.
1': Yakubu's long through pass cleared by Abhijit.
1': First attack of East Bengal, Anwar Ali tackled Lenn.
1': Match starts as East Bengal kicked off.
0': In last match against Rangdajied United the Red and Gold were the victorious by 3-1.
0': East Bengal to meet against Mumbai FC in their 18th round of match in I-League tomorrow at Kolkata. The defeat of the League leaders Bangaluru FC in their last match on Sunday evening against Lajong have made the competition attractive as the Red and Gold has still the contenders of the tittle.