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I-League Round 19: 10 men Mohammedan SC beat Sporting Goa 3-1.

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MSC : Barreto, Collin, Mehraj, Luciano, Dhanarajan, Manish, Israil, Penn, Nabi, Josimar, Taro.
SCG : Ravi Kumar, Mohonraj, Pratesh, Rolwin, Kinan, Gonjalo, Kalu, Beevan, Cjetan, Martin, Victorino. REFEREE : Pratap Singh.

FT : 10 men Mohammedan SC brilliant win by 3-1 against Spoting Goa.
90': PLAYER CHANGE-MOHAMMEDAN: Josimar out and Gagandeep in.
90': 3 minute added time.
87': 10 men Mohammedan is leading 3-1 against Sporting Goa.
82': GOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL : 3rd goal of Mohammedan. Nirmal scored through a brilliant header from Nabi's corner.
70': 20 minutes to end, 10 men Mohammedan noe defending.
65': 10 men Mohammedan is leading 2-1 against Sporting Goa.
64': Free kick to Sporting for Dhanarajan foul. Free kick no impact
63': PLAYER CHANGE-SPORTING: CJETAN out and Rioston D'Suza in.
60': 10 men Mohammedan is leading 2-1 against Sporting Goa.
55': Corner to Sporting as Barreto well saved Gonjalo's shot.
50': 10 men Mohammedan is leading 2-1 against Sporting Goa.
46': PLAYER CHANGE-MOHAMMEDAN: Collin out and Nirmal in.
HT : SCORE LINE IS Mohammedan SC 2-1 Sporting . Mohammedan down to 10 men in 43rd minute.
45': 3 minute added time.
45': PLAYER CHANGE-MOHAMMEDAN: Taro out and Masih in.
43': Free kick to Sporting but cleared finally by Mohammedan SC.
43': RED CARD Mehrajuddin direct Red Card to foul Beevan.
40': Now the scoreline is Mohammedan 2-1 Sporting.
38': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sporting scored through Cjetan Fernandez off a martin's cross from left wing.
35': Mohammedan is playing well and ahead 2-0 against Sporting Goa.
35': Another attack of Josimar but well blocked by Kinan.
28': Israils's kick and Penn's shot went out.
27': Mohammedan win corner from Tao's attack from left.
25': Mohammeda SC is leading 2-0 now.
24': GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2nd goal of Mohammedan through Josimar as Taro's shot deflected and came to follower Josimar who scored left footer.
20': Now Mohammedan SC 1-0 Sporting Goa.
14': No score of Sporting from Kalu's free kick.
14': Yellow card to Luciano who fouled Cjetan.
12': Now Mohammedan SC 1-0 Sporting Goa.
12': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Luciano scored from Spot kick.
11': Yellow card to Kinan.
11': Penalty to Mohammedan as Kinan fouled Josimar in box.
10': Manish's shot went wide.
10': Kalu is injured and under in treatment in out side of the field.
10': CHANCE MISSED to Sporting, Martin's shot hits the post from a Trhow in.
9': Still Mohammedan SC 0-0 Sporting Goa.
9': Again Josimar got a ball in open space but he was offside.
9': Goal kick of Sporting from Josimar's attack.
5': No score Mohammedan SC 0-0 Sporting Goa.
4': Another corner of Mohammedan, Mehraj got the ball from Israils kick but his shot went wide.
2': Penn's kick and SCG defence cared for corner. Corner of Nabi cleared.
2': Josimar was fouled in right wing free kick for them.
1': Match starts at YBK between Mohammedan adn Sporting.

I-League Round 19: Salgaocar win home tie against Shillong Lajong by 3-1.

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28.02.2014: SALGAOCAR   3-1   SHILLONG LAJONG - YBK ( FT )
SAL: Karanjit, Augustin, Chika, Nicolau, Mathew, Rocus, Francis, Brian, Gilbert, Darryl, Dudu
SLFC : Vinay Singh, Wailad, Son, Lalramluaha, Cornell, Taisuke, Boithang, Robin, Lallchuanmawia, Uilliams, Durga Boro.
SAL : Daryl Duffy 11', 32', Dudu 59'
SLFC : Boithang Haokip 45+2 from free kick.