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I-League Round 23 : United SC hold Mohammedan SC 1-1 in Kalyani..

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USC : Abhijit, Deepak, Bello, Dhanachandra, Sukhen, Biswajit, Lalkamal, Rafiq, Tapan, Waheed, Eric.
MSC : Barreto, Nirmal, Luciano, Sandeep, Nabi, Manish, Samson, Monirul, Taro, Josimar, Penn... REF : M.B. Santosh Kumar......... LIVE BY: : SAIKAT BASU - FROM KALYANI

FULL TIME : Result is 1-1. 10 men from 73rd minute, but USC hold Mohammedan SC. Bello Rasaq of USC declared Man of the Match.
90+5': Last minute attack of MSC, Luciano's header saved by Jayanta.
90+4': Attack of Mohammedan through Penn but well blocked by Bello again.
90+2': Throw in for MSC as Nirmal cross cleared by Bello.
90': 5 minute added time by referee.
90': Eric again injured.
90': MSC earned corner, Nabi's kick but Bello cleared through header.
89': Up and Down match is running both teams are searching for an winning goal.
88': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC : Isfaq in and Taro out.
87': counter attack of Mohammedan, Free kick of Taro went over the cross bar.
86': Again chance missed by USC: one to one situation with Waheed and Barreto but Waheed shoot in his bocy.
85': Still scoreline is 1-1. USC is fighting with 10 men from 73rd minutes.
84': CHANCE MISSED TO USC : Long ranger of Tapan kissed the cross bar and out.
83': PLAYER CHANGE-USC : Hassan in and Arjun out.
82': Deepak well covered off a brilliant move of Taro of MSC.
81': Eric dribbled 3 MSC player but Luciano fouled him from behind, Yellow card to Luciano of Mohammedan SC. free kick for USC, D=Eric shot no impact.
80': 1-1 still now and United is down to 10 men from 73 minute.
80': 5th corner to MSC, Taro's kick and Penn's header went out.
79': Mohammedan is attacking more and more.
78': Luciano to Nirmal to Manish and his cross saved by Bello.
78': Golden chance missed by Josimar, Luciano to Ashim to Taro and Taro's cross cleared by Tapam which went to unmarked josimar who spoiled the chance.
75': 10 men United 1-1 Mohammedan SC.
75': Penn's good effort of a bycycle kick but missed the target.
74': PLAYER CHANGE- MSC : Asim in and ?? out.
73': United is now down to 10 men.
72': RED CARD- LALKAMAL of USC : 2nd yellow card for hand ball.
70': Still the scoreline is 1-1
69': Josimar missed to header from a cross of Nabi.
68': Mohammedan is attacking more and more to searching for another goal.
66': Again free kick to Mohammedan as Arjun fouled Penn. Taro's kick and Jayanta saved it well.
65': No impact in Sandeep Sanga's free kick as it was deflected.
64': Free kick to MSC as Josimar was fouled.
63': Match stopped as Eric is injured.
62': USC attacked Arjun to Eric but poor header of Eric.
61': PLAYER CHANGE-USC : Rafiq out and Arjun in.
60': Attack of MSC, Penalty appeal as Josimar dribbled tow USC defender and fallen down.
60': Same scoreline. 1-1 is going on. : SEE TEAM LIST SAL-RUFC in 2nd Window in upper side
60': USC attacked failure. counter attack of MSC, Rafiq cleared Penn's attack.
59': In 2nd DIVN I-League at SILCHAR, Kalighat MS and United Sikkim goalless at half time.
58': Another attack of Mohammedan, Nirmal to Nabi in left but too fast.
57': YELLOW CARD to Manis of MSC, he fouled Tapan Maity of United.
55': Still scoreline is 1-1.
52': MSC attacked again and again, Taro to Samson to Josimar but Joshi failed to trapped proper.
51': Still 1-1 is the scoreline.
50': Taro's kick saved by Waheed and went to Luciano and his shot went out.
49': Yellow card to Dhanachandra as he fouled Taro, Free kick for MSC, Taro's free kick saved and went for MSC corner kick.
47': Mohammedan earned 4th corner kick, wasted.
46': Mohammedan Attacked - Joshimar's effort dismissed by Dhanachandra.
46': 2nd half match starts now at Kalyani.
HT : It's half time now in the Match. Scoreline is 1-1.
45+4': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
40+3': Samson fouled Rafiq, Free kick of MSC, Eric's curling shot went out.
45+2: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL United SC equalized the scoreline through Biswajit Biswas as Eric's solo run from left and crossed in Box which Biswajit brilliantly utilized to score.
45': 6 minute added time.
45': Corner to United but cleared in Mohammedan box. 44': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohammedan SC scored goal through PENN who dribbled two defendes of United in the box finished well with right footer.
43': Another attack of United, Waheed well dribbled two MSC defenders but final shot well saved by Barreto.
42': Another chance came to United, Rafiq one to one with Barreto but Luciano cleared earlier.
40': Still scoreline is 0-0 40': Another save of Jayanta off MSC attack.
39': Rafiq's wall pass cleared for throw in. and two back to back coener for United, Lal's both corner kick wasted.
37': Penn's shot and Jayanta saved and cleared it for Corner, Mohammedan wasted the corner kick.
36': counter attack of United, Tapam Maiti's effort went wide from 2nd bar.
35': Play resume, Attack of Mohammedan and Shot of Israil saved by Abhijit.
33': Still no score. 0-0
30': PLAYER CHANGE - USC : Injured Abhijit replaced by JAYANTA PAUL.
30': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC : Injured Monirul replaced by Israil Gurung.
28': Ambulance is entering in the field. Serious injury??
28': Abhijit - the keeper of United and Monirul of Mohammedan both were injured and in under the treatment. match stopped.
27': Josimar's solo run cleared by Dhanachandra.
26': Eric crossed to search for Rafiq but Luciano cleared earlier.
25': Still scoreline is 0-0
23': 30 second break to drink water as today is 41 degree temperature and the both players are playing under the massive hit.
21': Mohammedan Earned Free kick, Nirmal's kick cleared by Tapam.
20': Joshimar's header from Eric's corner went wide.
20': Brilliant attack of Mohammedan, Manish to Taro to Samson to Nirmal to Luciano to Sanip to Josimar to Monirul but Monirul's solo run cleared by corner for MSC.
18': 2nd corner to United, Dhanachandra's header from Lalkamal's corner kick went wide.
16': 1st corner of USC, Eric kick to Rafiq but Nirmal cleared.
13': Nirmal's Free kick well saved by Abhijit of United.
12': Dhanachandra fouled Josimar and Mohammedan earned Free kick.
10': Still score line is 0-0
10': Midfield playing is going on with slow pace.
9': Counter attack of Mohammedan, shot of Joshimar blocked by Deepak in middle.
8': First attack of United, Rafiq to Waheed to Eric, But Eric missed the target.
7': Danger to United Box, One to one with Penn and Abhijit but Finally Penn mistake.
6': Mohammedan is attacking this last 5 minutes but no one from United so far.
5': No Score, United SC 0-0
4': Corner of Mohammedan, Taro's kick and Luciano's header went wide..
3': Attack of Mohammedan..
1': Match starts just now.
0': Match will start at Kalyani Stadium.

I-League Round 23 : Rangdajied stun Salgaocar in away by 2-1..

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29.03.2014 : SALGAOCAR SC 1-2 RANGDAJIED UFC ( GOA - FT..)
SAL : Karanjit, Matthew, Augustine, Chika, Caetano, Francis, Rocus, Clifton, Gilbert, Duffy, Dudu.
RANG : Surjay, Gouramangi, Lamine, Iwasaki, Khriam, Tomba, Eugeneson, Dias, Lugun, Sandesh, Ranti.

90': The score are level now as the match is approaching towards a 5 min added time
84': SALGAOKAR continued their pressure in the Randajied defense
81': Salgaokar wasted their sixth corner
76': The drama of the I league are increasing. If the match ends in a draw then the league will be wide open
71': Salgaocar 0-0 Rangdajied
67': Scores are level at Goa. Salgaocar earned 4 corner kick while Rangdajied earned 2 only but both were unable to utilize for scoring.
NEWS OF 2ND DIV I LEAGUE; In 2nd Divn I-League at Silchar, Solitary goal of Pahoon Biswas helps Kalighat MS to win against United Sikkim
63': Rangdajied in counter moves now created some moves
61': Salgaocar 0-0 Rangdajied
56': Salgaokar are in a continuous attack, but unable to break the dead lock
51': Scores are level now. It's a midfeild battle
46': Match started in the second session
45+2: At half time the scores are 0-0
45'; Two minutes added time
43': It's deadlock now, as the match is approaching the half way stage
38': Salgaocar 0-0 Rangdajied
33': Salgaokar continued to attack, utilizing the flanks as Francis and Gilbert are leading the attack
30': Salgaokar are dominating looking for the all important goal.
27': Now it's a mid field battle as Rangdajied had some counter moves
25': Salgaokar and Rangdajied are loced in a goal less draw
22': Rangadajied are facing a continuous attack of Salgaokar.Yellow for Yohei Iwasaki for Rangdajied.
20': Still Salgaocar 0-0 Rangdajied.
17': Salgaokar continue to create pressure in the Rangdajied defense..
14': If Salgaokar wins today then the difference with the league leaders Bangaluru FC will be of a point only.
10': Salgaokar are dominating in the Rangdajied middle third , trying to open the goal mouth.
5': Salgaocar 0-0 Rangdajied
0m: Match will start.