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I-League Round 24: Mohun BAgan lost to Bengaluru FC in Home Match.

mohunbagan vs bengaluru fc i-league 2013-14

6.04.2014 : KFC. | HOME PAGE


MMB: Shilton(Sandip)), Pritam, Eche, Kingshuk, Rowilson, Denson, Pankaj, Yusa, Zakeer, Odafa, Christopher.
BFC: Pawan, Curtis, John, Rino, Keegan, Jonny, Thoi, Siam, Sunil, Robin, Rooney.
Referee: Rahul D'Sa.
FULL TIME : Bengaluru win 2-0, (Thoi Singh, Rooney) in away against Mohun Bagan.
90+3': Yusa to Christopher in left wing but Rino cleared.
90': 4 minute added time.
86': SCORE LINE Mohun Bagan 0-2 Bengaluru FC.
85': Corner to Mohun Bagan, Pawan well collected Yusa's corner kick.
83': Long ball for Odafa in Bengaluru box but Pawan is alert to take it advance.
81': Good save of Sandip from Robin's close shot for corner kick.
79': Two attacks of Odafa of Bagan but Jonson cleared.
Bangaluru FC continued their dominance in the I league as they are maintaining the pole position in the League table. At Kolkata today they defeated Mohan Bagan by a brace and climb up to 41 points. Bangaluru FC have to overcome the hurdles of Sporting Clube and Dempo Sports Club at Goa to became the maiden champion. With this win Bangaluru FC are well ahead of the other two contenders of the tittle Salgaokar and East Bengal who are at 37 and 34 points respectively.

After a mid feild battle in the first session Thoi Singh broke the dead lock at the added time of the first session when he heads in a centre from Sean Rooney. Thoi was absolutely unmarked as Rawilson and Preetam was no where near the ball. Mohan Bagan had the territorial advantage at the initial stages but unable to disturb the Bangaluru deep defense or tested the goal keeper Pawan Kumar. As the half progressed, both teams struggled physically due to the hot and humid conditions.

mohunbagan vs bengaluru fc i-league 2013-14

At the second session Bangaluru FC started to play more number of passes between themselves and created pressure in the Mariners defensive zone. Sean Rooney doubled the lead at the 60th minute which was a gift of the Mohan Bagan's subsitute goalkeeper Sandip Nandy. Rooney recieved a faulty cleareance from Sandip and placed by a powerful shot at the back of the net. Mariners hardly can create any postive chances, except some ill directed shot at the Bangaluru goal.

Bangaluru can increase the margin but it was Robin Singh who failed to convert when Sandip was at his mercy. The Mohan Bagan captain Odafa Okilie was under the shadows of Oseano and Johnson, failed to create any danger. In fact Pawan Kumar the Bangaluru custodian had spent a relaxed time under the frame work for the entire ninety minutes.

The I league are at the ultimate stage now. The next ten days are expecting a lot of drama as the top three teams Bangaluru FC,Salgaokar and East Bengal will fight to prove their dominance in the Ileague.
78': YELLOW CARD to Robin Singh of Bengaluru who fouled Rowilson.
77': Well effort of Bikramjit of Mohun Bagan- his out side box shot went out.
75': Free kick to Bengaluru - Sunil Kick went wide.
72': PLAYER CHANGE - Mohun Bagan: Bikramjit in and Pankaj out.
70': SCORE LINE Mohun Bagan 0-2 Bengaluru FC.
68' Another escape of Mohun BAgan from 3rd goal, Bekhokhei's cross from right and Robin's header beat Sandip in Air but went over the cross bar for some inch.
65': Out of 37 Total goals in 22 matches so far for Bengaluru, Sunil scored 13 and Rooney scored 7.
63': PLAYER CHANGE- BENGALURU : Bekhokhei in and Rooney the 2nd goal scorer out.
61': Now the scoreline is Mohun Bagan 0-2 Bengaluru FC.
60': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bengaluru is leading now 2-0, 25 yeards long ranger of Rooney beat Sandip Nandy. Sandip's miss clearence went to Rooney and clever Rooney scored from long ranger over the head of advancing Sandip.
56': Well shot of Yusa from top of the box but it missed the target.
55': YELLOW CARD to Christopher of Mohun Bagan for Play acting.
54': Rooney to Robin to chhetri, hold the ball paying 10 passes and ball went to Rino in right but his cross went over the cross bar.
50': SCORE LINE Mohun Bagan 0-1 Bengaluru
49':Another good block of Curtis to deny Odafa. Corner to Mohun Bagan
48':Nearly a chance to Pritam, but Pankaj is in offside position
46':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Sandip in place Shilton
HALF TIME. After half time Bengaluru FC ins leading 1-0 against Mohun Bagan
45'+1':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Rooney's centre from right, unmarked Thoi's header finds the net
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time
44':This is the 3rd time Bengaluru FC coach has sent off the ground. Earlier he was sent off against Churchill Brothers in Goa and East Bengal in Kalyani
43':Keegan's free kick, John's header went wide
42':Another bad tackle. This time Rowilson committed a foul against Robin. Referee shown Yellow card to Rowilson
41':Wasted free kick by Mohun Bagan, finally a goal kick to Bengaluru FC
40':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to John for his bad tackle to Odafa
39':John's bad tackle to Odafa, Odafa looks injured
38':Keegan tries another long ranger but against off target
37':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Kingshuk for his late tackle to Rino
36':Rooney's another try, but Shilton saves it easily
36':Josh's long ranger from free kick, went wide.
35':Pankaj's sliding tackle to Thoi. Free kick to bengaluru FC
35':Another offside near to half line. Christopher this time
34':Another move through Odafa, but this time he is in offside position
33':Brilliant pass to Pankaj to Odafa just outside the box, but a good tackle of John to clear the attack
32':Bad tackle to Odafa, he is out for treatment.
32':Nearly a openning for Bengaluru FC, but Rooney too slow to convert it. Ball went wide
31':Sunil's back pass to unmarked Thoi, but Thoi's wasted shot went wide
30':Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, forward pass of Christopher to find Pankaj, but too quick for Pankaj.
29':Manyongar's square pass to Robin from the free kick, Robin's left footed shot went wide
28':Rowilson committed a foul against Robin. Free kick to Mohun Bagan from nearly 40 yards out.
27':Score remains goalless between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC
25':Chance to Pritam Kotal outside the box. but his shot went wide
24':Good tackle of Rooney to clear the ball from Odafa.
23':keegan committed a foul against Pankaj
22':Brilliant chance to Mohun Bagan after Rino loses the ball. Katsumi's square pass to find Christopher in box but ball cleared by John.
21':Good move by Mohun Bagan through Odafa, no one to follow him i n left. Ball cleared.
19':rino's chip shot in box to find Rooney, Shilton fists the ball wide. A collision between Rooney and Shilton, game stopped. Foul by Rooney and a free kick to Mohun Bagan
18':Pankaj commited a foul against Keegan, free kick to Bengaluru FC
17':Free kick deflected in defence and went to Sunil but Sunil is in offside position
16':Denson committed a foul against Siam. Free kick to Bengaluru FC in a very good position.
16':Score remains still goalless between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC.
15':Long free kick, easy for Pawan to deny the attack.
14':Foul against Christopher, free kick to Mohun Bagan
13':Forward pass to find Keegan in left flank, but it's slightly wide for him. Touches sideline.
12':Another through ball to find Christopher, good block by Curtis and finally pawan clears the ball
10':Rino Anto tries a long ranger, but went wide. Shilton watch the ball carefully and leave it
9':Odafa tries a long ranger after beating 2 players, but his shot went wide
8':Long pass to find Thoi, defence clears the ball
7':Another good move of Mohun Bagan, positive chance to Pankaj, his pass cleared in box.
7':Ball cleared from free kick
6':A push to Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan
6':Brilliant long run of Katsumi and a pass to Odafa in box. No space to Odafa in box, John Johnson clears the ball
5':Another good move of Mohun Bagan but Christopher is in offside position
4':Free kick to Mohun Bagan after Rooney committed a foul.
2':Nice pass of Pritam to find Christopher, but goalkeeper Pawan this time collect it easily
1':Brilliant pass to Christopher in right, Christopher's shot went wide. Good move by Mohun Bagan within 50 seconds
0':Kick off
0':Match is about to start here at Yubabharati Krirangan.