I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Mohun Bagan beat Pune FC 1-0 at home.

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07.02.2015 : MOHUN BAGAN -- 1-0 -- PUNE FC (FT..)
MMB : Preetam Kotal 76'
MOM : Bello Rasaq - MMB

MMB : Debjit, Souvik, Pritam, Kingshuk, Bello, Bikramjit, Yusa, Denson, Sabeeth, Sony, Jeje
PFC : Amrinder, Sobrosa, Matthew, Yumnam, Arata, Darko, Edgar, Sueoka, Ralte, Ganesh, Haokip
REFEREE : B.Balasuaramanium


A dominating performance against Pune FC helped the Mariners to win by a solitary goal in an I league encounter at Kolkata today. The only goal was scored by Pritam Kotal at the middle of the second session. Mohan Bagan are now at the forth position of the league with seven points , whereas Pune FC are still at the second position with ten points in their kitty.

Mohun Bagan had a dominating first half played a number of passes in the middle third of Pune FC. It was Katsumi Yuha and Sony Nordi who were at both the flanks created pressure in Pune FC defense. Pune FC came back in the second session had some good openings, but unable to beat Mohan Bagan defense lead by Bello Razak. The Nigerian had a brilliant time in the Mariners central defense and were right adjudged as the "Hero of the Match".

Mohun Bagan scored the only goal in the 77th minute with substitute, Balwant Singh playing a vital role. The Haitian striker Sony Nordi swung a great ball into the box which was missed by the entire Pune C defense only for Pritam Kotal to pop up at the far post and head the ball in past a stranded Amrinder. The Mariners had a chance in the dying minutes of the match, Sony Norde after recieving a ball from Ktsumi managed to cut in and leave Sobrosa on the ground, but his shot from top of the box sailed high over the bar.

FT : Mohun Bagan win home match 1-0 against Pune FC.
90-2': What a miss by Sony beat Luciano but failed to place the ball into net.
90+2': PLAYER CHANGE-MMB : Manish in Bikramjit out.
90': 4 minute added time.
88': PLAYER CHANGE-MMB:Jeje out Shenaj in.
86': Darko head from Sueoka center went out.
86': 3-1 to East Bengal against Salgaocar.
83': Luciano saved a Balbant shot for corner, Yusa's corner kick cleared.
82': PLAYER CHANGE-PUNE : Nikhil Kadam in and Ganesh D out.
79': PLAYER CHANGE-PUNE : Hmar in and Edgar out.
77': SCORE LINE : Mohun Bagan 1-0 Pune FC.
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohun Bagan scored. Preetam Kotal scored from a header off Sony's left sided cross.
72':Darko failed to trap from a Anthony pass ,chance wasted.
70': PLAYER CHANGE - MMB : Balwant in and Sabeeth out.
65':.Pune attacked but Kinshuk tackled Darko timely.
64': YELLOW CARD to DARKO of Pune.Free kick for Bagan.
63': Darko tackled by Kinshuk inside 18 yards Mohun Bagan survived.
61': Dempo is leading 1-0 over royal Wahindoh.
60': Kinshuk heads a center from Edgar, danger avoided
58': Katsumi powerful shot defected of Pune FC defense
55': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
55': Bello cleared a ball before Darko could reach.
54': Jeje failed to trap a Denson pass, chance wasted .
54': Free kick for Mohun Bagan.
53': Very slow pace in the match now.
52': Antony's cross cleared by Bello of Bagan.
50': Free kick to Bagan, Kingshuk's shot went out.
49': Attack of Pune, Throw in for them. Kingshuk cleared from Darko.
47': Attack of Pune from right Darko's cross went to Debjit.
46': PLAYER CHANGE - PUNE : Haokip out and Anthoney in.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : Mohun Bagan 0-0 Pune while Salgaocar 2-0 East Bengal.
45': 2 minuted added time.
41': PUNE'S Darko shot went over the bar.
39': FREE KICK to Bagan - Katsumi free kick went out.
36': Kinghsguk cleared a deadly pass of Haokip.
34': FREE kick to Bagan, Sony's kick missed the target.
33': Yellow Card to Ganesh of Pune.
31': Edgar was tackled by Bikramjit .
28': Edgar free kick cleared by Bello of Bagan.
28': Good pass of Denson to Sony in left but he was offside.
25': Jeje to Sony in left but Sony was unable to reach the ball.
24': Attack of Sabeeth from right passed to Yusa but he failed.
22': Jeje's cross went straight to Amrinder.
22': Aimless pass of Yusa to Pune Box, Amrinder collected.
20': Yellow Jersey Pune 0-0 Green and Maroon Mohun Bagan.
19': Throw in for Bagan Preetam's throw cleared.
18': Ball cleared by Luciano from their box but fouled.
18': Free kick of Edgar cleared.
17': YELLOW CARD - BAGAN's Denson. free kick to Pune
15': Sony's cross cleared by Luciano .
16': Kingshuk well tackled Edgar
14 : YELLOW CARD - PUNE's Seuoka for a rough tackle to Yusa.
13': Effrot of Katsumi through a long ranger bur well saved by Amrinder.
9': Denson's aimless pass went straight to Amarimdar.
7': Attack of Bagan, Souvik's cross cleared.
5': Pune effort as Seuoka failed to trap a pass from Edgar.
5': Edgar tries a pass to Haokip but Haokip failed to trap the ball.
4': Free kick to Bagan but Luciano cleared Sony Nordi's free kick.
4': STAT : In 2013-14 I-league Pune beat Mohun Bgan 2-0 in first leg.
2': FOUL of PUNE - Jeje was fouled by Ganesh.
1': First attack of Mohun Bagan, Souviks forward pass went straight to Pune Keeper Amarindrar. 1': Match starts at YBK.
0': Match will start from 4.30 pm


Mohun Bagan will play against the second placed team in the current edition of I league at Kolkata, Pune FC on tomorrow evening. The match promises to be a match of strategies as both the coaches Sanjoy Sen and Karim Banshrifa are on a target to earn full points in order to advance further.

A win on Saturday evening will place Pune FC at the top of the league table, while Mohun Bagan are in a target to win against Pune FC in a high profile I league match.

While talking to media at the pre match conference Karim Bensharifa the Pune FC coach said,"It was a pleasing performance from the players in the last few games. We have played some fantastic attacking football and I think the players have showed a lot of dedication and discipline in these games, while interacting Bensharifa added, "They are a good side and I rate them very highly. We have already faced Bagan twice this season.

The game on Saturday will also be a tough match given that they will be playing at their home. But we too mean business, and are prepared for the challenge. On the contrary Mohun Bagan are eager to continue their unbeaten run after a win against Mumbai FC and a draw at Goa against Salgaocar. The team really depends on the individual efforts of Sony Nordy and Katsuni Yusa. The inclusion of Piea Boia in the final eleven are still doubtful.

The defense will be marshaled by Nigerian Bello Rasaq along with the experienced Anwar Ali and Pritam Kotal. The efforts of Lalkamal Bhowmick, Jeje Lalpekhlua and Balwant Singh will also provide options across the offensive line.

The two teams played twice in the current season. Pune FC won at Kings Cup at Bhutan, but the match at the Federation Cup ends in a draw.

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