I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Mohun Bagan beat Salgaocar at Barasat Stadium to reaach top of the table

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Mohun Bagan 3-1 Salgaocar

03.04.2015 : MOHUN BAGAN -- 3-1 -- SALGAOCAR ( Barasat- FT..)
MMB : Denson Debdas 51', Katsumi Yusa 69', Sony Nordy 85'
MOM Sony Nordy - MMB
SAL Augustine 52'
MMB : Debjit, Bello, Kingshuk, Dhanachandra, Anwar, Bikramjit, Katsumi, Jeje, Denson, Sony, Boya
SAL : Subrata, Kasonde, Augustin, Gurjinder, Gilbert, Douhou, Jaison, Nicolau, Zakeer, Rocus, Brian
Referee: Raktim Saha

FULL TIME Mohun Bagan beat Salgaocar in 3-1 here in Barasat Stadium.
90'+5':Duffy's free kick, deflected in wall.
90'+3':RED CARD Bikramjit committed another foul just edge of the box. Second yellow card and a Red Card to him. Mohun Bagan down to 10-man.
90'+1':Sony's header from free kick, went wide. Augustine looks injured in the collision with Sony, treatment going on.
90':4 minutes added time
89':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Souvik in place of Denson.
89':Tackle against Jeje,, free kick to Mohun Bagan
88':Hero of the Match: Sony Norde
87':Nearly another chance to Sony, but good block by Subrata.
86':Yellow Card to Boya for his bad tackle
85':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Solo effort of Sony and a brilliant finish. Shot outside the box, finds the net. Almost like a Craker
83':Chance to Duffy and he scores again. But he is offside position.
80':Sanju's corner kick, ball clears from box, but a long ranger, straight to Debjit
79':Salgaocar's move through free kick. Short free kick to find Douhou, cleared and a corner.
79':Yellow Card to Bikramjit for his foul.
78':Ball cleared from free kick.
Mohun Bagan 3-1 Salgaocar

77':Foul against Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan
76':Dhanachandra's long throw-in, straight to Subrata
76':Another move of Bagan through Sony and Boya, but a fine tackle to clear the ball.
74':Players Change in Salgaocar: Sanju Pradhan in place of Brian
73':Duffy with another move, but Debjit saves the ball brilliantly.
72':Douhou's free kick, sails over the bar.
71':Bad tackle to Duffy, free kick to Salgaocar in a very good position. Anwar commits the foul.
69':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL katsumi scored for Mohun Bagan from corner kick.Sony's corner, long ranger in middle blocks in defence and a chance to unmarked Katsumi.
69':Mohun Bagan's move and another corner.
68':Duffy commits a foul against Bello. Some arguments in the field. But no cards in the match so far.
67':Players Change in Salgaocar: Khaled in place of Gilbert.
67':Sony's corner, clears and goes to Kingshuk. Wasted cross of Kingshuk goes wide.
66':Good free kick by Katsumi, clears and a corner to Mohun Bagan
65':Foul against Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan in a very good position.
64':Boya's long ranger, goes wide
63':Sony's cross, clears and goes to Kingshuk, his cross just over the bar.
62':Brilliant chance to Salgaocar. Douhou's shot and a excellent save by Debjit by flying through his right.
61':Long pass to find Boya, but commits foul. He looks angry with the decision
60':Katsumi's corner, cleared and goes to Kingshuk. Kingshuk's cross and a fine header by Boya, just missed the post.Inches Wide
59':Too many chance within a minute, Sony's cross, but ball cleared. Corner.
58':Duffy scores another goal. but he is OFFSIDE. he con't believe it
57':Douhou's free kick, Augustine's touch goes well over
Mohun Bagan 3-1 Salgaocar

56':Bello's bad tackle to Douhou, free kick to Salgaocar
55':Good move through Sony, one two with Sony but last touch clears the ball.
54':katsumi's cross to find Jeje, ball goes wide
53':Sony's cross, straight to Subrata's safe hand
52':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLBrian's corner kick, cleared initially. Duffy's cross and a touch by Augustine finds the net.
51':Good move through Duffy, his grounder and a good save by Debjit. Corner to Salgaocar
51':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sony's brilliant free kick, Denson's touch finds the net.
50':Augustine's foul against Jeje, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
49':Duffy's pass to Gilbert, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
48':Boya's good run through right flank, and a cross to find Jeje. Subrata saves the ball
47':Sont's cross, 3 Mohun bagan strikers there, Jeje, Boya and Katsumi. Big shout by handball but referee denies it
46':Second half resumed
HALF TIME Score remains goalless in half time
45'+2':Foul against Debjit in this corner. Ball cleared.
45'+2':Gurjinder's shot deflected and went wide after ball clears from corner. Another corner.
45'+1':Cross to find Duffy in middle, Kingshuk's header clears the ball. Corner to Salgaocar.
45':2 minutes added time
43':Denson's good pass to Jeje, but Gurjinder clears the ball
42':Good move of Salgaocar, Duffy's long shot and a brilliant save by Debjit, rebound chance to Gilbert, but his shot goes wide.
40':Sony's long ranger, Subrata collects the ball in second try.<
39':Good skill by Katsumi, but his square pass to find Sony, clears in defence
38':Players Change in Salgaocar: Duffy in place of Jason Vales
37':Chance to Salgaocar, cross but Bello cleared the ball. Gurjinder tries a long ranger, goes wide.
35':Score remains still goalless.
34':Dhanachandra'a long throw-in, Bello's header just goes wide
33':Long pass to Jeje, but he slips and fails to collect the ball. Brilliant chance wastes
32':Foul against Boya, ball cleared from corner kick
31':Kasonde's free kick, cleared and another corner to Salgaocar. Bikrajit committed a foul.
30':Chance to Salgaocar from corner, Debjit's fists the ball initially, rebound cross, but Douhou is in offside position.
29':Salgaocar's move and another corner.
28':Brilliant chance to Gilbert after Anwar committed a defensive mistake, but his shot goes wide.
26':Douhou's free kick, cleared in defence.another cross of Salgaocar to find Brian in middle, but ball goes straight to Debjit
25':Ball cleared this time from Sony's corner
24':Katsumi's corner, header and ball back to Katsumi. Kingshuk's cross cleared and another corner in opposite end.
23':Katsumi's corner, Denson's header. But a fine save by Subrata. Another corner
22':Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Sony's cross, Gurjinder's goal line header clear the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan
22':Debjit cleared the ball this time
21':Brilliant corner, Mohun Bagan managed to clear it. another corner
21':Back pass to Debjit, he collects the ball. Linesman gives corner. Debjit is not happy with the decision. Corner to Salgaocar
19':After continuous attacking move by Mohun Bagan in early 15 minutes, match now slow down pace.
17':Long pass to find Boya, but it is straight to Subrata
15':Chance to Sony, but good block by Salgaocar outside box
13':Back to back two chances to Boya, but his cross, cleared in defence
12':Long ball of Sony Norde to Boya, he fails to control the ball properly and it goes to Subrata.
11':Fine move of Mohun Bagan through Norde, but his grounder goes just wide.
10':Good move through Denson, his pass to Katsumi. Katsumi's cross blocked initially but another rebound chance to him but he failed to control it.
9':Sony's corner, Kasonde's header cleared the ball. Kingshuk's cross, but a fine save by keeper Subrata
8':Jeje's shot, big shout for penalty due to handball. Corner to Mohun Bagan
8':Good run of Sony through left flank, cross blocked.
7':Sony's free kick, cleared. Kingshuk tried a long ranger, well over
6':Ball cleared from corner but a foul against Sony.
5':Kingshuk's corner, cleared and first corner of Mohun Bagan.
5':Sony's long run, but defence cleared the ball
4':Good run of Douhou , tried a long ranger. Anwar blocked the shot
2':Early move by Salgaocar, Bello cleared the ball
1':Skipper Kingshuk's cross, directly in Subrata's hand
0':Kick off
0':Players are coming into the field


After the win against the Arch rivals East Bengal, Mohun Bagan are set to cross the hurdle of Salgaocar Sports Club on Friday evening at the Vidyasagar Kriangan, Barasat. Mohun Bagan eventually are leading the I League table with 21 points from 9 matches, while Salgaokar are having a mixed performance in the competition currently placed at the fifth position of the league table.

Mohun Bagan force to shift their home venue to Vidyasagar Kriangan, Barasat as the opening programme of the IPL is being schedule at Yubabharati, leading to a controversy among the football fanatics. But Sanjoy Sen, the Mohun Bagan coach is confident and optimistic for a win on Friday evening.

The main strength of Mohun Bagan is their upfront as Sony Nordi, Balwant Singh and Katsumi Yusa are within goals. Though Balwant was injured during a practice session when he hurt himself in the forehead after a collusion with Anwar Ali. Balwant, who was the hero against East Bengal are one of the top goal getters in the tournament, scored five goals in the last nine I League matches. It is likely that Balwant will be included in the first line up on Friday evening.

Salgaocar Sports Club are always a strong hurdle for Mohun Bagan in the recent years. Salgaokar won against Mohun Bagan in the Federation Cup by a margin of 4-1, but the Ist round of the I League encounter at Goa ended in a draw. While narrating Dareek Perira, the Salgaokar coach said that it will going to be a tough competition on Friday as the performance of the Kolkata team has transformed radically. Mohun Bagan are scoring in almost every matches are at the top of the table. Dareek feels that the main architect of Mohun Bagan's performance is their marquee footballer Pierre Boya who is operating from behind.

On the contrary, Salgaocar after a win against Mumbai FC in the last match by a margin of 3-1, are eager to earn full points against Mohun Bagan. Dereek Perira added, "We do realise the importance of this game and the eventual bearing it could have on the league. I do not however, believe in putting undue pressure on my players and have asked them to treat it like any other game. We will stick to our game plan and give it a real good go,"

The match will start at 4.30pm at Barasat.