I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Mohun Bagan beat Sporting Goa 2-0 in home match.

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23.05.2015 : MOHUN BAGAN ---- 2-0 ---- SPORTING GOA - ( FT..)
MMB : Shilton, Pritam, Bello, Kinshuk, Sukhen, Katsumi, Souvik, Sehnaj, Sony, Boya, Balwant
SCG : Ravi, Clemente, Miguel, Sandesh, Cresan; Pratesh, Brandon, Mahmoud, Alber; Wolfe, Odafa
Referee: Rahul D'sa


The count down begins, as the two top teams in the I league Mohun Bagan and Bangaluru FC are going to clash at the Kanteerava stadium, Bangaluru on the 31st of May for the much awaited tittle. Mohun Bagan are certainly in an advantageous position in the League table as they are on 38 points at the end of the 19th round. Bangaluru FC are at 36 points needs a win against Mohun Bagan to clinch the tittle for the second successive time.

At Barasat today Mohun Bagan defeated Sporting Clube by a brace and registered an important win. The conversions came midway in the second session through Shenaj Singh and Sony Nordi. While at Margao, Bangaluru FC failed to overcome the barrier of Dempo Sports Club as the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Dempo the five times NFL/I League champions are in the threshold of relegation earned a valuable point against Bangaluru FC, but put the team from the garden city are under pressure as they have to start from behind on the 31st of May.
mohun bagan vs sporting goa Mohun Bagan who are without a tittle since long are desperate and eager to utilize the golden opportunity while Bangaluru FC are in a target to repeat the history and prove their superiority in Indian football circuit by winning the current edition of I League after Federation Cup.

Who will be the champions ? Mohun Bagan needs a point, as it is a must win situation for Bangaluru FC. The football fanatics would have to wait till 31st night for the ultimate result. This is for the first time the AIFF would going to handover all the honors of the I-League at the conclusion of the mega match at Bangaluru.

Mohun Bagans NFL win: 1997-98, 1999-2000, 2001-2001
Mohun Bagan Runners up : 2000-2001, 2008-2009
Bangaluru FC's I League win : 2013-2014.

mohun bagan vs sporting goa FULL TIME Mohun Bagan beat Sporting Goa in 2-0 to remain top of the table.
90'+3':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Pankaj Moula in place of Sony Norde
90'+3':Ball cleared from corner.
90'+3':Ball cleared and another corner to Sporting Goa.
90'+2':Cajetan's brilliant left footed long ranger and a fine save by Shilton. Corner to Sporting Goa.
90':4 minutes of added time.
89':Ball cleared from corner.
89':Brilliant save by Shilton from Odafa's free kick. Corner to Sporting Goa
89': Players Change in Mohun Bagan Bikramjit in place of Souvik.
89':Foul against Odafa, free kick to Sporting Goa.
88':One to one chance to Balwant, Ravi cleared the ball.
86':Brandon's long ranger, went wide.
84':Sony's shot, went wide
83':Biswajit's tackle to Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan.

mohun bagan vs sporting goa 82': Good corner, katsumi's cross and Balwant's header straight to Ravi
81':Boya's pass to find Balwant. Defence cleared the ball and another corner.
78':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sony dribbled two defenders and scored for Mohun Bagan.
77':Yellow Card to Miguel for arguing with referee regarding a foul against Sony.
76':Good dribbling by Victorino but a foul against Sehnaj
75': Players Change in Sporting Goa Victorino in place of Alber.
74':Score now: Mohun Bagan 1-0 Sporting Goa.
72':Good cross by Brandon but straight to Shilton.
71':Long pass of Sehnaj, Ravi save the ball.
69':Chance to Biswajit but he faile d to make the shot.
68':Players Change in SCG: Biswajit in place of Sandesh.
68':Good run of Balwant and a cross, Katsumi's header cleared.
67':Brandon's cross, Bello cleared the ball.

mohun bagan vs sporting goa 67':Sehnaj's shot, went wide
65':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sehnaj scored from free kick.Brilliant grounder beat everyone and finds the net.
64':Cresan's foul against Boya, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
63':Sehnaj's free kick, Kingshuk's header went wide.
63':Sandesh committed a foul against Katsumi, free kick in a very good position.
62':Players Change in Sporting Goa: Cajetan in place of Mahmoud
61':Miguel looks brilliant today and cleared most of the move.
60':Brilliant move of Sporting Goa but Mahmoud committed hand ball
59':Another OFFSIDE decision to Boya but he looked unhappy
58':Boya's pass to Sony but he is in OFFSIDE position.
58':Move through Balwant and Souvik but good block by Miguel
57':Long pass to find Sony, good block by Clemente
56':Ball cleared from corner.
55':Good move by Mohun Bagan, Sony's shot deflected and went wide. Corner to Mohun Bagan
In IFA SHIELD Pune FC U19 beat Mohun Bagan in 5-2
53':Sony's free kick, went wide.
52':Yellow Card to Clemente for his bad tackle to Sony.
50':Mohun Bagan's move, Pritam's cross and Clemente cleared the ball.
49':Another chance to Odafa from a long free kick, Odafa's header went wide.
48':Odafa's free kick, hit the crossbar and went wide.
mohun bagan vs sporting goa 47':Foul against Alber by Sukhen. Yellow Card to Sukhen
47':Good move by Sporting, Odafa's pass to Wolfe and a good save by Shilton.
46':Brandon's forward pass to find Odafa, Bello cleared the ball.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME Score remains still goalless after the end of first half at Barasat Stadium.
45':2 minutes of added time
43':Both the teams looking for goal but score remains still goalless.
40':Brilliant chance to Odafa, but his shot went over the bar.
39':Another chance to Katsumi, his cross touched upper net.
38':Another move of Mohun Bagan, but Katsumi's cross went wide.
37':Pritam's cross, Sony didn't connect it properly and ball cleared in defence
35':Katsumi's free kick, went wide.
34':Foul against Balwant and a free kick to Mohun Bagan in a very good position.
33':Good pass of Sony, but a fine header by Miguel to clear the move.
32':Sukhen brought down Brandon results another free kick.
30':Play resumed.
30':Now it's the water break due to too much heat.
29':Chance to Mohun Bagan from free kick, ball cleared in defence
28':Too many bad tackles, first Odafa's tackle against Katsumi and another bad tackle against Sony.
27':Boya's bad tackle to Pratesh, free kick to Sporting Goa.
26':Brandon's corner, cleared in defence.
26':Good move through Brandon. his minus cleared by Shilton. Corner to Sporting Goa.
25':Another OFFSIDE and again this is Balwant.
24':Odafa's free kick, too wide.
23':Bello committed foul against Brandon, free kick to Sporting Goa.
21':Sandesh looked injured, match stopped.
21':Chance to Mohun Bagan, but Balwant is in offside position.
19':Sehnaj in the other hand tried his luck with a long ranger. Ball went wide
18':Brandon tried a long ranger, went wide.
17':Score remains still goalless.
16':Souvik committed a foul against Brandon. Free kick to Sporting Goa.
15':Back to back 3 corner, Boya's header went wide from Sony's cross.
14':Ravi cleared the ball and another corner.
13':Pritam's cross, Creasan cleared the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
12':Sukhen's long throw-in, Boya's header finds Ravi. No chance to Katsumi.
10':Bello's foul against Odafa, free kick to Sporting Goa
7':Good forward pass to find Boya but a good block by Miguel.
6':Tackle against Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan
4':Bello's long pass to find Boya, Ravi save it well
3':Balwant's shot blocked and went to Sony, his shot went wide.
2':Another move of Mohun Bagan, Cresan cleared the ball.
1':Sehnaj's pass, cleared in defence
0':Kick off
0':Match is very near to kick off


The tension are mounting high as the I-League are approaching towards the end. The top two teams in the league table, Mohun Bagan and Bangaluru FC are now the contenders for the tittle. After a set back Mohun Bagan came back strongly in their last match against Royal Wahingdoh and are confident to register a win against Sporting Clube at home before they meet against Bangaluru FC on the 31st of May at the Kantiveerha stadium.

Mohun Bagan lost by a margin of 1-2 in the away match against Sporting Clube in first leg on 16th May. It was Odafa Okilie who proved his brilliance by scoring a brace. It is a must win situation for the Mariners on the 23rd at Barasat in order to stay as a contender for the tittle. The football experts are of the opinion that it will be Odafa Okilie who can emerge as a barrier in front of the Mariners. The win against Royal Waingdoh has change the scenario in the Mohun Bagan locker room.

The footballers are confident and determined to win against Sporting Goa so that the Mariners can put up a strong challenge against Bangaluru FC in the ultimate match. The equation are still in favor of Mohun Bagan. If Bangaluru FC register a win against Dempo in their next match and Mohun Bagan wins again Sporting Goa then they will be on same points 38. In such instance in the last match Mohun Bagan requires a draw only for the tittle. The football fanatics can expect a real drama in the last lap of the I-League which will decide the champions.

Current position of Mohun Bagan and Bangaluru FC
Mohun Bagan 18 matches : 35 points
Bangaluru FC 18 matches : 35 points

Mohun Bagan are leading the I League table as they won by a margin of 4-1 against Bangaluru FC in the first round at Kolkata.

Sony Nordi - 8
Katsumi Yusa - 7
Balwant Singh - 6
P. Boya - 2
Dhanachandra Singh - 2
Preetam Kotal - 2
Bikramjit Singh - 1
Senson Devdas - 1
Jeje - 1


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16.05.2015 Sporting Goa  2-1 	Mohun Bagan 	
05.05.2015 Bharat FC     1-0 	Mohun Bagan 
02.05.2015 Mumbai FC     1-1 	Mohun Bagan 
25.04.2015 Pune FC       0-2 	Mohun Bagan  	
18.04.2015 Royal         3-2 	Mohun Bagan 


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