I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : MOHUN BAGAN drew 1-1 against Mumbai FC in AWAY.

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02.05.2015 : MUMBAI FC -- 1-1 -- MOHUN BAGAN - FT
MMB Dhanachandra singh 74'
MFC R.Vasum 49'
MOM : Sanjeevan ghosh - GK MFC
MFC : Sanjeevan, Collin, Chika, Rahul, Shilton, Allan, Vasum, Mohanraj, Rafi, Jayesh, Joshimar.
MMB : Debjit, Dhanachandra, Bello, Anwar, Preetam, Sehnaj, Denson, Yusa, Sony, Manish, Jeje... REF : MB Santosh Kumar.

KFDC STAT : This was Round 20 Match. There were 2 matches between the two held in Round 20. In 2010/11 Round 20 Match (AWAY OF MMB) score line was goalless and 2012-13 Round 20 match (HOME of MMB), Bagan won 3-2. FT : MATCH END. MOHUN BAGAN hold MUMBAI FC 1-1 to earn 1 point from away.
90+7': Corner to MMb but Sony's corner kick wasted..
90+7': CHANGE- MMB : Souvik Chakraborty in place Denson.
90+5: Katsumi's free kick, blocked and Sehnaj tried another long ranger, deflected and cleared. Corner.
90+4': Shilton's foul against Katsumi, free kick to MMB in a very good position.
90+3': Sehnaj's long pass, Sony's header cleared.
90+2 : Another move through Sony, he chipped it for Jeje and Katsumi, but too high for them.
90+1': MFC attack, Jayash Rane's cross, cleared in defence.
90': 8 minute added time.
89': CHANGE - MFC: Injured Sanjivan replaced by Nidhinlal.
88': KFDC STAT : In 2012-13, 7th Round and 2013/14 14th Round match between the two ended 1-1.
87': Long ranger of Sehnaz Sing wdnt wide.

80': Jeje and Sanjeevan collided off Sony's cross. Sanjeevan injured and under in treatment.
79': Attack and Attack of Bagan but 7-8 defenders are always staying in the MFC box.
78': Preetam's poor long ranger went wide.
77': KFDC STAT : Out of last 13 encounters between the two Mohun Bagan won 7, Mumbai FC won 3 and 3 drew.
74': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dhanachandra scored with left footer from the corner kick.
73': Corner to Mohun Bagan.
71': Mohun Bagan's attacking wave is going on but 8 to 9 players are in MFC box.
70': 20 minutes more but Still Mumbai FC is leading 1-0.
68': KFDC STAT : In 2009/2010 in same Venue Cooperage Stadium Mumbai FC beat Mohun Bagan 2-0 both scored by Abhishek Yadav who is in reserve of MFC bench today.
67': Joshimar of MFC and Sony Nordy of MMB both scored 7 goals in the Tournament so far.
65': Josimar was attacking from left but Bello blocked him, Joshimar appeal for Penalty but Ref denied.
65': Mumbai FC was unable to win their last 6 I-League matches and last three Matches results were 1-1 each time.
64': Mumbai FC drew with EAST BENGAL 1-1.
63': Credit must be gone to MFC keepr young Sanjeevan who saved more than 3 golden chance of Bagan.
63': Corner to MMB in Sanjeevan's right. Sony's corner kick and jeje's header went wide.
62': ATTACK AND ATTACK of Mohun Bagan but Sanjeevan is the Wall of China, saved 3 shots.
60': Bikramjit's free kick cleared.
59': Another corner to MMB. Yusa's corner kick cleared but Chika fouled Nordy. Free kick to Bagan in out side of MFC box.
58': CHANCE MISSED- BAGAN : Yusa's close shot well saved by Sanjeevan for a corner.
57': Throw in for Bagan, Long throw in of Dhanchandra cleared.
55': CHANGE - MMB : Manish out and Bikramjit in.
53': More and more attack of Mumbai FC.
1 50': SCORE LINE : MFC 1-0 MMB
49': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Vasum scored from a header of Rane's corner kick.
48': Corner to Mumbai from Rafi's grounder kick.
48': Free kick to MFC out side of MMB box as Rafi was fouled by Sehnaj..
47': Attack of MFC from right, cross of Rafi cleared.
46': 2nd half match kicked -off. Who will win? let's see.
45+1': Sehnaz fouled Jayesh. Jayesh free kick cleared by Denson.
45': 2 minutes added time.
43': Jayesh's corner kick cleared by Bello.
43': Collin's free kick cleared by Denson for corner of MFC.
43': Anwar fouled Pradeep of MFC, Free kick near corner flag of right of Debjit.
42': BALL POSSESSION : 47% Mohun Bagan.
38': Rahul tackled Jeje from behind, foul of MMB.
36': Good footwork of Sony beat two defenders and his cross cleared in MFC box.
33': Left sided attack of MFC, Corss of Jayesh went to Debjit.
32': Goal kick for Bagan.
31': Bello - Joshimar duel but Bello win finally and clear the ball.
30': Huge miss pass of Mohun Bagan.
29': Goal kick for Mumbai FC.
25': Denson's left footer from Sehnaj's pass cleared in MFC box.
24': WELL attack of Mumbai from left, Rafi's cross and Pradeep Mohonraj's header just missed the target.
23': AGAIN by Anwar poor long shot to Sanjeevan.
22': Corner to MMB. Sony's corner kick went for Throw in.
21': Anwar's weak long shot from Dhanachandra's throw-in saved easy by Sanjeevan.
20': 2nd corner to MMB, Yusa's corner cleared by Chika Wali.
18': Sudden shot of Manish Bhergav from Yusa just stop by MFC keeper Sanjeevan in his left.
17': 2nd corner of MFC and Collin's kick went out.
16': Long Throw in of Rahul and header of Joshimar went out for corner.
15': Attack of Mumbai from Joshimar went for their throw in.
14': Mohun Bagan is unable to play passing football or to open the goal mouth of Mumbai FC.
13': Long Throw in of Rahul cleared in MMB box.
12': 2Throw in to Mumbai FC in right of Debjit.
11': Long ranger of Yusa missed the target.
9': Vasum's low grounder went to Debjit.
8': Denson blocked Collin who attacked from right wing.
7': Corner to Mohun Bagan, Yusa's corner kick and Dhanachandra's header cleared.
6': Long cross of MFC went to MMB defence, Preetam passed in right for Jeje.
6': Shilton fouled Yusa, Free kick for MMb, Cleared of Yusa's free kick.
4': Jayesh to Collin and his cross went to Mohinraj but his header missed the target.
4': Corner to MFC from Jaywsh shot off Joshimar's pass in left.
3': Free kick of Yusa went wide.
2': Free kick to MMB rahul fouled Jeje. Just out side of MFC box.
1': Free kick of MFC, Long kick of Rahul collected by Debjit.
1': Goal kick for MFC.
1': Match kicked off at Cooperage Stadium Mumbai.
1': 1 minute silence in memory of Nepal Earthquake victims.
1': Team line up completed.
0': In last game Mohun Bagan beat Pune FC 2-0.
0': The Round 20 Match will be started from 7.00 pm.


The I-League leaders Mohun Bagan will going to play their fifteen round match against Mumbai FC on Saturday evening. The match is scheduled at the newly renovated historic Cooperage Stadium at Mumbai.

Mohun Bagan, who are leading the I-League table are at 31 points from 14 matches are in a target to earn full points against Mumbai FC. Sanjay Sen will not going to include Piea Bioa in the starting list as the Marquee footballer of the Mariners are not fully fit. Balwant Singh of Mohun Bagan is suspended for Two matches under Article 58 for abusive language towards referee in last game.

Sony Norde 	 7 	 	 
Balwant Singh 	 6  	  
Yusa. Katsumi 	 6 	 	
Pirre Boya	 2 	 
Denson Devadas	 1	 		
Preetam Kotal	 1		 
Jeje. Lalpekhlua 1 		 
Dhanachandra	 1	 		
Bikramjit Singh	 1 	
While narrating Sanjay Sen said that Mohun Bagan will going to playing some important matches in the next two weeks which will decide the fate of the championship. He requires a fully fit Bioa in those important matches. Mohun Bagan will have to depend on the Haitian striker Sony Nordi who are having a good season with the Mariners so far.

Mumbai FC are at eight position in the I-League table are at 16 points from 16 matches. Mumbai FC lost the away match against Mohun Bagan at Kolkata by a margin of 1-3, wants at least a point on Saturday evening in order to consolidate their position in the league table.

Mumbai FC's fate will depend on their Brazilian striker Josimar Da Silva and the Japanese midfielder Taisuke Matsuke in the upfront. The sheer speed of the Japanese midfielder, Taisuke can be a cause of concern for Mohun Bagan. Mumbai FC can be reckoned as the most unpredictable team in Indian football who can change the course of a match at any point of time.

It is expected that there will be a full house Cooperage Stadium on Saturday evening.