I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Mohun Bagan win Away 2-0 against Pune to remain top of the table.

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MMB : Jeje 6', Yusa 76'
MOM : Denson Devadas - MMB
PFC : Amrinder, Luciano, Arata, Nikac, Marcelino, Sueoka, Ralte, Ganesh, Ramu, Lalrempuia, Munmun
MMB : Debjit, Bello, Dhanachandra, Denson, Pritam, Anwar, Sehnaj, Katsumi, Manish, Norde, Jeje...Referee: B Balasubramanium

PUNE FC 0-2 MOHUN BAGAN FULL TIME Mohun Bagan beat Pune FC and remains inthe top of the I League table.
90'+2':back to back two corner, Nikhil's header went out.
90'+2':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Kingshuk in place of Manish.
90'+1':Chance to Haokip, Dhanachandra blocked it. Corner to Pune FC.
90':3 minutes of added time
89':Long pass to Jeje, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
88':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Bikramjit in place of Sehnaj.
87':Sehnaj's long ranger, went wide
86':Prakash's long ranger, over the post.
85':Sehnaj's tackle to Prakash, free kick to Pune FC.
84':Srikanth's foul against Sony, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
83':Players Change in Pune FC: Haokip in place of Lalrempuia Fanai.
82':Lalrempuia's free kick, cleared and went to Luciano. Luciano's shot deflected and Debjit made a fine save.
PUNE FC 0-2 MOHUN BAGAN 81':Manish's long ranger, just went over the bar.
79':Pritam tried a long ranger, over the post.
77':Mohun Bagan leading 2-0 now against Pune FC.
76':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sony's fine cross and a brilliant header to Katsumi finds the net.
74':Players Change in Pune FC: Nikhil Kadam in place of Edgar
73':Katsumi's corner, cleared in defence
72':Sehnaj's long ranger, deflected and a corner to Mohun Bagan
71':Score remains still sane. Mohun Bagan leading 1-0
69':Nearly a chance to Pune FC but Debjit cleared it outside box.
68':Pritam's cross, went wide
66':Yellow Card. to Sueoka for arguing with referee
65':Brilliant chance to Pune FC from free kick but Sueoka's shot went over the post.
64':Edgar's free kick, cleared but a bad tackle again of Katsumi to Edgar, another free kick to Pune FC
62':Sony's free kick, touched woodwork, rebound chance to Manish but his header went wide.
60':Bad tackle of Ralte to Jeje, free kick to Mohun Bagan just outside the box.
59':Good chance to Pune FC, but a good save of Debjit and this is also a OFFSIDE call.
58':Short corner of Pune FC, Munmun's cross just over the post.
56':Bad tackle of Ralte to Sony, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
Second match of the day in U19 I League between United SC vs Mohun Bagan is started.
54':Score remains still same.
52': Sony's corner, cleared in defence
51':What a shot of Sehnaj, deflected and went wide. Corner to Mohun Bagan
50':Luciano committed a foul against Jeje, free kick to Mohun Bagan. Luciano looks furious about this decision.
49':Ball cleared from corner.
49':Chance to Pune FC from free kick, Sony cleared the ball. Corner to Pune FC
48':Yellow Card to Denson for his tackle to Edgar.
46':Second half resumed
HALF TIME Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 against Pune FC through the early goal of Jeje.
45'+2':Wasted free kick of Sueoka, too wide to trouble anyone.
45'+1':Yellow Card to Sehnaj for his bad tackle to Edgar. Free kick to Pune FC in a very good position.
45':2 minutes of added time.
44':Edgar's fine pass to Darko, but ball went wide.
43':Long pass to Darko NIkac but he is in OFFSIDE position
42':Players Change in Pune FC: Prakash in place of Dhanpal.
40':Too many miss passes and match is in slow speed.
37':Brilliant cross and a brilliant chance to Lalrempuia Fanai after Dhanachandra fails to head it out. But Lalrempuia's touch send it wide.
36':Katsumi's free kick, Amrinder punched it wide.
35':Foul against Manish, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
33':Brilliant pass of Katsumi to Jeje, but Jeje is in OFFSIDE position.
32':Mohun Bagan's move but a bad tackle of Dhanpal to Sony. Yellow Card to Dhanpal.
31':Ball cleared from corner.
30':Munmun's cross, Dhanchandra cleared the ball in defence. Corner to Pune FC.
28':Yellow Card to Darko Nikac for arguing with referee
27':No such good move by both the teams now. Score remains still same. Mohun Bagan leading 11-0
25':Attack along with counter attack, Nikac's cross and a fine save by Debjit.
22':Low corner, cleared in defence
21':Pune FC's counter attack, Bello cleared the ball initially. but rebound chance and Dhanachandra cleared it. Corner to Pune FC. Big appeal for penalty but referee denies it.
20':Katsumi's pass, straight to Amrinder.
18':Edgar's free kick, initially cleared. Cross outside the box but Nikac is in OFFSIDE position.
16':Score remains still same.
15':Arata struggling, knock in leg from a tackle of Denson. Not a serious injury.
14':Pune FC's attack but Nikac is in clear OFFSIDE position.
12':Brilliant counter attack of Mohun Bagan through Sony. Brilliant pass of Sony to Jeje but Jeje's shot just wide. Jeje also in OFFSIDE position.
11':Edgar's quick corner, cleared in defence
10':Ball cleared from free kick but a good move through Arata. Pritam cleared the ball and a corner to Pune FC
10':Sehnaj committed a foul against Edgar. Free kick of Pune FC in a very good position
8':Katsumi's free kick, cleared in defence
7':Yellow Card: to Munmun for his foul against Katsumi
7':League leaderMohun Bagan leading 1-0 against Pune FC
6':GOALLLLLLLLL Jeje Scored for Mohun Bagan. Denson tipped the ball beat keeper and hit the post, Jeje followed the ball well and before defenders cleared the ball he put it in net
4':Sony's free kick, cleared in defence
4':Ralte's tackle to Sony, free kick to Mohun Bagan
3':Denson tried a long ranger, went wide.
2':Away corner of Katsumi, cleared in defence
1':Brilliant chance to Jeje from Katsumi's pass, but Ramu's sliding tackle clear the ball. Corner to MMB
0':Kick off
0':Players are walking out in the field. Match will start very soon.

League Leaders Mohun Bagan to face Pune FC in away tomorrow

PREVIEW : Mohun Bagan, who is leading the I League table will going to meet against Pune FC in an important encounter at the Shiv Chatrapati Sports Complex at Pune on Saturday night. The match is equally important for both the team as they required full points in order to advance further for the title of the I league.

Mohun Bagan lost three valuable points in their last away match against Royal Wahingdoh at Shillong are on 28 points. Sanjay Sen and his men are eager to be back on the winning track which is required for them to reach the ultimate goal. Mohun Bagan will have to depend on the Haitian striker Sony Nordi in the upfront as they will miss the service of Balwant Singh . Balwant was sent off the ground at Shillong following an argument with the match official. The news from the Mariners dressing room is that Pieo Bioa the central midfielder may be out of the team due to an injury.

Pune FC, are currently placed at the fifth position in the I league table with 23 points are one of the contenders for the title. Though Pune Fc lost the earlier matches against East Bengal and Bangaluru FC.

Pune FC's prime target is to capitalize the opportunity and to earn full points against Mohun Bagan. Pune is a competitive outfit with some experienced foreigners in Indian football are capable of doing the unpredictable happenings at any point of time.

The match will start at 7pm at Pune..