I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Salgaocar drew goalless Mohun Bagan at home.

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R-3: 28.01.2014: SALGAOCAR SC ---- 0-0 ---- MOHUN BAGAN - ( FT..)

SAL : Subarata, Kasonde, Augustin, Gurjinder, Rozario, Gilbert, Douhou, Bikash, Rocus, Aslon, Clifton..... KEB MATCH
MMB : Shilton, Shouvik, Kinshuk, Bello, Bikramjit, Denson, Yusa, Pritam, Balwant, Sony, Manish... REF : MB Santosh Kumar

SAL Press Release : Salgaocar FC and Mohun Bagan shared a point apiece after it finished goalless in a Round 3 match played at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda earlier today. With this result, Salgaocar have 2 points from 3 matches whilst Mohun Bagan have accumulated 4, having played a game less.

Salgaocar started brightly and showed intent early on as they dominated possession despite missing several key players to injury. Mohun Bagan settled down after the first 10 minutes and Sony Norde used his pace to good effect to get behind the Salgaocar defence on a couple of occasions but was unable to get past Subrata Paul in goal.

The play was mostly confined to the midfield with Salgaocar content on holding to the ball and moving it around whilst Mohun Bagan used the pace of Yusa and Sony to try and hit Salgaocar on the counters. Hero of the Match, Subrata Pal was required to play the role of a sweeper on a couple of occasions coming off his line to avert the danger.

ileague 2014-15 pic

The Salgaocar defence stood tall barring a rare lapse of concentration mid-way through the second half when Gurjinder Kumar skied a ball after the initial save by Subrata and the last named failed to collect the ball on itís way down only for it to bounce and land up at the back of the net. However, Balwant Singh was adjudged to have fouled the keeper in the process and the goal was disallowed. The Greens exerted a fair bit of pressure in the final 10 minutes with Brian and Gilbert sending in teasing crosses from the left and right respectively that were well dealt with by the Mohun Bagan skipper Shilton Paul.

There were to be no last minute heroics as both sides walked away with a point, the Greens clearly the happier of the 2 camps. Salgaocar FC next face Sporting Clube de Goa on the 1st of February whilst Mohun Bagan head back home to take on Pune FC in what would be their first home match.

R-3: 28.01.2014: SALGAOCAR SC ---- 0-0 ---- MOHUN BAGAN - ( FT..) :: MORE FOOTBALL |-| FIXTURES

SAL : Subarata, Kasonde, Augustin, Gurjinder, Rozario, Gilbert, Douhou, Bikash, Rocus, Aslon, Clifton. MMB : Shilton, Shouvik, Kinshuk, Bello, Bikramjit, Denson, Yusa, Pritam, Balwant, Sony, Manish... REF : MB Santosh Kumar

FT : Match goalless. Both teams shares 1 points each.
90+3': The 31st Encounters ended Goalless between the two and 9th Draw of the total Head to head.
90+2': CHANGE - BAGAN : Shenaj in and Denson out.
90+': Added time 3 minutes.
90': Subrata Pal played an outstanding match today saved so many attacks of Bagan.
90': Mohun Bagan played well throughout the match but unable to score.
88': Golden Chance missed by Yusa off Sony's left sided cross.
84': Brilliant effort of Zakeer his left ffoter from top of the box just went wide.
78': CHANGE- SAL : Zakeer in and Bikash out.
78': 7th Corner to Bagan from Jeje's shot. No impact
77': Preetam's cross from right but no one in Salgaocar box.
74': CHANGE - MMB : Jeje in and Balwant out.
72': 6th Corner to Bagan. sony's corner and Preetam's header went out.
70': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
69': Well display of Mohun Bagan got so many chances but unable to score.
67': Brian's long ranger went wide for Bagan's goal kick.
65': STAT : 4-3 was the scoreline of two teams - the 2nd best results in I-League occurred in 2001-02. Which Salgaocar won.
65': Again Subrata was the Chinese wall blocked close one to one of Sony.
64': Yellow Card to Rosario of SALGAOCAR as he fouled Yusa.
63': Match is now dominating by Mohun Bagan.
60': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
59': Yellow Card to Balwant of Bagan.
59': OHHH Balwant scored a goal but Ref disqualify the score as he said Balwant fouled Subrata. But how Subrata was fouled? Subrata missed the flight and ball went to net.
57': STAT : The best match played between the two was in 2007-08 NFL/I-League where Mohun Bagan won 5-4 against Salgaocar.
55': Another save of Subrata, Yusa to Sony and Sony's shot saved well by Subrata.
54': 5th corner to Bagan, sony's kick cleared in Salgaocar box.
53': What a save of Subrata, Preetam's bad luck.
52': More and more attacking by Mohun Bagan mainly through Sony.
50': Still the scoreline is 0-0 going on.
49': Again chance came to Bagan but Subrata well saved from Sony one to one.
48': 4th corner to Bagan from Sony's left sided attack.
47': Chance missed by Bagan, close header of Sony from Preetam's right sided cross just missed the target.
46': CHANGE - SAL : Brian in and Aslon out.
HT : SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
45+1': Corner to Bagan, 3rd corner kick. Yusa's corner kick and header of Bello missed.
45': 1 minute added time.
45': Sony's cleared from Salgaocar box.
44': Nice free kick of Sony went for Bagan's 2nd corner.
43': Foul to Preetam in right of Salgaocar Box, Free kick for Bagan.
42': Brilliant clear of Subrata outside of the box from onrushing Sony.
40': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
40': Corner to Salgaocar, Gurjinder's corner cleared.
38': Attack of Douhou in Bagan box but unable to beat 3 defenders ata a time ball cleared.
36': Danger to Bagan box, Penalty appeal of Salgaocar but Ref denied.
35': Balwant to Manish in right but well defended by Gurjinder.
34': Nice skill of Sony in left of Salgacar box but poor finish went for throw in for Bagan.
33': Mohun Bagan is attacking more and more now.
31': Well pass of Bello to Manish in right but he was unable to control the ball.
30': Still the scoreline is 0-0.
28' STAT : Out of total last 30 encounters between the two the result 0-0 occurred for 4 times.
27': Douhou's shot just missed the target.
25': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
24': Attack of Salgaocar, Bello well blocked Douhou.
22': Free kick to Salgaocar. Augastine's shot cleared in Bagan box.
20': Still no score. 0-0.
19': Again missed by Balwant who was trying to shoot outside of the Salgaocar Box from Manish's cross.
17': CORNER KICK to Mohun Bagan - Denson's corner kick headed out.
15': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
12': MISSED.. Manish well passed to Sony but Sony missed to take a right shot from top of the box in a blank net.
12': Attack of Salgaocar from right flank but cross of Gilbart cleared from Bagan box.
10': Still scoreline is goalless.
10': Chance to Bagan from a pass of Balwant but Sony was unable to trap the ball before Subrata.
10': Balwant to Manis in right but well blocked.
9': Goal kick for Bagan from an attack of Douhou.
8': Counter attack of Mohun Bagan but Balwant was in offside.
8':Attack of Sony again but his shot went wide from outside of the Salgaocar box.
6': Attack of Bagan through Sony from right but Casonde well defended his effort.
5': SCORE LINE : Salgaocar 0-0 Mohun Bagan
4': Attack of Salgaocar, Bikash Jairu's left footer grounder from Douhou went to shilton.
3': Stat : Mohun Bagan won 2-1 in last I-Leage 1st leg while Salgaocar won 1-0 in the 2nd leg.
2': Long Ball of Sony towards Yusa but ball went for Salgaocar Goal Kick.
1': Salgaocar beat Mohun Bagan 4-1 in Federation Cup 2014-15.
1': Mohun Bagan kicked off the match.
0': Referee MB Santosh Kumar is ready to kick off the match.
0': Salgaocar Captain Rocus Lamare and Mohun Bagan captain Shilton Pal.
0': The 31st encounters in NFL/I-league between the Two Giant teams will stats soon.
0': Mohun Bagan won their last match.
0': Mohun Bagan to play their 2nd Match of I-League 2014-15.

I-LEAGUE 2014-15 : Salgaocar to face Mohun Bagan at home.

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Salgaocar to face Mohun Bagan in an important I league encounter at the Jawharlal Nehuru Stadium , Goa at tomorrow evening. Salgaocar are in search of their first victory in the League as they had drew the first match against Pune FC and lost to Royal Wahingdoh in the second match. On the other hand the Mariners won their first match against Mumbai FC 3-1 quite confidently and are eager to earn full points against Salgaokar.

The 2 sides last met in the Federation Cup a couple of weeks ago, with Salgaocar FC having outplayed their opponents 4-1, after having conceded first. Mohun Bagan had performed quite impressively against Mumbai FC with all the departments are functioning up to the satisfaction. On the contrary Salgaocar are yet to prove their dominance as the injuries of some important footballers are a serious concern for Derrick Pereira .

While interacting at the pre match media meeting at Goa Salgaokar coach Derrick Pereira said, "We will be starting with the same 11 that started in the last match against Royal Wahingdoh as our players nursing injuries are yet to recover. We will not press the panic button just yet though, these are early stages of the league. It is important on focusing on getting the basics right and things do fall into place eventually. Football is cyclical, you have the highs and the lows."

Mohun Bagan Coach Sanjay Sen is optimistic for a favorable result though he admits that Salgaokar is a strong side. In the pre match media meeting Sanjay Sen said, "Salgaocar are a good side and they beat us comprehensively in the Federation Cup. However, we faced a similar problem in the Federation Cup to the one being faced by Salgaocar currently and that is finding the back of the net. We played very attractive football through the Federation Cup but couldnít score goals and unfortunately you cannot merely survive playing good football". The match will start at 4.30 pm