mohun bagan 3-3 dsk


MMB : Glen 25', 44', Sony 41'
DSK : Quero 29', 33', Pierrick 74'
MOM: Glen - MMB

MHB : Debjit, Prabir, Luciano, Sanjay, Dhanachandra, Katsumi, Pronay, Lenny, Sony, Azharuddin, Glenn.

DSK : Subrata, Amiri, Sandesh, Z Ralte, S Ralte, Baljit, Milan, Surchandra, Jua, Douhou, Pierrick.

REF : Tejes Narvenkar..

mohun bagan 3-3 dsk

FULL TIME DSK Shivajians hold Mohun Bagan in 3-3 here at Barasat Stadium.
90'+6':Katsumi's corner, cleared in defence.
90'+5': Dhanachandra's long throw-in, cleared and a corner to Mohun Bagan.
90'+4':Dhanachanra's pass, Glen's flick to Katsumi, but a good block by keeper Subrata. Subrata looks injured. Treatment going on.
90'+3':Katsumi's corner, cleared and Bikramjit's long ranger went over the bar.
90'+2':Prabir's cross blocked and corner to Mohun Bagan.
90':5 minutes of added time.
89':Lewis's cross, Jeje chested it down, but cleared in defence.
Hero of the Match: Cornel Glen.
88':Prakash's shot, cleared in Mohun Bagan defence.
87':Players Change in DSK: Prakash Thorat replacing injured Juan Quero.
85':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Bikramjit replacing Lenny.
84':Dhanahandra's long throw-in, header went wide.
82':Mohun Bagan's counter attack, Sandesh blocked Glen fom Prabir's cross right flank.
81':DSK's corner, clearance and deflection straight to Debjit.
80':Sena Ralte's long ranger, from short corner, deflected and another corner to DK in opposite end.
79':Dhanachandra cleared Israil's run. Corner to DSK.
79':Forward pass to Glen, but it is OFFSIDE.
78':DSK's move by a miss-pass in final third.

mohun bagan 3-3 dsk

74': GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL 3-3. Israil's cross and Aser Pierrick Dipanda scored the equalizer.
73':DSK's corner, cleared. Back to back two long pass in Mohun Bagan defence, cleared.
72':Players Change in DSK: Kuttymani in place of Baljit
71':Jeje try to chip the ball over Subrata, but his shot went over the bar.
69':DSK's move after Kean Lewis a miss pass, but ball cleared in defence.
67':Dhanachandra's through pass but Glen committed handball.
64':Cornel Glen with a brilliant attempt. Beat 2 defenders with a brilliant turn and a left footed shot, just missed the rear post.
63':Israil's cross from a counter attack, went wide.
63':Jeje's shot, straight to Subrata.
62':Lenny committed foul against Quero.
60':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Kean Lewis replacing injured Sony Norde.
58':Players Change in DSK: Israil Gurung replacing Milan Singh.
57':Sony Norde looks injured and stretched out of the field.
56':Yellow Card to Milan SIngh for his bad tackle to Sony Norde.
54':Jeje cross, Glen's header narrowly missed.
54':SOny's long ranger, went wide.
53': OFF THE POST Dhanachandra's shot, curling and off the bar. Good attempt by Mohun Bagan.
52':Katsumi's corner, initially cleared. Lenny's pass to Katsumi but he committed foul against S Ralte.
52':Yellow Card to Luciano for his bad tackle.
51':Jeje's shot, deflected and went for corner.
50':Good chance to Jeje, but his first touch help Amiri to clear the ball.
49':Dhanachandra's long throw-in, cleared in defence.
47':Handball by Ralte, free kick but a good save by Subrata.
46':Katsumi's foul against Ralt, free kick cleared in defence.
46':Second half resumed.
45': 2 minutes added time
44': Glen's powerful left footed shot beat Subrata
44': GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL 3-2....Mohun Bagan scored
42': Prabir's cross pass cleared by Ralte
41': Sony"s powerful grounder from outside the 18 yards beat Subrata
41': GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL 2-2...Mohun Bagan equalized
39': Juan's free kick cleared by Balmuchu out of the danger zone
38': Luciano cleared an areal ball, Douhou was following
36': Sandesh again headed away an areal pass from Sony as Glen was following
34': A good tackle by Sandesh again, he denies Glen who was about to take a crack at the goal
33': Juan scored of a powerful shot from inside the 18 yards Debjit has no answer to respond
32': A good tackle by Sandesh, he denies Sony who was really looking dangerous
29': Juan Quero scored following a forward pass from Douhou
29': GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL 1-1..DSK equalised
25': GLEN scored the 150th GOAL in this I-League
25': A powerful shot from Jeje was partially saved by Subrata, Glen did the rest
25': GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL 1-0..Mohun Bagan
24': Glen tackled by Sandesh, ball cleared out of the danger zone
23': Mohun Bagan are in continuous attack, while DSK yet to settle down
22': REPLACEMENT FOR MOHUN BAGAN; Jeje in , Azhar out
19': YELLOW CARD to Pranoy for play acting inside the DSK central defense
17': Sony tackled by Amiri, ball collected by Subrata
15': Debjit was injured, as he was in a collusion with Sandesh. Sandesh was reacting a free kick from Amiri
14': Subrata again as a savior of DSK, collected an curling cross pass from Prabir, host of Mohun Bagan footballers were inside the 18 yards
13': What a save by Subrata, he saves a powerful shot from Sony
12': Sony's cross pass cleared away by Milan
9': Glen's cross pass from the left but Katsumi was slow in reacting
7': Katsumi's corner cleared by DSK central defense
6': A good move by Glen he dribbled pass Sandesh but cleared by Amiri for a corner
5': A long lob by Sony , but alert Subrata collected safely
3': Dika tackled by Luciano ,ball rolled over the goal line for a corner
2': Mohun Bagan playing in short passes, trying to create an opening
1': Glen's cross pass cleared by Sandesh out of the danger zone
1': Match started, Mohun Bagan kicks off
0': Match will start from 7.05PM.


PREVIEW: The I League leaders Mohun Bagan will going to face the challenge of DSK Shivajians in one of the crucial encounter of the competition. The I League are heading towards a close finish as the three top teams Mohun Bagan, Bangaluru FC and East Bengal are in a close contest for the tittle. It is a must win situation for the Mariners in order to stay in the tittle race. While interacting in the pre match media meeting Mohun Bagan coach Sanjay Sen said that the Pune outfit can be reckoned as one of the strongest team in the competition. Sanjay added, "We have to push ourselves for a win tomorrow and hopeful to accomplish our goal."

The newly debutante team in the I League DSK Shivajians currently placed at the 6th position in the league table, disappoint Bangaluru FC in the last encounter which brings the top three teams in a close contest for the tittle. The inclusion of Sony Nordi in the final squad are yet not confirm as the Haitian international is sustaining a knee injury.

Sony proved to be the live wire in the Mariners line up time and again. But, Sanjay Sen the chief coach of Mohun Bagan will be back in the dug out after his four matches suspension by the AIFF.

Mohun Bagan, after having a dream run in the tournament lost points in the last three matches are eager to earn full points on Saturday evening.

MOHUN BAGAN IN I LEAGUE: Played 14 , Win 7 , Drawn 5 , Lost 2 ,Goal scored 24, Goal conceded 13, Points 26 .

DSK SHIVAJIANS IN I-LEAGUE: Played 13, Win 3, Drawn 5, Lost 5, Goal scored 13, Goal conceded 17, PTS 14.

DSK Shivajians after having a slow start, proving to be a competitive team in Indian football. Deerick Perira are successful enough to build the team as an unit with an improvised performance in the recent matches as they earned points in the last six matches which includes a won against East Bengal and shared points with Bangaluru FC in the last outing. The inclusion of some experienced footballers in the squad did yield result. While interacting in a media meeting Deerick Perira said, “We have to go for the win. That is the way I think, and ask my players to think. In the last three matches, if we perform the way we have so far, we are confident of getting the right results.”The match will kick off at 7.05 pm Vidyasagar Kriangan, Barasat.