GROUP-A : Pune FC, United SC, Sporting Goa, United Sikkim, Salgaocar.
GROUP-B : East Bengal, ONGC, Mumbai FC, Dempo, TFA.
GROUP-C : Mohun Bagan, Shillong Lajong, Air India, Sesa Goa, Churchill Brothers.


2001/2002 - East Bengal 3-2 India u16
2002/2003 - East Bengal 2-0 JCT
2003/2004 - NOT HELD
2004/2005 - Mohun Bagan 0-0, 3-1 East Bengal
2005/2006 - NOT HELD
2006/2007 - NOT HELD
2007/2008 - NOT HELD
2008/2009 - Sporting Goa 1-3 TFA
2009/2010 - NOT HELD
2010/2011 - JCT 0-0 East Bengal
2011/2012 - Pune FC 3-1 Dempo SC


Abdul Rouf Khan
Dulal Patra
Anupam Sarkar
Gourmangi Singh
Beevan D'Mello
Marlanki Sutang
Baljit Singh Saini
Suman Dutta
Kishore Mallick
Roy Colaco
Durga Boro
Jagdeep Singh
Niroshan Mani
Jagtar Singh
Abhinaba Bag
Abhishek Das
Biswajit Natta
Amritpal Singh
Saikat Saha Roy
Raju Gaikwad
Budiran Tudu
Robin singh
Jaagtar Singh
Alwin George
Suman Dey
Seminil Doungel and Many more



GROUP-A : Pune FC, United SC, Sporting Goa, United Sikkim, Salgaocar.

05.3.2013: Pune FC 2-0United SC (FT)
 PFC  : Lalnunfela 59', Lalrempuia 90+2'

05/03/13 Sporting Goa 	1-1United Sikkim  
 PFC  : Robin Tasmang 84'
 SCG  : ? 
07/03/13 Salgaocar SC 	2-1 Pune FC 
 SAL: Godfrey Silva 2'. Albino Pereira 4'
 PFC : William Lalnunfela 67'
07/03/13 United SC 	1-1 Sporting Goa 
 USC : Rajen Burman	 
09.3.2013: United Sikkim 0-3 Salgaocar SC (FT) 
SAL: Rayman Fernandes, Godfray-2 

09.3.2013:   Pune FC 3-0 Sporting Goa(FT)
 PFC  : Nikhil, Subasish, Karthik 

11.3.2013: United Sikkim1-2 United SC 
11.3.2013:Sporting Goa 0-2 Salgaocar SC 
13/03/13 United Sikkim 	0-9 Pune FC 	  	 	 
13/03/13 United SC 	1-1 Salgaocar SC 

Salgaocar SC    4      3  	1	0	8	2	+6	10---FINAL
Pune FC 	4      3  	0	1	15	2	+13	9-- -FINAL
United SC	4      1  	2	1	4	5	-1	5
Sporting Goa	4      0  	2	2	2	7	-5	2
United Sikkim   4      0  	1	3	2	15	-13	1



GROUP-B : East Bengal, ONGC, Mumbai FC, Dempo, TFA.

06/03/13 Mumbai  FC 		1-2  	Dempo SC
 DEM  : Clencio Pinto, Myron Fernandes

06/03/13 East Bengal 		1-0  	ONGC
 KEB : Biswajit Das 29'

08/03/13 Tata Football Academy 	2-0	Mumbai  FC
08/03/13 Dempo SC 		1-2	East Bengal

10.3.2013: ONGC   			Tata FA
10.3.2013: Mumbai  FC 		0-2	East Bengal

12/03/13 ONGC 1-2 Dempo SC 12/03/13 East Bengal 0-0 Tata Football Academy 14/03/13 Dempo SC 0-2 Tata Football Academy 14/03/13 ONGC 1-3 Mumbai FC

TFA    		4      3  	1	0	6	1	+5	10---FINAL
East Bengal 	4      3  	1	0	5	1	+4	10---FINAL
Dempo		4      2  	0	2	5	6	-1	6
Mumbai FC	4      1  	0	3	4	7	-3	3
ONGC   		4      0  	0	4	4	7	-3	0



GROUP-C : Mohun Bagan, Shillong Lajong, Air India, Sesa Goa, Churchill Brothers.
06/03/13 Shillong Lajong FC  	 0-0  	Churchill Brothers 	  	  	  	  	  	 
06/03/13 Air India     		 0-2  	Mohun Bagan 
 MMB  : Mayon Kaping, Prohlad Roy 	  	
08/03/13 SESA Goa  		 1-1   	Shillong Lajong FC 	  	  	  	  	  	 
08/03/13 Churchill Brothers      1-1   	Air India 

10.3.2013:  Mohun Bagan 	 0-0     SESA Goa  
10.3.2013: Shillong Lajong 	 2-2     Air India
12/03/13 Mohun Bagan    	 1-0  	Churchill Brothers   	  	  	  	  	 
12/03/13 Air India     		 0-2  	SESA Goa  
14/03/13 Mohun Bagan    	 1-3  	Shillong Lajong FC 	    	  	  	  	 
14/03/13 Churchill Brothers      2-4  	SESA Goa

Sesa Goa		4      2  	2	0	7	3	+4	8---FINAL
Mohun Bagan		4      2  	1	1	4	3	+1	7---FINAL
Shillong Lajong 	4      1  	3	0	6	4	+2	3
Churchill Brothers   	4      0  	2	2	3	6	-3	2
Air India  		4      0  	2	2	3	7	-4	2



16/03/2013: Salgaocar S.C   1-1   Mohun Bagan
16/03/2013: Pune FC   2-1   Sesa FA
16/03/2013: Tata FA   1-1   East Bengal

18/03/2013: Mohun Bagan 2-0 East Bengal
MMB : Pralhad Roy, Dipankar Pradhan.

18/03/2013: Sesa FA 1-2 Tata FA

18/03/2013: Salgaocar S.C 2-3 Pune FC
PFC : Haokip 20', William 55', Nikhil 59'
SAL : Albino 44', Melvin 85'

20/03/2013: Pune FC   2-0   Mohun Bagan
PFC: Malsawm (OG)22', Nikhil Kadam 32'

20/03/2013: Tata FA   2-0   Salgaocar S.C

20/03/2013: East Bengal  0-3   Sesa FA

22/03/2013: Mohun Bagan 1-2 Sesa FA

22/03/2013: Salgaocar S.C 2-1 East Bengal
SAL :Godfrey Silva, Albino Pereira

22/03/2013: Pune FC 0-0 Tata FA

24/03/2013: Tata FA   VS   Mohun Bagan
24/03/2013: East Bengal   VS   Pune FC
24/03/2013: Sesa FA   VS   Salgaocar S.C

Pune FC 		4      3  	1	0	7	3	+4	10
Sesa FA  		4      2  	0	2	7	5	+2	6
Tata FA     		4      2  	2	0	5	2	+3	8
Mohun Bagan		4      1  	1	2	4	5	-1	4
Salgaocar S.C 		4      1  	1	2	5	6	-4	4
East Bengal  		4      0  	1	3	1	8	-7	1



23.03.2013: PFC RELEASE: Under-20 I-League: Pune FC face a last round test in East Bengal

Pune FC faces a final test of character when they square off with East Bengal in the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Sunday. Currently leading the league table with 10 points, Pune FC needs a win to defend their title.

The reason for Pune FC's situation stems from the fact that hosts Tata Football Academy (8 points) remain within striking zone of the title. The organizers have thus shifted the TFA-Mohun Bagan AC from JRD Sports Complex to the Gopal Stadium in order to have a simultaneous kick-off with the Pune FC-East Bengal game. As per the initial schedule, TFA were to play before Pune FC at JRD.

Pune FC's Kolkata opponents on the morrow currently languish in the last spot. With just 1 point from a draw against TFA (Rd-1; Final Phase), East Bengal seemly remained in shock after TFA rallied with an injury time goal. Three defeats in-a-row since then is something Pune FC will hope to exploit in their quest. However, the defending champions will have to remain calm, focused and keep off the pressure of expectations and do their job.

Pune FC Head of Youth, Ranjan Chowdhury says, "They are charged. The boys played a hard game against a 'very lucky' TFA. They (Pune FC) were eager to seal the title against the hosts, but now know the importance of the last round as well." Teams this year have been more competitive," he adds.

On Saturday, Pune FC went through a fun-session that was mixed with recovery exercises at the Gopal stadium. "I am happy they are looking ahead to Sunday's game," added Head Youth, pointing out to a clutch of players engrossed in conversation about the match ahead. For Pune FC the game is a do-or-die situation and very important as this would the last game that most will be playing together.

"Yes, it is important for them. They know it and I do know that they are raring to go," adds the Head of Youth. While Pune FC is aware of the task, the result they hope to avoid is a draw. This because if TFA win their game a host of factors which includes better goal difference, highest number of goals will apply separate.

Ahead of the final round, Pune FC's goal difference is +4 (TFA is +3). Likewise, Pune FC has scored 7 goals compared to 5 by the hosts. Like the match against TFA, Pune FC will be plagued by a suspension. This time around it will be striker L.William (double booking). The Mizoram lad's absence is huge having led from the front in the scoring department with 7 goals.

On the brighter side, right-wing back Henry Monsang and central mid-fielder Lalrempuia are back in the side after serving suspension and adds variety. With Wiliam out, the options revolve around bringing in striker Deepak Kumar or shuffle the midfield.


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC up against TFA with title in sight

21.03.2013: PFC RELEASE : Pune FC runs into Tata Football Academy in what turns out to be crunch encounter of the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the Gopal Stadium, on Friday. The Round-4 match for several reasons has a lot of stake and begins with both teams going into the game unbeaten.

Pune FC (9 points) holds the advantage, with their Jamshedpur-based opponents breathing close with seven points. But above all, the game on the morrow also turns out to be a matter of pride pitting talents of youngest established academy against the oldest.

Pune FC Head of Youth Development Ranjan Chowdhury, says, "TFA has been around for the past 25-years. It's a great opportunity to play against them for the first time." While defending champions Pune FC will be up against a side all favour in the Steel City of Jamshedpur, Chowdhury himself faces a test against the institution (TFA) where he spent most of his career before moving to Pune FC.

"All my boys are set to give their best against TFA. They are ready and so am I," he adds after a pre-match workout at the JRD Sports Complex (Archery ground). With many tipping the encounter as a title-decider, the Pune FC Head Youth vows that the game will be a "high intensity one.". Victory would seal the title for Pune FC, a draw would mean winning the last round against East Bengal, while a loss is something Pune FC will hope to avoid.

Pune FC Head Youth adds, "Being a professional the only intention is to win. And yes in Jamshedpur the game will be a test."

Having battled three rounds; against Sesa FA (2-1), Salgaocar FC (3-2) and Mohun Bagan (2-0), Pune FC has set the pace and expects to continue. On the other hand, TFA themselves have bounced back with 2 wins on the trot-versue Sesa (2-1) and Salgaocar (2-0) after beginning with a draw against East Bengal (1-1) at Gopal Stadium.

The venue, for Pune FC, has been a happy hunting ground and will be hoping for the good luck to intact in a contest they so desperately want to prove themselves. "We have done our bit. The boys are well aware of the gravity of the situation, are eager and raring to go. To ma that's what matters," adds the Head Youth.

Pune FC, meanwhile, will miss the services of central midfielder F. Lalrempuia. He serves a one-match suspension owing to a double booking they carry forward. Says Head Youth, "Although I am very disappointed with unavailability of the players for this prestigious match, I have other players who will step up."

The likely alternates to fill in the position will be Abung Meetie. "Pune FC is a new academy and we are out to prove that we are in the right direction, which includes crossing the several hurdles that come by," explains PFC Head Youth. "Our intention is clear. The boys know the hard work put in so far to reach this stage of the league," he adds.


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC face Mohun Bagan in crucial round

19.03.2013: PFC RELEASE : Pune FC runs into highly motivated Mohun Bagan with an aim set to spare no inch in Round-3 of the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Wednesday. With two wins, Pune FC has set the pace and have an eye building on the advantage earned in their quest of defending the title.

The clash for both teams is a first-of-its-kind meeting and Pune FC hopes to stand tall in this crucial round of the league. Pune FC Head of Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury, says, "As contenders it's turning out to be a challenge to maintain performance match after match, but we are out with a mission."

"In fact, this year most of the clubs have prepared to face each other in this prestigious competition," he added. Both Pune FC (6 points) and Bagan (4 points) go into the game having won their last round respectively making the game important for both. While Bagan had a fluent 2-0 win over traditional rivals East Bengal, Pune FC missed chances galore and came away with a 3-2 win over Salgaocar FC.

"They (Mohun Bagan) are an established club, with the support of two academies based in Durgapur and Jalpaigudi respectively for the past 10 years," observes Pune FC Head Youth Development. "Having faced the Goan teams (Sesa FA and Salgaocar) earlier and proven ourselves, we would like to do the same with the Kolkata sides as well." In fact, Pune FC began their quest in the league this year with a 2-1 win over Kolkata-side Prayag United SC and will hope to extract confidence from that game.

With a recovery session lined up at the JRD (Archery ground), owing to the high work rate repetition, the Pune FC Head Youth concluded, "Despite playing on alternate days and barring a few niggles the team is fit and highly psychologically motivated. They are ready to prove they are the best once again."

Meanwhile, league leaders Pune FC will be back to a full-strength squad to choose from. However the worry of seven players carrying yellow cards exists. "The players know their importance. They played out a great last round and all I can do is hope we pull through without further suspensions," the Head Youth added. With 20-players to choose from, Pune FC is expected to have some changes, but that again will be after the team meeting Tuesday evening.

Pune FC's game on the morrow is their second (apart from one in the group stage) at JRD Stadium after a one match break. The worry however will be playing the first match of the day's schedule in considerably high temperatures. "We are prepared and ready," says Head Youth, before adding, "In my experience the game will be a health face-off among the best youth talents. We are hoping for the best."


Under-20 I-League: Resilient Pune FC down Sesa FA

PFC RELEASE : 16.03.2013: Pune FC got off to a flying start with a fighting 2-1 come-from-behind win over Sesa FA, Goa in the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur on Saturday. Defender George D'Souza (2rd minute) gave Sesa FA the lead before striker Subashish Bose (9th) equalised for Pune FC. His striker partner Thongkhosiem Haokip's (31st) goal at the half-hour mark, proved to be the winner.

Pune FC however played the final quarter of the game with ten men after defender Anuj Negi was sent off for a second bookable offense. Sesa FA took charge earlier in the game. After having missed a freekick in the early exchanges, they took the lead in the 2nd minute through a frekick conversion by George. The foul was earned by Olvin who was tackled by L.H Lalrinawma (Rinte) 25 yards out.

George's left-footed stinging effort was met by Avilash, who got a hand, but could not keepit out. At the other end, Pune FC winger Nikhil Kadam had his left-footed grounder well covered by keeper Shaikh Faiyaz at the first post.

The move gave Pune FC the confidence as they forced themselves up in search of the equalizer and scored inside ten minutes when Haokip was fouled by Raju Haldankar. Off the resultant free-kick, Subasish beat the ‘keeper Shaikh Faiyaz from 22-yards at the far post. mPune FC began dominating proceedings thereafter and had Nikhil waste an opportunity after playmaker F. Lalrempuia did well to find him in the clear. Sesa defence were forced to clear as Pune FC attacked frequently.

Midway through the half, striker William Lalnunfela was brought down by Myran Pereira and the play was held up. The stoppage proved good for Pune FC as they took the lead when play resumed. On the half-hour mark, Lalrempuia found Nikhil in the clear on the right with a great forward release. The winger controlled the ball before holding off two defenders and squared the ball to striker Haokip who finished from 6-yards out.

Five minutes later, Pune FC went agonisingly close. Subasish played a long cross from in from the left to Nikhil at the second post. The winger did well to pull back his volley into the box only to have no takers. The game turned into a physical battle and was evident by the number of fouls committed by both teams. Pune FC survived a scare after the defense blocked a free kick from a dangerous position on top of the box.

At the breather, Pune FC went into the break with the 2-1 advantage.

Pune FC came back strongly in the second half and had Haokip and Nikhil go wide minutes after restart. Three minutes in, Denechandra Meitei's grounder on a freekick went wide after Subasish was fouled. At the other end, keeper Avilash was at his best as he kept on denying the opponents. Around the hour mark, Haokip got into a great position after controlling Nikhil's cross on the top of the box only to be flagged for a foul.

Five minutes after the hour mark, Pune FC had their keeper Avilash to thank. After defender Anuj brought down Jaison Vaz on the edge of the box, medio Mauvin Borges directed a header off the freekick goalwards only for an alert Avilash to block. Into the final quarter, Pune FC almost scored a third. Subasish found substitute Abung Meeitei on the left whose first time cross found Nikhil on the run. Nikhil's shot deflected and the keeper managed to hold on to the spinning ball inches off the line.

Five minutes later, Pune FC was reduced to 10-men after defender Anuj's foul on Olvin earned him a second yellow. Incidentally, it was the same player that earned Anuj the first yellow card in the first half. Sesa FA made most of their numerical advantage as they attacked the Pune FC box repeatedly.

Despite a player down, Pune FC showed great fighting spirit as they held off various Sesa attacks in the final ten minutes. Into injury time, Pune FC had another glorious chance to score the third after substitute striker Deepak Kumar was put into the clear by Nikhil on a counter. The striker finding himself clear and onside inside the box ended up confused letting the one-on-one situation go wasted.


U-20 I-League: Pune FC positive ahead of Sesa FA clash in final phase

15.03.2013: PFC RELEASE: Defending champions Pune FC have their task cut out as they step out to challenge untried opponents in the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) in Jamshedpur. First up for Pune FC is Group-C winners Sesa FA from Goa at the JRD Sports Complex, on Saturday.

While the face-off between the two is a first, Pune FC's main focus is to get off to a positive start and set the pace. Both sides go into this late afternoon kick off game on the back of contrasting wins logged in their last group games. Pune FC come off the huge 9-0 win over United Sikkim FC, while Sesa FA put their state-mates Churchill Brothers in place 4-2 and top the group that witnessed tight results and final finish.

Sesa FA, who is camping at JRD, emerged undefeated and remains something Pune FC will need to be cautious of. Pune FC Head of Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury says, "We have already made our plans to maintain our standards as per our expectations. We know our opponents (Sesa FA) are an established academy for the past 10 years and this group has trained together for 4 years."

While Chowdhury remains realistic he adds, "As per expectations we are in the final rounds and we will take it one match at a time." Having scored at will in the last match, the Friday morning pre-match session at JRD (Archery Ground) was all about making aware that the "tough grind begins now. We have already analysed their strengths and weakness and as per need made our action plan to play against them," the Youth Head adds.

Having finishing their campaign on Wednesday, Pune FC has enjoyed a one-day rest advantage over their Goan rivals and hopes to exploit the advantage. "All the boys are ready and eager to perform their best. All are well aware that this is their chance and need to act responsibly to reach the summit." Pune FC is expected to field an unchanged squad having won two matches on the trot. However, Pune FC's major worry is that seven players carry yellow cards into the final phase of which five form the playing eleven.

"It is a concern for sure and we will need to see how best we can avoid missing key players," adds the Youth Head. On the other hand, Pune FC has so far had six players; led by striker William Lalnunfela (5), find their net. Interestingly, Pune FC's group run yielded 15 goals, the highest by any team, something they will want to carry on with.

"Stay focused, minimize mistakes and achieve success," were positives summed up for the squad after practice by the Pune FC Youth Head. The match kicks off at 3.00 pm on Saturday.


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC begin final phase campaign against Sesa FA

PFA RELEASE : 14.03.2013: Pune FC takes on first-timers Sesa FA, Goa in their final phase Under-20 I-League assault at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Saturday, 16 March 2013. Having finished second in Group-A with 9 points, defending champions Pune FC will engage themselves in five rounds of competition that ends on March 24.

Matches have been scheduled on alternate days, with a one-day rest period, meaning all teams will be in action over 9-days. Pune FC's opening game at JRD against Group-C toppers Sesa FC is one of the three the club will play at the venue. The other two are scheduled at the Gopal Stadium.

Pune FC Head of Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury, said, "The journey will be tough on the players owing to the conditions and continuous matches. However, we are geared up for the challenge and will put our best foot forward."

He added, "The six who have made it through have taken their appointed spots on expected lines." Interestingly, Pune FC is the only squad from West Zone to qualify for the final squad. Four teams.

The qualifiers for the final phase include.

Group-A: Salgaocar FC (10 pts), Pune FC (9 pts)
Group-B : Tata Football Academy (10 pts), East Bengal (10 pts)
Group-C : Sesa FA (8 pts), Mohun Bagan (7 pts)


16 March: Pune FC v Sesa FA - 3.00pm - JRD Complex
18 March: Salgaocar FC v Pune FC -3.00pm - Gopal Stadium
20 March: Pune FC v Mohun Bagan - 1.00pm- JRD Complex
22 March: Pune FC v Tata Football Academy -3.00pm - Gopal Stadium
24 March: East Bengal v Pune FC- 3.00pm-JRD Complex


12.03.2013: U-20 I-League: Pune FC has a job against USFC before making final phase

Pune FC has the task of winning points against United Sikkim FC in the Under-20 I-League 2013 encounter at the Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur, on Wednesday. With the second qualifier from Group-A still undecided, Pune FC (6 points) faces Prayag United SC (4 points) threat. PUSC play the already qualified Salgaocar FC (9 points) in the last match of the group on Wednesday.

Head Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury, says, "We will be out to play for a win. It is very vital to dominate USFC and score goals and proceed to the final phase." While USFC are yet to win a game in the group, the north east side has posed to be a stiff opponent in all matches.

A draw (1-1 v Sporting Clube Goa), before two successive losses; 0-3 (v Salgaocar FC) and 1-2 (v PUSC) has not been the USFC expected. However, with nothing to lose one cannot rule out USFC giving the match their all and walk tall.

Chowdhury warns about complacency and after an pre-match early morning workout at the JRD Complex (Archery ground), declared, “This match for us is a do-or-die situation." Pune FC ride on the confidence of winning their last match (3-0; SCG), which Chowdhury felt was huge considering the set back they had against Salgaocar FC.

"All players are mentally and physically very fit to give their best for this afternoon match," he adds. Pune FC has at their disposal a full fit squad for the game on the morrow. Add the much needed two day rest from match situations for the players and the squad is raring for the final onslaught in their title-defence.

While victory over USFC will enable Pune FC finish second and end permutations and combinations. A draw, likewise, will also help Pune FC progress in case PUSC wins against SFC based on the head to head. Pune FC had earlier beaten PUSC 2-1.

Chowdhury adds,"As per expectations the squad I favourites. The players believe they are favourites for the title and we are positive ahead of this game." The match kicks off at 1.00pm.


09.03.2013: SLFC MEDIA: Match Preview: Shillong Lajong FC vs Air India

In what will be a crucial Group C encounter, Shillong Lajong will face Air India in the Under 20 I-League tournament at the JRD Tata Complex, Jamshedpur on Sunday.

The Reds have played twice so far drawing both the games and sit third in the table while Air India has earned only one point from their two matches. With two matches remaining in the group stages for both teams, three points for either team will be crucial to advance to the final round of the tournament.

Coach Gumpe Rime mentioned that Dinesh will be out due injury while Zodingliana is suspended due to double booking and Rupert Nongrum is the third player to miss tomorrow's game. He added, "We will play to win. The boys are in good form and it is a must win game. We have to win in order to survive in this competition."

The North Easterners will look to turn things around when they face the Airmen tomorrow, who are also a very tough and competitive side and will settle for nothing less than a win.


06.03.2013: U-20 I-League: Pune FC ready for Salgaocar FC challenge

PFC RELEASE : Pune FC takes on the challenge of Salgaocar FC in a battle of firsts in a Group-A Under-20 I-League encounter at the JRD Stadium, Jamshedpur on Thursday. While the Goans will be playing their first match, Pune FC will be playing their second and hope to continue their winning streak. Pune FC (3 points) leads the group, followed by Sporting Clube Goa, United Sikkim FC (1 point each) and Prayag United SC (0 pts).

With the demanding schedule of the league allowing a day's rest between matches, Pune FC utalised Wednesday on a recovery programme at the Tata Football Academy ground. Head of Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury, said, "The players went through a recovery session (90 minutes) apart from working on improving their strategy in attacking play."

Terming the opening game against PUSC a "physically tough game," owing to the high intensity, Chowdhury was confident on his boys' toughness to brace up the situation and readiness to take on the next challenge. In fact, after the PUSC game a couple of Pune FC players were left with niggles which included defenders Ranjan Singh, Denechandra Meetei, midfielder Nikhil Kadam but were all up and running during the practice session.

Having completed their opener in the afternoon, the game against Salgaocar FC on the morrow also turns out to be another early afternoon kick off and a test of coping. "The first 20 minutes are crucial," adds Chowdhury and admits the Goans style of play is "unknown." For the record, the Goans, last year, ended their challenge in the group stage.

On the PUSC game, Chowdhury opined, "We began positively, which is what we hoped to do and now take it forward match by match. The result was satisfactory, but we have a long way to go." The JRD Stadium pitch is expected to be even, which Chowdhury feels will suit his players. "Negotiating the Gopal Stadium was tough, but I am confident of a better pitch at JRD."

Changes are expected in the playing eleven, with Head Ranjan preferring to taka call after the team meeting later during the day on Wednesday.


5.03.2013: Match Preview : SLFC PRELEASE : Shillong Lajong FC vs Churchill Brothers SC

Shillong Lajong FC will open their Under 20 I-League campaign with an expected high-octane encounter against Goan side Churchill Brothers SC to be played at the JRD Tata Complex in Jamshedpur on Wednesday, the 5th of March at 1 pm.

Lajong finished third in the 2012 edition –an achievement of sorts-after fielding a very young squad in the League. The Shillong Lajong Squad is ably helmed by Gumpe Rime-a man who is no stranger to the "big" game expectations and atmosphere, having been a part of the Senior Lajong squad who firmly established itself as a Football powerhouse in the North-East.

Commenting on the game, Gumpe said "The boys are in a good mood and are fit and raring to go. They have been training very hard and I believe that they can deliver a good performance." Out of 4 matches, Lajong will be playing three of their games at 1PM and Coach Gumpe added that, "My biggest concern is the heat factor as it is very hot during the day time."

"It is important to start the campaign on a winning note and we need to have a positive approach to the game." Shillong Lajong were victorious the last time the two teams met in the 2012 edition of the I-League and tomorrow’s game promises to be very exciting considering the never say die attitude and the will to fight till the end of the Boys in Red, regardless of the oppositions stature and ranking.


U-20 I-League 2013 : Defending Champions Pune FC ready for another go. They will face United SC tomorrow

PFC RELEASE : Defending champions Pune FC will be out to maintain their reputation in the Under-20 I-League 2013 at Jamshedpur. First up for the champs is Prayag United SC at the Gopal Stadium, on Tuesday. The Group-A encounter on the morrow also turns out to be the tournament opener owing to the status earned in the last edition.

Having traveled to the Steel City on Sunday, the Pune FC U-20s had their first workout at the JRD Sports Complex (Archery Academy ground) on Monday. The session lasted 90 minutes, which was aimed to get the boys into match mode.

Overlooking the session, Head of Youth, Ranjan Chowdhury, remarked, "All boys in good shape. They are all mentally and physically fit and ready to take off. There is a lot of expectation. The boys want to prove themselves again."

However, in saying so Chowdhury warns that this edition (2013) will not be easy. "Almost all teams have undergone changes. Some have included players who have played in the I-league. The inclusion of Tata Football Academy and Sesa FA adds more competition," is how he views the road ahead.

With Pune FC hitting the top with an unbeaten 9-match run (group and final phase) in their maiden year, Pune FC to other contenders are the team to beat. "The U-20 League has become a matter of prestige for the teams and exactly why I say that the tournament will be tough," Chowdhury adds

On the PUSC game, Chowdhury simply adds, "It is our first match and we want it take it forward from where we left off. They know our strength having played us last year and we need to come up with something different." In the last edition, Pune FC had beaten the Kolkata side 3-1 in the final phase at Kalyani.

Coach U-19s, Gift Raikhan, opined, "Teams will be out to seek revenge. This year PUSC have made a strong team from what I've heard." Chowdhury felt, "It's an even match. We hope to maintain our winning temperament and get off to a good start."

Pune FC this year will be led by the experienced midfielder in Abung Meetei. The 20-member team overall has five changes from the side the last year. The newcomers include; goalkeepers - Avilash Paul, Sarif Molla; defenders - Henry Monsang, Y. Denechandra Meitei; midfielder Rugved Yeole; striker Subhasis Bose. "They (newcomers) have gelled well and I looking forward to the team who boast of experience and the new boys to playing as a unit," adds Chowdhury.


Goalkeepers : Avilash Paul, Sarif Molla
Defenders : Anuj Negi, Ts. Henry Monsang, Riyan Yadgiri, Narendra Vakare, Janak Kudmal, L. H. Lalrinwma Rintea, Y. Denechandra Meitei, Salam Ranjan Singh
Midfielders : Nikhil Kadam, Abung Meetei, Rugved Yeole, G. Karthik, William Lalnunfela, F. Lalrempuia, R. Shivram
Strikers : Subhasis Bose, Deepak Kumar, Thongkhosiem Haokip

05 March: Pune FC United SC
07 March: Pune FC Salgaocar FC
09 March: Pune FC Sporting Clube Goa
13 March: Pune FC United Sikkim FC



U-20 I-LEAGUE 2013: Pune FC make history, retain the title

PFC MEDIA - 24.03.2013 : Pune FC made history defending the Under-20 I-League title in Jamshedpur. The title gave Pune FC the distinction of being the first team to win back-to-back titles. Needing a win to emerge outright winners, Pune FC settled the issue with a dominating 3-0 victory over East Bengal FC at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Sunday.

Right wing back Henry Monsang was the hero with a brace (38th and 53rd minute), while playmaker F. Lalrempuia (89th) scored right at the death as Pune FC signed off in style. The win was Pune FC's fourth in the Final Phase of the league and helped Pune FC's finish with 13 points. Host's Tata Football Academy (TFA), who was waiting for any slip-up by Pune FC, beat Mohun Bagan 2-0 and finished runners up with 11 points.

In a tense encounter, Pune FC began cautiously. East Bengal, in the bargain, took charge with the early exchanges and created a couple of chances through Anirban Chatterjee and Indrajeet Paul going close. At the other end, winger Nikhil Kadam and striker Thongkhosiem Haokip combined only to fall short. The opponents continued pressing and Pune FC waited for their moment. Midway through the half, playmaker Abung Meetei went on a great solo run on the left before turning and slipping the ball to Haokip who hit wide from six-yards out.

After some half chances at either end, Pune FC took the lead seven minutes from the break. Off back-to-back corners, Nikhil's delivery from the right flag was headed home by Henry at the far end. The defender did well to send his header over keeper Santadip Kanjilal to the far corner.

Into the final minutes of the half Pune FC missed chances to double their lead after Nikhil hit his grounder straight into the 'keeper and Henry went over from 10-yards out after controlling Haokip's cross. The defending champions took their one goal lead into the breather. The second half was a different story as Pune FC went all out attack. After pushing ahead continuously and dominating proceedings for long periods, Pune FC doubled their lead eight minutes in as defender Henry completed his brace.

Left-back Denechandra Meitei swung in a cross to right. Henry controlled the pass, cut past a defender and took a shot. The power-packed effort beat the keeper, hit the inside of the far post and crossed the goalline after bouncing off the other verticle. Minutes later, Pune FC had to bring in substitute Anuj Negi after Denechandra was left with an open gash on his forehead when Amit Singh hand accidently made contact in a one-on-on header.

With the heat taking its toll on the players, Pune FC began dominating the midfield as the game slowed down. East Bengal was locked in their own half for long periods and didn't do much to create chances. Substitute Sonu Kumar had two long range attempts go wide midway through the half.

Two minutes from the end, playmaker Lalrempuia got his name on the scoresheet sealing the championship for Pune FC. Substitute R. Shivram's cross in from the right was chested down by substitute Deepak Kumar into Lalrempuia's path who did well to place it past the helpless 'keeper. Pune FC was also declared the Most Disciplined Team of the championship.


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC held to goalless draw by TFA

22.03.2013: PFC RELEASE : Pune FC was held to a goalless draw by a crowd-backed Tata Football Academy (TFA) in Round-4 of the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur on Friday. The result took Pune FC's points tally to 10, which makes the last round on Sunday important to decide the league title.

Backed by a sizable crowd, TFA began cautiously and shared early exchanges. However, it was Pune FC who weaved the first deep inroad. Winger Nikhil Kadam's chip was rightly intended for striker William Lalnunfela but ended a yard long allowing TFA 'keeper Gurpreet Singh control. At the other end, defender Ranjan Singh and Riyan Yadgiri cut down Udanta Singh's run on the left flank. Minutes later, Pune FC created two quick chances. First striker Thongkhosiem Haokip's soft shot on goal following a wall pass by Nikhil, awkwardly bounced before the 'keeper who managed to grab on his second attempt.

A minute later, Pune FC missed the only open chance of the match that came by from either side. Defender Riyan Yadgiri's long ball created confusion between TFA's Chinglensana Singh and Suraj, leaving William in the clear. Pouncing on the opportunity, William moved into the penalty area and from a 1-on-1 situation tapped wide from 10-yards out, instead of tapping at the second post.

The miss proved costly as thereafter both teams left no space for either. Three minutes later, defender Ranjan sent his freekick deep. Keeper Gurpreet parried the ball out only for it to land in medio Abung Meetei's feet whose try from top of box was blocked. The rebound off a defender fell in Nikhil's path who went over with his attempt.

Around the quarter hour mark, Pune FC had TFA come close when Chinglensana's run from the left ended with a try from an acute into the side-net. The move was followed by Jermanjeet Singh heading a freekick wide across the goal. Midway through the half, Pune FC pushed ahead on a counter attack. Medio L.H. Lalrinawma Rinte did well to chest down a long ball and find Nikhil on the run. The skipper cut in and released a left footer from top of box that went wide.

TFA then pushed ahead and created a close chance. Off a freekick earned from Rinte's foul inside the Pune FC half, Harpreet Singh's effort on first post had Pune FC 'keeper Avilash Paul fumble on his first take. However, a quick clearance by Ranjan Singh ahead of a lurking Jermanjeet kept out possible danger. At the other end, Haokip sent his long range shot from the left straight into the 'keeper.

Into the final minutes of the half, substitute striker Manash Sarkar on for Rajak Nag went in dangerously for a header off a cross from Deepak. Keeper Avilash did well to block ahead of the striker putting the crowd on their feet. At the half-time mark, Haokip did well on the right cutting past Jermanjeet on the edge of box after Nikhil found him in clear only for his cross have no takers.

Both teams went into the breather goalless. The second half was a similar story as both teams were creating moves equally. Seven minutes in, a brilliant throw - in by Nikhil found William who went on a run, before being checked on top of the box by Baidyanath Das. A minute later Subasish Bose had his shot go wide from the left.

In the 57th minute, Nikhil's corner-kick created problems inside the TFA box. His effort forced the keeper come out and block. The high rising ended getting cleared off a melee that was created after both TFA and Pune FC players missed. A minute later, Nikhil screamed a 35-yard freekick past the first post.

Haokip, meanwhile, did a lot of running and opening out the game, but none of the moves took Pune FC deep. TFA on the other hand were pushing the ball ahead on counter attacks creating few close chances. Midway through the half, Sanjeev Kumar's cross from the right had Biswajit Sardar fall just short despite Riyan's missed clearance in the penalty box as Pune FC survived the move.

The Pune FC defense was kept on its toes in this phase of the game as TFA pushed. However, in the circumstances they emerged on top and were confident all throughout the game. Fifteen minutes from time, TFA gave Pune FC a close moment. Harpreet's freekick into the box earned a deflection, which Deepak diverted softly into the alert Avilash Paul. At the other end, Haokip bulldozed past the TFA defense only for his grounder to find the 'keeper.

Into the final ten minutes, Pune FC 'keeper Avilash was at his best confidently moving out to to thwart Manash wide on the right outside the pnalty area. Three minutes from time, Rinte and Nikhil showed great robust running as they pushed ahead. First Nikhil and then Rinte pushed only for the move to be done in by the crowd of legs. The draw for TFA was huge and disappointing for the turnout who had come prepared with drums hoping for an upset.

20.03.2013: PFC RELEASR: Under-20 I-League: Pune FC down Mohun Bagan 2-0, log third win

20/03/2013: Pune FC   2-0   Mohun Bagan
PFC: Malsawm (OG)22', Nikhil Kadam 32'

Pune FC continued their surge with a facile 2-0 win over Mohun Bagan AC in Round-3 the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur on Wednesday. The result strengthened Pune FC's grip at the top of the table and took their points tally to nine from their third win.

An own goal by Bagan defender Davinder Singh (22nd minute) and a goal from skipper Nikhil Kadam (32nd) were enough to give Pune FC three crucial points. Pune FC began the game making one change, bringing in L.H Lalrinawma (Rinte) for Abung Meetei in the central midfield.

The initial exchange was tough with Bagan thwarting every move with a clearance or with a physical challenge. Both strikers L. William and Thongkhosiem Haokip ended up fouled and ignored by the referee. Pune FC, finally earned a free-kick in the 5th minute, only to have defender Henry Monsang bury his effort into the wall.

Three minutes later, Pune FC went close. Haokip found skipper Nikhil with a quick release only for his poor control to allow the 'keeper Tajuddin collect the ball. Pune FC slowly came into their elements and dominating the midfield and cut off several inroads made by Bagan.

In the 9th minute, Pune FC had a simple chance of forging ahead. Defender Riyan Yadgiri's clearance found Haokip clear. But somehow Haokip missed a sitter of a tap-in sending his shot wide with the keeper advanced. Five minutes later, defender Salam Ranjan Singh controlled Nikhil's long corner kick only to scream his effort over at second post. Playmaker F. Lalrempuia followed it with a crack at the goal forcing the keeper into an acrobatic save.

At the other end, Bagan had their freekick go wide after Riyan brought down Adarsh Tamang.

Twenty-two minutes into the game, Pune FC took the lead courtesy an 'own goal'. Medio Lalrempuia's floated a long ball off a free-kick from the left into the penalty box. With no one to threaten the Bagan defence, defender Davinder headed ahead of Malsawm Kima over the 'keeper who least expected the effort to sail over his head from the second post.

Pune FC started pushing ahead more aggressively after taking the lead. Striker William Lalnunfela forced himself down the right and cut back a cross. Haokip, then, in one motion found Nikhil whose grounder on the run went wide. Couple minutes after the half-hour mark, Nikhil doubled Pune FC's lead. Medio Rinte's through ball found Subasish Bose on the left. Subasish's perfect cross across the turf was finished by Nikhil at far post after the keeper missed.

Two goals down in the first half, Bagan were only restricted to occasional counter attacks, which the Pune FC defence did well to see out. In the final minutes of the half, substitute G. Karthik on for injured Haokip missed another easy chance. Nikhil on a solo did well to slipping a cross from the right to unmarked Karthik on the left. Controlling inside the penalty area, Karthik's hasty effort was skied.

The defending champions went into the break with a two goal lead.

Bagan came out of their shell in the second half. Two minutes in Mayon Kaping had his grounder go wide after Adarsh set him up. At the other end, playmaker Lalrempuia's long range striker when inches wide. Pune FC kept on pushing ahead and created chances at will. Twelve minutes into the half, defender Henry missed a close header after Karthik did well to cross in from the right.

Midway through the half, Henry was alert to keep out Deepankar's run. Adarsh sent a through ball to Mayon on the right. A square pass aimed towards Deepankar had Henry do well to check his opponent. Six minutes later, Mayon's snapshot from top of box screamed wide after a brief mix up in the defence. At the other end, Subasish did well to control left-back Denechandra Meitei's quick throw in cut past a defender only to strike his grounder straight into the 'keeper.

Pune FC did well to hold out with Bagan posing no major threat.


18/03/2013: Mohun Bagan 2-0 East Bengal
MMB : Pralhad Roy, Dipankar Pradhan.

18/03/2013: Sesa FA 1-2 Tata FA

18/03/2013: Salgaocar S.C 2-3 Pune FC
PFC : Haokip 20', William 55', Nikhil 59'
SAL : Albino 44', Melvin 85'

U-20 I-League: Pune FC exact revenge against Salgaocar FC; win 2nd game

PFC RELEASE : 18.03.2013::Pune FC kept their winning run intact clinching a five-goal thriller against Salgaocar FC 3-2 in the Under-20 I-League (Final Phase) at the Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur on Monday. The victory was the second in-a-row and helped Pune FC to the top spot in the league table. Importantly, the win exacted revenge of the 1-2 loss Pune FC suffered in the group stage earlier.

Pune FC was led by a twin-strike by striker William Lalnunfela (20th & 55th minute) and a goal from skipper Nikhil Kadam (60th). Salgaocar FC fought back through Albino Pereira (44th) to level scores at half-time, before striker Melvin Fernandes (85th) struck a consolation goal. The game began with the Goans pushing ahead and testing Pune FC 'keeper Avilash Paul in the opening minute. However, he did well to collect the ball.

A minute later, Salgaocar's Conny Dias and Nevin Pereira went head-on into each other resulting in a long stoppage. Both players had to be rushed to the hospital and led to Salgaocar FC making early substitutions. Pune FC settled and pushed ahead, but the opponents despite the set-back did well to hold out. The Goans, in fact, had Rayman Fernandes take the first long range attempt after Stendly Miranda set him up from the left. The try lacked punch, but kicked up awkwardly ahead of Pune FC keeper Avilash Paul on its way wide.

Pune FC's first inroad came past the first quarter of the hour. Winger Nikhil gained from striker Thongkhosiem Haokip's head-on in the middle, weaved past the defence only for his poor grounder let him down. At the other end, Pune FC defender Riyan Yadgiri cleared a full-blooded try by Neville Fernandes in an open goalmouth after 'keeper Avilash was forced to leave his charge to thwart a run by Melvin.

A minute later, Pune FC took the lead in 'lucky' circumstances. Denechandra Meitei aided by a steal raced the left flank and released to Haokip. With custodian Albino Gomes leaving his charge, Haokip's try was blocked before bouncing off a defender giving William the slightest of advantages to get a tap in the melee. The goal gave Pune FC confidence as they pushed ahead. Nikhil on the right, did well to find striker Haokip with a square pass. The striker moved in and took a left-footer which caused the keeper to fumble only to control quickly as Nikhil moved in.

At the other end, Pune FC had 'keeper Avilash to thank after he came out to check a run after defender Riyan had missed a forward pass. Barring the rare attack, Pune FC showed a lot of confidence and attacking at will and squandered a chance to double the advantage. Six minutes past the half-hour mark playmaker F.Lalrempuia's perfect through ball found William. Faced with just the advancing keeper upfront, the striker from a yard inside the penalty box went over which agonizingly sailed over the crossbar.

A minute from the break, Salgaocar managed to equalise. A quick movement down the centre left the central defense of Riyan and Salam Ranjan Singh beaten in a wall-pass sequence that had Albino score. At the other end, Nikhil had his long range effort go just wide as both teams went into the breather locked at 1-1. The second half was a similar story as Salgaocar managed to trouble the Pune FC defense in the opening exchanges. However seven minutes in, Denechandra's cross in from the left beat the 'keeper. But bad communication let the chance go a begging as Nikhil managed to connect with a header over the bar with William better placed.

Two minutes later, the duo worked a better plan which led to William giving Pune FC the lead (2-1). On a counter attack, Nikhil played a perfect through ball to William. Controlling on the run, William's perfect finish from 16-yards out beat the 'keeper to the second post. Four minutes later, it was 3-1 after Nikhil got his name on the scoresheet. A great through ball from Lalrempuia from the right found Nikhil in the clear who went solo on a 15-yard run before controlled his finish through the legs of the 'keeper.

The goals put Pune FC in the drivers seat as they started dominating the game. Midway through the half, William had his soft try over the keeper cleared by defender Jose Vaz. At the other end, Pune FC defense was holding firm as Riyan cleared a long ball in a 1-on-1 position. Six minutes from time, William dug his attempt into the keeper after Nikhil sent him through.

At the other end though, Salgaocar managed to score a goal after some poor defending. Melvin played a nice wall pass with Albino to beat the defense. Once in the clear the finish was easy with just keeper to beat. The goal set up nervous final minutes, but Pune FC did well to hold on. Strategically, they timed two substitutions in injury time to emerge on top.


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC begin final phase campaign against Sesa FA

14.03.203: PFC RELEASE : Pune FC takes on first-timers Sesa FA, Goa in their final phase Under-20 I-League assault at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Saturday, 16 March 2013. Having finished second in Group-A with 9 points, defending champions Pune FC will engage themselves in five rounds of competition that ends on March 24.

Matches have been scheduled on alternate days, with a one-day rest period, meaning all teams will be in action over 9-days. Pune FC's opening game at JRD against Group-C toppers Sesa FC is one of the three the club will play at the venue. The other two are scheduled at the Gopal Stadium.

Pune FC Head of Youth Development, Ranjan Chowdhury, said, "The journey will be tough on the players owing to the conditions and continuous matches. However, we are geared up for the challenge and will put our best foot forward."

He added, "The six who have made it through have taken their appointed spots on expected lines." Interestingly, Pune FC is the only squad from West Zone to qualify for the final squad. Four teams.

The qualifiers for the final phase include.

Group-A: Salgaocar FC (10 pts), Pune FC (9 pts)
Group-B : Tata Football Academy (10 pts), East Bengal (10 pts)
Group-C : Sesa FA (8 pts), Mohun Bagan (7 pts)


16 March: Pune FC v Sesa FA – 3.00pm – JRD Complex
18 March: Salgaocar FC v Pune FC – 3.00pm – Gopal Stadium
20 March: Pune FC v Mohun Bagan – 1.00pm- JRD Complex
22 March: Pune FC v Tata Football Academy – 3.00pm – Gopal Stadium
24 March: East Bengal v Pune FC – 3.00pm – JRD Complex


Under-20 I-League: Pune FC qualify for the final phase; thump USFC 9-0

PFC : Subhasish Bose 10', 28', F. Lalrempuia 19', 25', Thongkhosiem Haokip 31', William Lalnunfela 45+1', 57', 69', Nikhil Kadam 54'

13.03.2013: PFC RELEASE : Pune FC Under-20s emulated their seniors with a thumping win over United Sikkim FC (USFC) 9-0 in their final Group-A game at Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur on Wednesday. The win was the biggest margin of victory ever registered by any team in the Under-20 I-League. Earlier, Sporting Club Goa beat Salgaocar FC 7-0 (Group-C, 17 April, 2012) at Goa.

Likewise, Pune FC's huge win turned out to be the highest match-aggregate in the league, bettering the 8-goal encounter that Dempo SC downed Mumbai FC (Final Score: 7-1) in the group stage of the 2011-2012 edition at Kalyani.Pune FC's landslide win was spearheaded a hat-trick scored by striker William Laununfela (45+1st, 57th & 69th minute).

The rest of the tally was accounted by striker Subasish Bose (10th & 28th), medio F. Lalrempuia (19th & 25th), striker Thongkhosiem Haokip (31st) and winger Nikhil Kadam (54th). The victory was the third for Pune FC (9 points) in the group and enabled them qualify for the final phase of the tournament beginning Saturday, 16th March, 2013.

Facing a must-win situation, Pune FC showed their intentions no sooner the match kicked off. Creating chances aplenty in the rival penalty box, Subasish, Nikhil, Haokip and William all went close with no clear cut chance in the opening minutes. The closest was Nikhil’s effort that was put over from 8-yards out. Pune FC took the lead in the 10th minute through Subasish, who showed off great individual effort. Subasish went on a solo run down the left flank, cut in and finished his grounder to the far post past a maze of legs.

Nine minutes later, Pune FC doubled their lead. Midfielder Lalrempuia combined with Nikhil whose intelligent square pass left Lalrempuia with an open goal face to slot home. At the other end, USFC gave Pune FC a scare. Yogal Lepcha intercepted an Anuj Negi pass and only to have his effort sail over.

Six minutes later the Lalrempuia struck again. After a good exchange with Nikhil on the right, Lalrempuia played wall pass with William inside the box to get into the clear and tap in and swell the lead to 3-0. Three minutes later, Subasish made it four. Haokip's long ball was controlled and shot by William into the 'keeper, who fumbled. Subasish did well with the rebound and calmly slotted home.

The fifth Pune FC goal came a minute past the half-hour mark. Subasish set up Haokip with a brilliant cross in from the right that beat the entire defense. Haokip controlled it with his chest and finished it past the helpless 'keeper. Pune FC signed off the first half with William heading home in the first minute into added time. The goal was a creative of left-back Denechandra Meitei. A dead accurate cross into the box from the left-wing was directed by the striker home.

The second half was a similar story as Pune FC were rampant. Subasish's try was cleared a yard from the goalline four minutes after the restart. It didn’t take long though as Pune FC made it seven goals nine minutes in. Striker William set on a counter before squaring the ball far wide to Nikhil ended with a tap in.

A minute later, Pune FC were lucky to neutralize a well worked move. USFC's Sonam down the middle got past the defence and found an overlapping Rabin on his left. A timely interception by substitute Riyan Yadgiri ended in a corner-kick rather than a possible goal. Three minutes later, it was 8-0 in favour of Pune FC. A crisp through pass by Lalrinawma Rinte left the USFC defense beaten. William ran quick to control, beat a defender and in same stride the goalkeeper, who was off the line.

Midway through the half, William completed his hat-trick. Rinte found substitute Janak Kudmal on the right, who relayed the ball to an overlapping defender Henry Monsang. Releasing a first-time cross Henry found Hoakip receive and try. The effort crashed onto the vertical at the first post. The rebound fell to William who did no mistake.


I-League Under 20 : Match Report: SLFC 2-2 Air India

SLFC RELEASE ;The North Easterners battled from two goals behind to earn a 2-2 draw against Air India on Sunday afternoon at the Gopal Maidan in Jamshedpur. Air India was leading 2-0 thanks to Yungrei who scored both the goals however, Shillong Lajong scored in each half with Bipin and Lalrammuana on the scoresheet.

Both the teams marched out to the field hoping to make a positive start and get a win under arguably very bad pitch conditions. Air India took an early lead when Yungrei's long range shot beat Lajong custodian Nitin in the 6 th minute. Lajong pushed for the leveler but were unlucky to concede the second goal that came from a cross by an Air India winger who found his team mate Yungrei, scoring his second goal within fifteen minutes of the game.

After some good build-up play by the Reds, the contest sparked to life when the Shillong lads won a free kick just 5 minutes before the end of the second half and Jacob's free kick landed on Bipin who made sure he took a shot and earned himself and his team a goal. Whatever was said in both dressing rooms during the break certainly seemed to work as the second half started on a more lively note with both sides fashioning opportunities in quick succession.

This was evident when Lajong came back in the second half by pressing into the opponents half. The lads won a corner and were rewarded for their best efforts when Lalrammuana managed to place the ball into the goal giving them a crucial equaliser in the 67th minute.

With the points being split, Shillong Lajong FC is in second place with 3 points and will take on Mohun Bagan on the 14th of March. While Air India is in the 5th position with 2 points and has one more game to play against Sesa Football Academy on the 12th of March.

PFC RELEASE : 09.03.2013: U-20 I-League: Pune FC back to winning ways; down Sporting Clube 3-0

09.3.2013: Pune FC 3-0 Sporting Goa(FT)
PFC : Nikhil, Subasish, Karthik

champions Pune FC bounced back to winning ways with a dominating 3-0 win over Sporting Clube de Goa in a Group-A Under-20 I-League encounter at the Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur, on Saturday. The margin of victory could have been bigger had striker L. William converted two chances in one-on-one situations with the Goan team's goalkeeper in the second half.

Goals from skipper-midfielder Nikhil Kadam (7th minute), then striker Subasish Bose (27th) gave Pune FC a two-goal cushion going into the break. Substitute G. Karthik (80th) rounded off the scoring to round off Pune FC comprehensive win. The win helped Pune FC (6 points; 3 matches) lead the group jointly with Salgaocar FC, who has played a match less. In the last group game, Pune FC takes on United Sikkim FC on Wednesday.

The loss put SCG (2 pts; 3 matches) out. Prayag United SC (1 pt; 2 matches) and United Sikkim (1 pt; 2 matches) remain the only outside threat. But the threat would mean both needing two wins from their remaining matches and include a match between them. Pune FC went into the game making three changes; defender Anuj Negi, midfielder LH.Lalrinawma and striker Subasish Bose replacing Narendra Vakhare, Abung Meetie and Rugved Yeole.

The game kicked off with SCG playing defensively. Against the run of play, Pune FC utalised the first clear cut opportunity that came their way and had Nikhil find the net. The winger controlled a beautiful cross in from the left by Denechandra Meitei, which sailed over the Sporting defence, before controlling and finishing at the far post past keeper Rahul Yadav.

The defending champions kept harassing the opponents with attack after attack and doubled their lead shortly before the half hour mark. Playmaker F. Lalrempuia sent striker William Lalnunfela in the clear on the right, who cut back and beat Charles Cardozo. Find Subasish unmarked on the top of the box, William's release gave Subasish time to cut past Akshay Dabolkar before hammering in a right footer off the inside of the second post.

A couple of half chances forced by Thongkhosiem Haokip, who timely checked as he tried; Nikhil hastily going over from an acute angle on the right and William's feeble try into the keeper signed off the half. At half time Pune FC led 2-0.On resumption, the story was no different as Pune FC kept pressing, played the long ball to good effect causing confusion in the rivals half.

Three minutes after restart, Denechandra's throw in caused problems on the left. Subasish collecting a rebound screamed the ball across only to have Haokip miss connecting a header. Ten minutes later, Pune FC could of added a third through William. Nikhil controlled a clearance off a throw-in, raced down the middle to put William in the clear. The striker did well to go over the advancing keeper in a one on one situation only to have the horizontal come in the way and bounce back. The 'keeper was alert to control Nikhil's try on the second ball.

Midway through the half, William was once again denied by the keeper in a one on one situation after controlling defender Ranjan Singh's long ball. William’s effort was into straight into body of the keeper, who have moved out to the top of the box.

At the other end, Pune FC custodian Avilash Paul was called into action for the first time in the match. Xavier Dias weaving past a rare faulter by defender Anuj Negi took a crack on goal, only for Avilash to come up with a calm save.

Into the final ten minutes, Pune FC shut up shop with a goal to admire. Having gone over the bar a minute ago, substitute Karthik made up within seconds after William sped to a long loose ball that rolled wide to the left. Finding Karthik clear, William released and watched his teammate slammed in his right footer to the far side leaving the 'keeper rooted.


08.3.2013: Shillong Lajong   1-1   Sesa Goa

SLFC RELEASE : 08.03.2013: In the I-League Under 20 Group C encounter, Shillong Lajong FC shared points with Goan side Sesa Football Academy at the JRD Tata complex Jamshedpur on Friday.

Both teams started the first half brightly and it was a half that was competitive, yet lacking when it came to goalmouth action and as a result both the sides went into the break all square.

The second half was much better though, as both teams pushed to break the deadlock in an attempt the grab the all important three points. It was Sesa who took the lead when their attacking shot was deflected by SLFC Defender Nim Dorjee into the Lajong's goal.

After conceding an own goal Shillong Lajong started playing the second half all guns blazing and equalized when Lalruatfela netted in the 76th minute. Shillong Lajong will play their third I-League match against Air India on the 10 th of March,Sunday.


08.3.2013: Tata Football Academy   2-0   Mumbai FC (FT)
08.3.2013: Dempo SC   1-2   East Bengal (FT)
08.3.2013: Air India   1-1   Churchill Brothers (FT)


PFC RELEASE : 07.03.2013: Under-20 I-League: Pune FC go down fighting to Salgaocar FC

Pune FC was checked in their stride suffering with a 1-2 reverse against Salgaocar FC in the Under-20 I-League 2013 at the JRD Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, on Thursday. The loss comes on the back of winning their Group-A opener against Prayag United SC.

Pained by two moments of defensive madness, Pune FC were 0-2 with the game hardly five minutes old. Godfrey Silva (2nd minute) and Albino Pereira (4th minute) making most for the Goans. The defending champions Pune FC fought back, created opportunities, but could only end up pulling one back through Lalnunfela William (68th minute).

The result of the game meant Pune FC and Salgaocar FC (3 points) share the top position. However, the Goans who played their first game have played one match short. Sporting Clube Goa (2 pts; 2 matches); United Sikkim SC (1 pt; 1 match) and Prayag United SC (1 pt; 2 matches) follow.

Pune FC made 2 changes to their line-up bringing in midfielder Rugved Yeole (for G Karthik) and striker Subasish Bose (for Thongkhosiem Haokip). With the game hardly settled, Pune FC conceded a goal when Godfrey intercepted a back pass defender Henry Monsang played to keeper Avilash Paul. In a flash, the movement was completed with the Pune FC keeper beaten.

Two minutes later, unmarked Godfrey, with space upfront, moved deep and crossed. The cross failed to be interceped by wing-back Narendra Vakhare and allowed Albino connect ahead of defender Ranjan Singh who himself was slow in reacting.

Stung by the early reverse, Pune FC took a while to settle. In the 15th minute Nikhl Kadam made an impact on the rival goal with a long range grounder that stretched custodian Albino Gomes to palm out. Three minutes later off corner-kick by Nikhil, Ranjan had his on-target header get cleared by Conny Dias on the line!

Pune FC's rhythm was constantly unsettled by the Goans who did not leave space to go by. L William in one thrustful movement on the right was checked outside the penalty box wide on the left. Skipper Abung Meetei then went close. Playing a wall pass with William, the Pune FC midfielder went over from 8 yards out.

Closing into the first quarter, Henry had his header flash past the second post off a free kick taken by Lalrempuia on the right. Henry, then swung his free-kick from 22-yards out to stretch the keeper.

At half time, Pune FC trailed 0-2.

Changing ends, Pune FC began on the offensive, with the rivals preferring to play from the back and wait for the opportunity for a counter attack. With Pune FC penetrating the rival's penalty area often, finishing let them down. Lalrempuia forced the Salgaocar FC dive wide and palm out a stiff try, before Pune FC were rewarded for their efforts.

In the 68th minute, Nikhil found William on the right. The striker did well to use his pace, outrun three defenders, cut back, move onto the edge of the box and release a left footer ahead of Jose Joaqhim Vas. William's powerful try jumped out of the custodians' hand and rolled past the line at the far corner.

The goal saw Pune FC attack with vigour and create chances aplenty. A long throw-in by Narendra from the right, bounced over the rival defenders, but William on hand could not capatalise and ended with a soft header from close.

Kartik, Nikhil and Abung had long ambitious tries, but over the bar. Salgaocar FC, meanwhile, had at least four players go down in a bid to stall and break Pune FC's dominance. In one last thrust upfront, substitute Thongkhosiem Haokip missed a header from close after Karthik worked in a cross from the right.


U-20 I-League: East Bengal Mohun Bagan and Dempo win while Churchill drew while Shillong Lajong Share Points With Churchill Brothers

In what was a pulsating Under 20 I-League match at the JRD Tata Complex, in the sweltering heat of Jamshedpur, Shillong Lajong FC and Churchill Brothers SC played out a goalless draw to share the spoils of the opening group encounter.

Both teams though, had an equal number of missed opportunities to go in front, more so the Shillong Lajong side, who got off the blocks quickly and created the first real chance of the match through Bipin Singh. The Lajong juniors continued to have better ball possession and had at least 3 more chances in front of goal. before the break.

The second half though saw the Goans starting strongly as they started creating more chances to surge ahead. Shillong Lajong also matched their Goans counterparts play for play but neither side though were able to get that all important lead. The score line remained static at the end of 90 minutes of play to ensure that both teams had to share a point a piece.

Commenting on the match, Coach Gumpe Rime said that it was a good first match and a good performance from both the teams, and commended the Lajong boys on adapting and adjusting quite well to the conditions in Jamshedpur. Gumpe also said that the team would take heart and inspiration from the result, which he considered to be satisfactory and once again lauded the team's performance ,which would go a long way in taking the team forward, League progresses.

In the other matches of the Under 20 I-League Dempo Sc edged out a determined Mumbai side by 2-1 goals while Mohun Bagan beat Air India by 2 goals to nil as did East Bengal, who registered their first win, blanking out ONGC by a solitary goal.

Heavyweights Dempo, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal won their respective opening encounters while Shillong Lajong and Churchill Brothers played out a goalless draw in the U-20 Tournament for I-League Clubs in Jamshedpur on Wednesday (March 6, 2013).

While Dempo got the better of Mumbai FC 2-1 courtesy goals from Clencio Pinto and Myron Fernandes, East Bengal rode Biswajit Das's 29th minute strike to edge ONGC 1-0. Mohun Bagan were 'two' good for Air India with Mayon Kaping and Prohlad Roy finding the back of the net for the green and maroons.


U-20 I-League: Pune FC off to a winning start; extend run to 10

05.3.2013: Pune FC   2-0   United SC (FT)
PFC : Lalnunfela 59', Lalrempuia 90+2'

05.03.2013: PFC RELEASE : Defending champions Pune FC kick-started their Under-20 I-League title defence with a 2-0 win over Prayag United Sports Club at the Gopal Stadium, Jamshedpur on Tuesday. Second half strikes by William Lalnunfela (60th minute) and Lalrempuia (90+3') settled the issue for Pune FC.

The win helped Pune FC continue from where they left off last year. Last year, Pune FC beat the Kolkata side 3-1 in Round-5 of the Final Phase. Statistically, Pune FC took their unbeaten run in the championship to ten, which includes 9 from 2011-12 edition. Pune FC could have ended with a bigger margin had it not been for the hard and uneven pitch to negotiate.

The champions did the early running through striker Thonkhosiem Haokip who ended short as he chased a long ball played by Lalrempuia. A minute later, Henry Monsang let-fly 35-yard free-kick that whizzed past the second post by inches. Minutes later, Haokip, chased Abung Meetei's long ball on the right. With keeper Sankar Roy leaving charge, Haokip in a one to one situation with defender Dipak Mondal ended losing the ball with a timely check by the later.

Seven minutes on, Nikhil Kadam from the left forced the custodian to a full length dive to keep out his well struck low free-kick from 30-yards out. PUSC, meanwhile, took the pressure away from their half with Ronjan Barman connecting a free-kick on-target which Pune FC 'keeper Avilash Paul had no difficulty. Haokip then had the 'keeper and defender Bidhan Bala check his run in a combined effort.

Pune FC's first close chance came in the 25th minute. Henry swung a free-kick taken inside his half to Nikhil on the right. The left-winger positioned a yard inside the box let go of the opportunity by failing to trap and control. Holding possession in the PUSC half, Pune FC were many a times done in with miss passes just ahead of the final third. Three corners, Nikhil being robustly tackled time and again led to William missing from 6-yards out.

Medio Karthik played long, found Haokip inside the box on the right. The striker controlled, fended a couple of PUSC defenders before sliding the ball across to an unmarked William. With just the keeper to beat, William ended digging his attempt into the keeper's legs. Closing out the half, Pune FC survived a scare, when Denechandra Meetei was beaten on the left paving way for PUSC's Rajon confront keeper Avilash. A timely charge and control ended with both players taking knocks.

At half time the score remained goalless. Resuming the second half making two changes; Rugved Yeole (for Karthik) and Subasish Bose (for Haokip) made a huge difference for Pune FC. Two minutes into the half, Rugved, collected a Nikhil cross on the left, beat defender Dipak to find himself clear inside the box. His second post try was ended being cut off by the keeper. Nilkil then had a long ranger into the keepers' hands.

Eight minutes later Rugved and Subasish worked in tandem on the left and creat another chance. Rugved did well to steal the ball and was quick to play a wall pass with Subhashish. The striker in clear released a pile-driver from top of the box that screamed inches over.

Nearing the hour mark, Lalrempuia tested the keeper with a long free-kick. Having dominated proceedings, Pune FC broke the deadlock when William tapped home from close at the far post a Rugved cross. Forcing himself clear on the left, Rugved beat defender Dipak and released accurately for William to control and tap past Sankar. Pune FC then had Narendra Vakhare's cross from the right go abegging with Subasish getting a feeble header and earn a corner-kick.

PUSC, thereafter, dominated the midfield but failed past to get past the compact Pune FC defence who did not leave any space to get through. In one move, Bivash Sarkar ended getting a grounder through, which was a regulation collection for Avilash despite an awkward final bounce. Rugved then got William in the clear only to have the keeper leave his charge and clear.

Into injury time Pune FC doubled the lead with Rugved once again doing the spadework. Pushing Subasish clear on the left led to open space to relay a cross to the far side. Substitute Shivram, using his presence of mind, did well to use his body and set up Lalrempuia, who ended curling the ball past a stationed keeper from top of the box.