I-LEAGUE 2012: Prayag beat Pailan Arrows at homme match.

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Pailan Arrows stays 'luckless.' Despite dominating for most part of the match and hitting the cross-piece twice, they went down to Prayag United 2-1 in a crucial I-League match at the Salt Lake Stadium on Thursday (April 5). The win took Prayag to 38 points from 23 matches while Pailan Arrows stay on 8 points from 20 matches.

The match started off with Yusif Yakubu scoring in the 5th minute when he played a one two with fellow striker Joshimar DaSilva and it resulted in him scoring the goal leaving Pailan Arrows keeper Naveen Kumar with no chance.

However, Pailan had a chance to equalise when CS Sabeeth missed an open header off a perfect Tirthankar Sarkar cross down the left. Sarkar, who with his incisive floaters had the Prayag defence stretching and guessing all throughout, also tested Prayag goalkeeper Abhijit Mondal off a corner.

Mondal also palmed a couple of powerful shots from Pailan medio Prabir Das in the first half and stayed lucky when another of Prabir’s shots hit the post with him beaten.

Changing over, Pailan equalised in 62nd minute. A perfect cross off Prabir Das from the right was headed in by Sabeeth.

But the joy didn't last long. It lasted just three minutes and ended with a World Class goal. Shylo Malsawmtulunga finished it off as he showcased his class with a clever tap which foxed Pailan goalkeeper Naveen Kumar.

Pailan counter-attacked. In the 77th minute substitute Bikramjit Singh (Sr) hit the post with Mondal beaten. They did attack relentlessly but the Prayag defence managed to hang on.


05.04.2012 : Prayag United   2-1   Pailan Arrows (YBK- FT..)
PU: Yakubu 4', Tulunga 65'
PA: Sabeeth 62'
PU: Abhijit, Sukhen, Deepak, Anupam, Chinta, Jayanta(Lalkamal), Denson, Tulunga, Yakubu, Vincent(Joychandra), Joshimer(Rafique)
PA: Naveen, Gurtej, Deepak Devrani, Alwin, Milan(Bikramjit), Lalrozama, Pranoy, Prabir(Holicharan), Pritam, Tirthankar(Jivon), Sabeeth

Match End. Prayag beat Pailan in 2-1
90':Referee added 4 minutes of injury time
88':Players Change in Prayag: Rafique in place of Joshimer
87':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to both Yakubu and Gurtej for their quarrel
84':Score remains still same
82':Players Change in Pailan: Jivon in place of injured Tirthankar
81':Pailan's attack, Alwin is in offside
80':Players Change in Prayag: Lalkamal in place of Jayanta
79':Holichanan's shot, cleared in defence
78':Players Change in Pailan: Holicharan in place of Prabir
77':Pailan's attack, long powerful shot of Bikramjit deflected by far post. Lucky escape of Prayag once again. Second time ball deflected by post
76':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Sabeeth for his play acting in box
75':Tulunga's long ranger, went wide
73':Tirthankar's free kick, went wide
72':Players Change in Pailan: Bikramjit in place of Milan
72':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Anupam for his bad tackle to Prabir. Free kick to Pailan
71':Players Change in Prayag: Joychandra in place of Vincent
68':Jayanta's shot, went wide
67': Prayag now leading 2-1
65':Brilliant wall pass between Tulunga and Yakubu. Tulunga tipped the ball brilliantly in box and finds the net
65':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Tulunga scores for Prayag
64':Another attack of Pailan, george Alwin's shot, went wide
63':Prabir's shot, went wide
62':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant centre of Pritam Kotal from left flank, Abhijit touches the ball but did not clears the ball properly. Ball goes to Sabeeth, his header finds the net
58':Joshimer shot, Naveen cleared it, Chance to Vincent, but good save by Naveen. Naveen looks injured
57':Prabir's shot, went over the bar
55':Joshimer's shot, good clearance by Naveen Kumar
53': Pailan's attack, Sabeeth's header, went wide
51':Yakubu's shot from free kick, went over the bar
48':Long run of Prabir, a centre from left flank went over the bar
46':Vincet's shot from corner, went over the bar
46':VIncent's shot, touches Pritam's foot and a corner
46':Second half resumes
Half Time Prayag United leading 1-0 against Pailan Arrows after the end of first half
45':Referee added 1 minutes injury time
44': Sabeeth's shot, directly in Abhijit's hand, he fists it brilliantly
42': Prayag's attack, Yakubu's forward pass to find Joshimer, but he is in offside
37':Score remains still same now
32': Bad tackle of Milan to Yakubu, Yakubu looks injured
30': Good attack of Prayag through Yakubu, Joshimer and Vincent. Vincent's shot directly in Naveen's hand
28':Pailan's attack, good chance to Sabeeth, cleared in defence
26':Vincent's back pass from box, but too wide, cleared
24':Prabir's centre cleared, corner to Pailan
22':Long pass to Yakubu, But he is in offside
20':Joshimer's forward pass to find Yakubu, he fails to trap it properly
18': Score remains still same
15':Counter attack of Prayag, Joshimer's forward pass directly in Naveen's hand
13': Pailan's attack, centre directly in Abhijit's hand
10': Joshimer's shot, deflected and cleared in defence
7':Another brilliant attack of Prayag, Joshimer's shot, went wide
4':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal scored by Yakubu. Brilliant combination of Yakubu and Joshimer
2': Two back to back corner of Pailan, good save by Abhijit
0':Kick Off

I-LEAGUE PREVIEW 2012: Mohun Bagan start as favourites against HAL at home..

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McDowell Mohun Bagan are almost out of the title-race for the I-League. Presently on with 39 points in 22 matches, the Kolkata giants take on HAL at the Yuba Bharati Krinangan on Friday (April 6). HAL stay on 7 points from 21 matches.

Brazilian striker Jose Barreto when asked on his teams chances, said: "We've not given up hope as yet. There can still be upsets and turnarounds in the I-League so we just have to go out there and win our remaining matches."

He also added that they were likely to start with the same formation as the last match against Dempo with Sunil Chettri playing from the midfield with Odafa Okolie partnering him upfront. Midfielder Hudson Da Lima is also likely to make a comeback in the match.

In their last outing, Bagan had won 4-2.

HAL would be playing with their two foreigners Joseph Femi and Zagoba Hamzah and Rohit Chand, their Asian Quota defender is also set to start. Head coach Murali Iyer said that his team would be playing for pride and would not go down without a fight. "In our last meeting we should have won. We were playing all over till Femi was stretchered out and Bagan came back strongly after that," he said.

I-LEAGUE 2012: Anthony's brace grounds Air India'

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05.04.2012 : Air India   0-2   Sporting Goa ( PUNE - FT..)
SCG: Anthony 74', 90'

In another match at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune, Sporting Clube de Goa scraped past Air India 2-0. Anthony D'Souza made the difference between the two teams scoring a brace. Anthony scored the first goal in the 75th minute and then sealed it for his team in injury time. Sporting moved to 37 points from 23 matches while Air India stay on 28 points from 23 matches.

Sporting Clube de Goa who adopted a defensive approach for most part of the game made the most of the opportunities that came their way.

A restless striker James Moga created quite a few opportunities, but it was finally in the 75th minute when he moved from the right with Mackroy Peixote and Dawson Fernandes in tow that Sporting Clube spilt the Air India defence. Anthony D'Souza pounced on the chance and let the ball find the back of the net to give Sporting the much needed goal.

Earlier, Air India showed more urgency to control the pace of the match in the first half. Soon after the start, the home team earned back-to-back free-kicks in a space of five minutes, but failed to convert them.

Manandeep Singh's try from 30 yards flew just inches away from the crosspiece in the eighth minute and then Royston D'Souza's free-kick in the 13th minute saw Manjit Singh trying to head but it didn't pay dividends.


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...A group of football loving youths from a small town of Kalimpong have set out to achieve a dream which if fulfilled can change the face of football in the entire Darjeeling hills. Their dream to take their club to the zenith of Indian Football. I-League! And they are already on the job. In the coming paragraphs we will find out more about this dream.

SHARE Football Club, Kalimpong was an idea or rather dream which was born around five years back, but finally in July last year the club started taking baby steps towards its ultimate dream of playing in the I-League and within five months the baby steps had turned into a brisk walk with the club giving professional contracts to all its players with savings account in the bank where their salaries are deposited. Mostly the current bunch of players are students so they are paid token amounts which they can use for their school fees and other expenditure.

SHARE Football Club currently has 28 players in its roll, and most of them are standard twelve pass-outs. Treasurer of the Club Ryan Karthak Lepcha informed "We have taken full consent of all the parents and the school to allow these boys to play football for our club, our basic aim is to help this boys become good players in future and also pursue their education, we have plans to taken in some school drop-outs who are good players and help them shape their careers" In February next year the final selection of the players will be held and after that club plans to keep just thirty players in the age group of 17 to 21 years. The Club has appointed Chandra Kumar Rai, FA licensed coach who is without any shadow of doubt the best youth level coach of this region

Share has already started churning out good players "Cho Tshering Lepcha was selected to play for Bhawanipur FC in the Kolkata league but he could not play first team football regularly there and now he is playing for Rainbow FC and we are sure he'll will get back his lost form and do well as he is just 23 years of age" Ryan Karthak said. Other two boys are also in the eyes of bigger clubs from Kolkata.

Getting sponsorship is a big hurdle in this part of the world but SHARE FC has found innovate methods. They put up stalls during events or concerts and sell variety of items to the customers and the earning from these goes to the club’s fund. The members also donate from their savings to keep the club's day to day affair moving. At the same time they are aware that if they want to sustain themselves in Indian Football they have to find a proper sponsor so the management is already in talks with a few companies.

SHARE FC's future plan is to open up branches all across the Darjeeling hills. One has already come up at a place called Gorubathan and that team is also doing well. Another unique point SHARE FC is they want to treat other clubs in this region not as their rivals rather they want to take them into confidence and work along with them to promote football in the hills.

At present the club officials are busy preparing for the big day on the 14th of April when a grand function has been planned where the players presentation will take place along with this the club's official Magazine, "Lateybhakundo" (Meaning Football in Nepali Language) will be launched. It might also be mentioned here that the club's theme song has also been recorded and is expected to go on air on that very day courtesy of their radio partner Red FM.

Dreams take time to come true and the SHARE FC management knows that and to sum it all up Ryan Karthak said " We are committed to this cause and we won't back down now no matter what" Well the hills folks as you see they talk less and do more. And they have proved it so far

Gopal Majumder benefit Football match at Bashirhat on 8th April between Kolkata XI and Bashirhat XI.

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Gopal Majumder- the above 60 Former Football coach is struggling in his life as he has a small tea stall beside N.S. Majumder Road of Bashirhat. Once Kolkata 2nd Division Football Club Bhatri Sangha Footballer Gopal Majumder introduced himself after his Footballing carrer to produce Footballes in his local area Bashirhat. But he earned only from his tea stall.

One day in night his roadside Tea stall was destroyed by a heavy loaded speedy truck. In spite of that, Gopal Majumder didn't srop his football coaching at BSSA Ground where India International footballers like Alok Das, Dipendu Biswas, Habibur Rahaman was his ex students.

Now he is still operating his Tea stall to earn something for his family but not disclose his condition to others. But his ex- students like Alok, Dipendu, Habibur and mainly Ex-Indian International hailed from Bashirhat Mihir Bose come forwrd to help him. They are going to organise a benefit Football match betwwn Kolkata XI and Bashirhat XI at Bashirhat Stadium helped by BSSA.

On 8th April at BSSA Stadium, Bashirhat, the said Football match will be held for raising some fund to help their beloved ex- coach Gopal Majumder. One of the main organisers and ex-India International footballer Alok Das told that they are very much pleased to help their ex-coach Gopal da and every famous footballers from Bashirhat and Kolkata come forward to help in this nobel cause. There will be ticket system to enter in the stadium to watch the match.

Alok told that they are searching for a suitable sponsor for the match as there will be present some famous film stars and ex-famous Footballers of East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan SC and Ex- players of India national team. The probable team of the friendly match will be :-

Kolkata XI : Sumit Mukherjee, Bibhas Ghosh, Arpan dey, Tarun Dey, Moidul Islam, Swarup Das, Debjit Ghosh, Dulal Biswas, Basudev Mondol, Kartik Sett, Bikash Panji, Amit Das, Sanjoy Maji, Lulu, Biswanath Mondol, Abhijit Roy Chowdhury, Prasanta chakrabarty, Trijit Das and others.

Bashirhat XI : Mihir Bose, Alok Das, Dipendu Biswas, Habibur Rahaman Mondol, Narugopal Hait, Tapan ghosh, Riajul Mustafa, Nazibul Haq, Mrityunjoy Hazra and local League playing footballers.