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AIFF PRESS RELEASE : All India Football Federation Club Licensing Seminar ended successfully at All India Football Federation Headquarters, Football House, on Wednesday (December 18). Besides AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das, Vice-President Mr. Subrata Dutta, I-League Chairman Mr. AR Khaleel, representatives from all Airtel I-League Clubs interacted at length in the Meeting.

The day-long Seminar revolved around the Licensing criteria and providing guidance to all the Clubs to attain the same wherein Pune FC were awarded with a Certificate congratulating them on successfully fulfilling the criteria of licensing for the 2013/14 season. The Club representatives were intimated with the process of Online Registration and the Document Submission of the Licensing Process for the 2014/15 season.

Inaugurating the Seminar, Mr. Das congratulated the Clubs for the "gripping," 2013-14 Airtel I-League. "The Clubs deserve praise for their vibrant performance this season. There has been a massive change from what we witnessed last year." "The contributions made by the Clubs have led to a massive spectator-interest. There has been 50 % rise in the spectator attendance compared to last year," he added. "We have witnessed a massive inflow of followers even on social media and there is a wide interest among everyone towards India's premier Football Club competition."

The Meeting also saw presentations from Mr. Pushpargha Chatterjee (Manager, Coach Education, AIFF) on Youth Development Programme, Mr. Avaneendra Mishra of Vibes Communication and Mr. Amit Singh of PricewaterhouseCoopers India. Mr. Mishra portrayed the steps to fasten the Licensing criteria through an user-friendly process by which Clubs are supposed to submit all relevant documents online.

Complementing Mr. Mishra, Ms. Roma Khanna, Manager, Club Licensing, AIFF, stated the Clubs need to adhere to the deadlines. "The discretion of whether to extend the registration process lies with the AIFF, that too only in a special case," she stated. Furthermore, Mr. Amit Singh from PricewaterhouseCoopers stressed on the evaluation and guidelines pertaining to the financial criteria and the management process of maintaining the Salary Cap.

"The constant focus of I-League is to help Clubs in fulfilling the Licensing criteria. Hence, we are committed to organise a series of such Workshops. There will be follow-ups of such interactions with Clubs in Goa and Kolkata to discuss the licensing further," Mr. Dhar pronounced. The format of the U-19 I-League also came in for discussion wherein Mr. Dhar, CEO, I-League, explained the format to all. "The League would be played first on a zonal basis (home and away) followed by the Final-leg in Jamshedpur," Dhar informed.

The zonal groups will be played in Kolkata, Mumbai, Shillong, Goa, and another Group formed by all other Teams from the Rest of India (to be played on a Single-leg basis in Jamshedpur ahead of the Final-leg). Following India's successful bid to host the FIFA 2017 U-17 World Cup, Mr. Das also urged the Clubs, the State Associations and all stakeholders to work together to succeed in the quest for creating a successful U-17 National Team for the coveted Event.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chatterjee highlighted the necessity of making a full-proof plan for Youth Development Programme. The Clubs also wholeheartedly applauded AIFF's online application system for Coach Education which is to be implemented soon. The Seminar came to an end with Mr. Khaleel, the Chairman of the I-League encouraging all the "maintain the same cordial atmosphere forever."

"I see a happy family in front of me. For the betterment of Indian Football, let us all work together for its development." The Chairman also wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Shillong Lajong FC: Mr. Nikhil, Habamutlang Lyngdoh
Rangdajied United: Donbert Pyrbot, Arkibanshngain Lyngdoh, Wanshan Kharkang
Mohammedan Sporting: Sultan Ahmed, Bhaskar Basu
Kingfisher East Bengal: Santi Ranjan Dasgupta, Arunava Bhattacharya
McDowell Mohun Bagan : Debashish Dutta, Imran Khan
United SC: Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Avijit Ghosh
Pune FC: Chirag Tanna, Amit Dharap, Dr. Ashok Kumar
Mumbai FC: Prasenjit Basu, Souptikk Daas
Dempo SC: Alberto Colaco, Abhijit Patil, Pundalik R. Dessai
Sporting Goa: Victor Fernandes, Dilraj Kalangutkar
Salgaocar SC: Raj Gomes, Rahul Rodrigues
Churchill Brothers: Macario Rodrigues, Jovito Lopes
Bengaluru FC: Mustafa Ghouse, Dhruv Nagarkatti

IFA CFL - United SC beat Police AC 2-1 at Barasat..

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18.12.2013 : UNITED SC   2-1   POLICE AC (BST - FT..) -

USC : Abhijit, Sukhen, Sk.Azim, Anupam, Bapi, Rajinder, Tapan, Biswajit, Md.Rafiq, Baleeep, Surojit.
PAC : Jhantu, Samir, Amal, Henry, Avijit, Paresh, Henry N, Nilkanta, Biswajit, Swapan, Debasish... REF : Sambhunath Shaw

FULL TIME: United SC 2-1 Police AC. Man of the Mastch Baldeep Singh of United SC.
90': Chance missed of Police AC. Nilkanta's shot hits the bar post.
90': 3 minute added time.
89': Score- United SC 2-1 Police AC.
80': GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL - United score 2nd goal through Baldeep. Got a loose ball in right and lobbed the ball with right foot brilliantly over advancing Jhantu.
75': Score- United SC 1-1 Police AC.
70': Free kick for United, Dhanachandra's click deflected.
64': PLAYER CHANGE - UNITED SC - Lalkamal. in and Rajindeer out
64': Score- United SC 1-1 Police AC.
62': GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Police AC equalized Through N. Henry from Nilkanta's pass from left.
60': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
60': Corner for United but wasted..
59': Nice shot of Baldeep but again well saved by Jhantu of Police..
55': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
53': Police attacked but offside of Henry.
50': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
47': Free kick for Police AC. Henry's kick deflected..
46': PLAYER CHANGE - UNITED SC - Deepak Jr. in and anupam out
46': 2nd half starts.
HALF TIME: United SC is leading 1-0. Scorer see below.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': Corner from Rafiq's shot.
43': Slow pace now in the match.
40': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
35': Rajinder - United SC injured.
32': Attack of United, Biswajit to Baldip in right but weak cross went out.
30': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
29': Corner for United from Baldeep attack from left, Cleared.
28':Rafiq got into offside trap from right..
25': Score- United SC 1-0 Police AC.
24': GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL - United score through Baldeep off a nice pass of Biswajit from left and Bsaldeep score thoug a grounder beside advancing Jhantu .
23': Again save of Jhantu, came in advance and save another close shot of rajinder in next minute.
22': Nice effort of Surojit of United, brilliant save of Jhantu for corner.
20': No score - United SC 0-0 Police AC.
18': Bapi Saha of United well defended Nilkanta in left.
15': No score- United SC 0-0 Police AC.
14': Tapan's free kick deflected..
12': Yellow card to Samir of Police as he fouled Surojit,Free kick for United,..
11': Corner for Police AC, No damage done, ball cleared..
10': No score- United SC 0-0 Police AC.
8': Long shot of Avijit went to Avijit..
7': Corner for United SC, No damage done in Tapan's corner kick..
5': No score- United SC 0-0 Police AC.
4': The match will start soon at Barasat StadiumCounter attack of USC, Biswajit's left footer went wide..
2': Attack of police ac, left sided cross of Paresh went to Avijit's hand.
2': Match Starts at Barasat Stadium.
0': The match will start soon at Barasat Stadium.
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