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IFA CFL- Moga's Hattrick and East Bengal beat Bhowanipur 5-0...

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19.12.2013 : EAST BENGAL   5-0   BHOWANIPUR CLUB (KEB - FT.) -


KEB : Gurpreet, Vasum, Gurwinder, Arnab, Abhishek, Khabra, Lobo, Seuoka, Baljit. Moga and Seuoka.
BHP :Debjit, Rajib, Santosh, Gurpreet, Avinash, Francis, Daniel, Surabuddin, Manjit, Dipendu, Barreto... REF : Ranjit Bakshi

FULL TIME :East Bengal 5-0 Bhowanipur. Moga-3, Vasum, Seuoka.
90' :East Bengal 5-0 Bhowanipur. Moga-3, Vasum, Seuoka.
90' :3 minute added time.
88' :Confident East Bengal with 5 goals in bag is now playing in slow pace.
87' :Barreto's low cross from right cleared by Gurwinder.
87' :Another corner for East Bengal in left for Lobo's attack.
86' : Bhowanipur attack, dismissed by Abhishek in right.
85' :East Bengal 5-0 Bhowanipur. Moga-3, Vasum, Seuoka.
85' : 2 back to back corner for East Bengal, Alvito's kick from corner, no impact.
84' : Barreto's free kick went wide.
83' : Free kick for Bhowaniput, Manjit was fouled by Robert.
82' : Throw in for East Bengal, Abhishek's throw in.
81' : Abhra Mondol collected a ball in front of Barreto which was his first touch in the season.
80' : CHANCE MISSED AGAIN - Baljit to Lenn in left but he missed to final cross.
79' : No player hange in Bhowanipur Goalkeeper, Debjit conceded all 5 goals so far.
78' : East Bengal is attacking more and more to score more goals.
PLAYER CHANGE - KEB-77' : Abhra Mondol- GK in and Gurpreet Singh GK out..
76' :YELLOW CARD to Abhishek Das of East Bengal 75' :East Bengal 5-0 Bhowanipur.
75' : GOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka well scored from Lobo's pass from out side of Bhowanipur box. Lobo is the maker of 3 goals of East Bengal.
74' : Now slow pace in the match.
73' : Ruidas corner kick cleared in East Bengal box.
72' : Corner for Bhowaniput from Manjit's shot saved by Gurpreet.
70' : East Bengal 4-0 Bhowanipur.
69' : What a miss of Daniel, got a ball from behind in East Bengal box but his close shot went wide..
68' : Anubrata's shot missed the target..
67' : East Bengal attacked,Baljit attacked from right but his shot went wide.
65' : East Bengal 4-0 Bhowanipur. Moga hattrick and Vasum
65' : FREE KICK for BHOWANIPUR. Barreto's shot went over the cross bar. Goal kick for East Bengal.
64' : YELLOW CARD to Arnab Mondol of East Bengal.
63' : Alvito shot from out side box missed the target.
63' : Barreto got a ball from Santosh but his shot went to alert Gurpreet.
PLAYER CHANGE - KEB-61' : Alvito in and Vasum out.
60' : East Bengal 4-0 Bhowanipur.
59' : Corner kick for Bhowanipur in left of Gurpreet, Corner for 2nd time from Len's clearence, 2nd corner of Ruidas cleared.
59' : Lobo natched a ball from dipendu in right of BHP box but unable to finish.
58' : Bhowanipur is playing passing football.
57' : More and more attack of East Bengal.
55' : East Bengal 4-0 Bhowanipur.
53' : Free kick for Bhowanipur - Daniel's kick went to Gurpreet's hand..
50' : East Bengal 4-0 Bhowanipur.
47' : GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL Hattrick of Moga. Lobos cross from left and Moga's header beat Debjit for 4th time.
10 th goal of Moga in East Bengal Jersey..7 th hattrick in CFL.
46' : East Bengal 3-0 Bhowanipur.
46' : Starts of 12nd half match.
HALF TIME : East Bengal 3-0 Bhowanipur. Moga 2 and Vasum.
45' : 2 minute added time..
45' : East Bengal 3-0 Bhowanipur.
45' : GOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Vasum scored the 3rd goal for East Bengal..
45' : East Bengal 2-0 Bhowanipur.
44' : How score :- Lobo from right sided cross went to Moga and his first shot saved by Debjit and deflected from his hand in 2nd try with left footer Moga scored his 2nd goal.

44' : GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of East Bengal and 2nd also fgr MOGA.
44' : Goal kick for East Bengal, Long kick of Gurpreet.
43' : Vasum cleared Manjit's attack from right.
42' : Weak cross of Robert from left went to Debjit.
41' : Well side tacke of Arnab from Francis in one to one situation in East Bengal box.
40' : East Bengal 1-0 Bhowanipur.
39' : Arnab cleared Manjit's pass towards Barreto.
39' : Seuoka got a ball in open space but well cleared by Santosh.
38' : Francis was fouled by Gurwinder. Free kick for Bhowanipur.
37' : Powerful shot of Surabuddin missed the target from 35 yards.
35' : East Bengal 1-0 Bhowanipur.
34' : CHANCE to BHOWANIPUT- Barreto to Dipendu in top of the box but Dipendu missed the target.
33' : Counter attack of East Bengal, Lobo to Seuoka in top of the BHP box but Gurpreet cleared.
32' : Corner for Bhowanipur, Avinash corner and Daniel's header hits the post and out as Gurpreet nissed the ball flight.
30' : East Bengal 1-0 Bhowanipur.
29' : Counter aatack of Bhowanipur, Dipendu's cross went to Gurpreet.
28' : Attack of East Bengal, Robert's cross from left went to Debjit, Moga was in fron of him.
27' : East Bengal 1-0 Bhowanipur.
26' : Bajjit's left sided shot partialy daved by Debjit which deflected from his hand and went to follower Moga who finished with his right footer.
25' : GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL James Moga scored for East Bengal.
24' : Khabra's shot went to Debjit's hand.
24' : Rajib well blocked Baljit in right of out side Bhowanipur box.
23' : Debjit saved an attack of Moga.
22' : Aim less cross of Vasum from right who got a pass from Moga..
21' : Attack of Barreto, passed to Surabuddin in left but he missed the target.
20' :East Bengal 0-0 Bhowanipur Again attack of Bhowanipur,.
18' : East Bengal last win against Bhowanipur in CFL at Kalyani Stadium last year scored by Subodh Kumar from a Free kick.
17' : Bhowanipur attaked, Santosh to Surabuddin but Arnab cleared from Box.
15' :East Bengal 0-0 Bhowanipur.
15' : Robert's corner kick went out.
14' : Corner for East Bengal in right, Barreto cleared Moga's attack.
13' : Foul of BHP in corner kick .
13' : Avinash corner went to Daniel in left but cleared again for corner.
12' : Avinas kick went again for corner kick for them.
12' : Attack of Bhowanipur, Corner from Daniel.s attack in left.
11' : Again attack of East Bengal from left, Khabra wants to pass Baljit but Gurpreet well cleared in advance.
10' :East Bengal 0-0 Bhowanipur.
10' : Miss pass of Vasum from right, Khabra was unable to receive the ball.
9' : Goal kick for East Bengal from a counter attack of Dipendu.
8' : Attack and counter attack is going on now.
7' : Brilliant right footer of Barreto from top of the box went wide.
6' : East Bengal attacked, Abhiskeh crossed well but cleared, counter attack of Bhowanipur.
5' : East Bengal 0-0 Bhowanipur.
4' : Counter attack of Bhowanipur, Well header of Barreto saved by Gurpreet from right sided cross of Surabuddin.
3' : CHANCE MISSED - Goal line saved of Bhowanipur, Baljit's header from Robert's corner kick cleared by Manjit from goalline.
2' : Attak of East Bengal Seuoka from right, Corner for East Bengal.
1' : Attack of East Bengal, Abhishek through pass but Subuddin blocked the ball.
1' : Match starts at East Bengal Ground.
0' : Barreto and Daniel of Bhowanipur vs Seuoka vs Moga of East Bengal.

Grassroot Football Coaching Camp in Delhi...

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