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23.12.2013 : MOHAMMEDAN SC   1-0   PEERLESS SC (BST - FT.) -

PER : Satish, Moso, Richard, Raju, Gopal, Debayan, Biswarup(Avidhan), Rufus, Munnna, Joheb, Anil.
MSC : Barreto, Dhanarajan, Mehrajuddin, Luciano, Nirmal, Antony, Rakesh, Paite, Ashim, Nabi, Israil..... REF: Subrata Burman

FULL TIME : Mohammedan SC beat Peerless SC 1-0, Scored Ashim Biswas.
90+2 :Antony Soren's left footer went out over the cross bar, well attempt of Antoony.
90' : 3 minute added time
PLAYER CHANGE - MSC 88' : Dipendu in and Nabi out
85' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
83' :Again and again attack of Mohammedan SC.
80' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
PLAYER CHANGE - MSC 78' :Isfaq in and Paite out
78' :Peerless is attacking more and more, trying to equalize the scoreline.
75' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
68' : Free kick for Peerless SC cleared by Dhanarajan.
67' :YELLOW CARD- LUCIANO as he fouled Rufus of Peerless from behind
65' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
62' :Upand Down in the match. Both teams are in attacking mode.
60' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
55' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
53' : Free kick for Mohammedan SC, Mehraj shot went wide
52' :Well attack of Mohammedan SC, Nabi got the ball in Box but Satish cleared in advance but handled the ball out side his box, Yellow card to Satish.
50' :Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
48' :Nabi's cross from right went to Keeper hand.
47' :Attack of Peerless, Moso Murmu's weak shot went to Keeper.
46' :Starts of 2nd half
HALF TIME : Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
45' : 2 minute added time
43' : PeerLess attacked, Debayan's shot from top of the box went to Barreto.
42' : Nabi's cross from right and Paite's header went out.
40' : Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
37' : Sandwich foul of Peerless to Ashim, Free kick for Mohammedan SC.
35' : Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
34' : Mehraj's cross from right but no one there to collect for Mohammedan SC
33' : Mohammedan SC attacked again, Israi;s shot went to Satish's hand
32' : Paite's left footer from close went out
31' : Mohammedan SC 1-0 Peerless SC
31' : GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL. Ashim Biswas scored through a brilliant header for Mohammedan SC off Paite's left sided cross. 105th Goal of Ashim in CFL.
25' : Mohammedan SC is attacking more and more now
28' : Nabi missed to enter in Peerless box.
25' : Mohammedan SC 0-0 Peerless SC
5' : Free kick for Peerless SC, Anil was fouled by Luciano. Debayan's shot hits the post.
22' : Chance missed - Peerless, Anil Kisku shot beat Barreto but hits out side of net
20 : Mohammedan SC 0-0 Peerless SC
18' : Peerless attacked, Nirmal well covered Joheb.
15' : Mohammedan SC 0-0 Peerless SC
14' : YELLOW CARD - Nirmal of Mohammedan SC fouledd Anil. Free kick for Peerless. Munna's shot cleared.
13' : Today's match winner will be the table topper of CFL Premier
11' : Luciano fouled Rufus, Free kick for Peerless, Biswajit kick cleared.
10' : Mohammedan SC 0-0 Peerless SC
8' : Peerless moved but Barreto advance to collect the ball before Rufus.
7' : Mohammedan SC attacked - Rakesh Masih's shot from top of the box went wide.
7' : Mohammedan SC attacked, Nabi from Antony well saved by Satish.
5' : Again attack of Peerless, Rufus missed in MSC box.
5' : Mohammedan SC 0-0 Peerless SC
3' : Peerless corner kick cleared
2' : Attack of Peerless, Anil Kisku's poweful shot from top of the box saved by Barreto for corner
1' : Match starts
0' : Mohammedan SC vs Peerless SC
0' : Match will start soon at Barasat Stadium

AIFF grassroot football camp at delhi..

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The Football Link and All India Football Federation (AIFF) Grassroots Festival started at Delhi Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Main ground in association with Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Delhi Soccer Association(DSA).

This festival is in accordance with FIFA's and AIFF's vision to develop grassroots football in India. This is the first time that the grassroots festival is taking place in Delhi (NCR), giving a chance to 40 + Delhi football coaches and over 100 young footballers to participate in the festival. The progamme started on and from the 20th to 22nd of December, 2013.

This course is specially designed for grassroots coaches/leaders and is part of the FIFA and AIFF Grassroots Development Program. This is being organized in Delhi for the first time and includes practical and theory sessions, giving participants an understanding of the philosophy, organization and implementation of grassroots Football in India.

The first day was an introduction to grassroots philosophies and importance of small sided games. The next two days will witness intensive training sessions specifically focusing on importance of age-specific football activities for children between 6-12 years of age. This program is being conducted by trained AIFF instructors. Mr Suvrat Thatte, Ms Anju Turambekar and Mr Keshav Dutt were the representation from AIFF. The course was attended by 40+ Football coaches from across Delhi NCR region.