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IFA CFL - United SC and Bhowanipur match ended goalless....

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27.12.2013 : UNITED SC   0-0   BHOWANIPUR CLUB ( YBK - FT...) -

USC : Abhijit, Bapi, Deepak, Anupam, Azim, Tapan, Biswajit, Lalkamal, Rajinder, Surojit, Rafiq.
BNP : Debjit, Rajib, Santosh, Gurpreet, Francis, Avinas, Sovon, Manjit, Barreto, Surabuddin, Daniel, .. REF: Uttam Sarkar

FULL TIME : No score in the match. United SC 0-0 Bjhowanipur Club. 5th goalless match in the Super 12.
90' : 4 minute added time.
87' :Probably it's the last match of Barreto in CFL, The great Brazilian may retire in next season.
87' :Yellow card to Eric of United SC.
82' :Another attack of United, Rafiq's left sided attacked went out finally.
81' : Yellow card to Rajib Ghosh of Bhowanipur Club.
80' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
77' :Nice save of Debjit off Eric's shot for corner, Lal's corner kick finally cleared but Rafiq's header well saved by Debjit..
73' :Sure goal missed by Daniel, Abinash to Barreto to Daniel but his shot missed the target.
70' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
PLAYER CHANGE- UNITED SC - 62' :Sr. Deepak in and Jr. Deepak out.
60' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
59' : Again missed of Bhowanipur, Rajib header form corner kick just went out from 1st bar.
60' :Chance missed of Bhowanipur, Barreto shot goalline saved by Deepak for corner.
57' : Miss cross of Deepak from right flank off Surojit's pass.
55' : United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
54' :Free kick for Bhowanipur, Francis shot cleared.
52' : United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
50' : United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
50' : Attck of United, Rajinder's shot went out
47' : Bhowanipur's attack, Daniel's header went wide from inside box.
46' : 2nd half match starts just now.
HALF TIME : Unied SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
45+2' : Free kick for Bhowanipur, Barreto's header from Avinash kick cleared.
45' :2 minute added time.
45' :Bhowanipur's more and more attack in United SC defence.
43' :Francis's shot deflected.
42' :Bhowaniour's Santosh Oraw's shot wenr wide.
40' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
35' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
30' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
29' :United ttacked, Surojit well crossed from right but Francis cleared before Biswajit's action.
25' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
24' :Corner for United, Gurpreet cleared Lal's corner kick..
20' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
19' :daniel's shot went wide, good effort of Daniel.
18' :Avhijit well collected an aerial ball from Barreto .
15' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
13' :Free Kick of Manjit went to abhijit's hand.
12' :Free Kick for Bhowanipur, Surojit fouled Daniel.
10' :United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
8' : Chance to Bhowanipur - Barreto to Manjit, and Manjit's shot well saved by Abhijit.
6' : United SC got Free Kick, Lal's shot went wide.
5' : United SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
5' : Barreto to Daliel but Bapi well blocked.
4' : Avinash cleared surojit Bose's attack.
3' : Barreto chested a ball moved forward but Bapi saha of United blocked him.
1' : Match starts.
0' : Women Asst referee Kanika Burman.
0' : Match will start soon at YBK.


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The Lusofonia Games Organizing Committee (LUGOC) has received Contingent entries from all ACOLOP countries for the Games scheduled from January 18-20, 2014. Goa, in its new character, will play host to more than 900 Athletes from the 12 participating countries. Hosts India leads the participating Nations with a total strength of 200 Athletes followed by Angola (186), Macau (116) and Portugal (112). Brazil has only confirmed a 9 member team for Wushu.

From among the disciplines, football will be a major draw with participation from at least ten countries with Brazil and Guinea-Bissau being the only exception. East-Timor (ranked 190 in the world) will make their Lusofonia Games football debut. This will be the biggest number since the opening edition of the Lusofonia Games at Macau in 2006. Athletics will be another major attraction, especially after Portugal entered 39 athletes, some of whom have done well on the European circuit.

Basketball, with participation from 7 countries, will provide India with a major challenge but the gold for India in volleyball is almost assured with Macau, Silver Medallists in the last edition, likely to offer resistance. In beach volleyball, Portugal with its four teams will start as overwhelming favourites in both men and women's category.

For now, LUGOC have confirmed participation from 900 athletes and the organizers are hoping the entries will touch 1,000. At 200 participants, Hosts India will take part in all events.

About Lusofonia Games

The 3rd Lusofonia Games will be held over the period of 12 days from 18th to 29th January 2014 and will see participation from over 1500 athletes and officials from 12 nations. Participating countries are founding members Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea- Bissau, Goa (India), Macau (China), Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and Sri Lanka.

Athletes from 12 nations will compete in 9 different sporting disciplines Athletics, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball and Wushu