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IFA CFL - East Bengal beat Army XI 3-0 in 6th match..

29.12.2013 : KFC. | HOME PAGE      Share Button 29.12.2013 : EAST BENGAL   3-0   ARMY XI ( YBK - FT..)

KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Gurwinder, Arnab, Soumik, Vasum, Khabra, Mehtab, Seuoka, Lenn, Moga.
ARM : Zaman, Rojen, Antony, Santu, Arjun, Lalrin, Vipin, Kiran, Shadeep, Herojit, Mahato REF: Subrata Burman.
MOM: Lenn (KEB)
Match End. East Bengal beat Army XI in 3-0
90'+3':Another brilliant save by Gurpreet
90'+2':Subodh's shot from free kick goes wide
90'+2':Tackle to Alvito, free kick to EB
90'+1':Players Change in Army XI: Jain in place of Santu
90':4 minute added time
88':Zaman looks injure
87':Brilliant chance to Seuoka, he miss one to one situation.Very easy chance wastes
86':Brilliant header clears by Gurpreet
86':Lenn commits a foul, free kick to Army XI
84':Players Change in East Bengal: Baljit in place of Vasum
83':Vasum's centre from right, clears in box
81':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Vasum scores 3rd goal for East Bengal. Brilliant left footed long rnager finds the net
79':Yellow Card. Bad tackle of Lenn to Anthony.
77':Alvito's through pass to find Sueoka, but ball goes wide
76':Ball cleared from the corner
75':Shadeep's left footed long ranger, Gurpreet fists the ball. Cormer to Army XI
75':Players Change in East Bengal: Subodh in place of Moga
71':Too many miss pass by Moga clears East Bengal's attacks
70':Players Change in East Bengal: Alvito in place of Mehtab
69':Score remains still same
67':Centre to find Rocky, Gurpreet clears it easily
66':Shadap's shot, Gurwinder blocks. Gurwinder looks injure
65':Double Change of Army XI: Rocky in place of Lalrin, Sanal in place of Herojit Singh
64':East Bengal made too many miss passes this period
63':Arjun's header from corner directly in Gurpreet's hand
62':Santu's centre deflected by Gurwinder and a corner
60':Moga's shot block and a offside.
59':Herojit's header, goes over the bar
58':Score remains still same. East Bengal leading 2-0 now
56':Play resumes
53':Brilliant chance to Vasum from Moga's pass, Zaman clears the ball and he looks injure
52':Army's move, Mehtab clears the ball
51':Brilliant forward pass of Khabra to Lenn but Lenn fails to trap the ball properly and his shot goes wide. Easiest chance in the 2nd half
50':East Bengal's counter attack but another offside, Vasum this time
50':Army's move, Mahato is in offside position
49':Score remains still same. No attack by both the teams
47':Moga's flick, Mehtab's header but directly in Zaman's hand
47':Army's move by Arjun is in offside position
46':Vasum's left footed shot, well save by Zaman
46':Second half resumes
East Bengal leading by a brace at the break. Though Army had some positive moves utilising the right channel. Herojit Singh had a chance by failed to beat Gurpreet. Seuoka got the lead coverting a spot kick when Meetai handed the ball off a Moga's Shot. Lenn advances further and places coolly following a pass of Moga from the right.
HALF TIME. East Bengal leading 2-0 after the end of first half
45':1 minute added time
44':East Bengal leading 2-0 now
43':Mehtab's corner headed out but another move of East Bengal but Soumik fails to control the ball
42':Chance to Moga, ball cleared and a corner to East Bengal
41':Nearly a chance to Arjun, his shot goes wide
40':Moga's centre, but a brilliant save by Zaman
38':Anthony's forward pass to Lalram, but he fails to control the ball properly
37':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Lenn scores for East Bengal. Brilliant pass of Moga to unmarked Lenn in box and Lenn's shot finds the net
36':Arjun's centre but Herojit is in offside position
35':Soumik's minus, cleared by Kiran
34':Naoba's centre from right, Zaman tries to clear the ball but Moga commits a foul.
33':Forward ball to find Seuoka, cleared.
32':East Bengal leading 1-0 now
31':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka scores from spot kick
30':Soumik's centre and Lenn's header cleared by Zaman and deflected by post and finally a return shot of Moga handed by Rojan. Penalty of East Bengal
29':Shadeep's long ranger touches side net
28':One to one of Vasum and Naoba but a miss pass of Naoba clears the attack
27':Vasum's centre cleared by Zaman then Khabra'a centre from left and Seuoka's flick, directly in Zaman's hand
26':Ball cleared from corner, counter attack of East Bengal but Lenn commits handball
25':Arjun's pass to Herojit, his right footed c=shot cleared by Gurpreet. Corner to Army XI
25':Another move of East Bengal, but Vasum is in offside position
24':Moga's shot from free kick deflected by human wall and cleared
23':Mahato looks injured and stretched out from the ground.
22':Mahato committed a foul against Moga, another free kick to East Bengal
21':Bad tackle to Vasum. Free kick to East Bengal
20':Naoba's centre from right, Lenn's header goes wide
19':Score remains still goalless
18':Centre to find herojit, Gurwinder clears the ball
17':Nearly a chance to Lenn, Zaman made a good save
16':Vasum's centre from right, but Lenn is in offside position
15':Herojit's shot, goes over the bar
14':Mahato's right footed shot outside the box, goes outside
13':Forward pass to find Arjun Tudu, Gurpreet saves the ball
12':Lalrin's centre, directly in Gurpreet's hand
11':Long forward pass to find Moga, Zaman clears the ball outside the box
10':Mehtab's free kick, goes wide
10':Bad tackle of Rojan to Seuoka, free kick to East Bengal
9':Khabra's centre from right flank, directly in Zaman's hand
8':Good move of Army XI, but Arjun is in offside position
7':Ball cleared from corner
7':Gurpreet fists the ball another corner.
6':Herojit's shot touches Gurwinder's chest and went wide. Another corner
6':Mehtab cleared the ball from corner
5':Army Xi's move through Arjun Tudu, his shot blocked results a corner
3':Khabra's centre, but no one is there. Zaman cleared the ball
2':Brilliant chance to Lenn after he beat Rojen, but his shot directly in Zaman's hand.
1':Chance to East Bengal within a minute, Moga's shot blocked and saved by Zaman
0':Kick Off
11.09.2012 : EAST BENGAL 4-0 ARMY XI (YBK - FT..)
KEB : Baljit 43', 47', 52', Manandeep 54'
ARM : Binu, Cooki, Negi, Dilip, Z.Chana, Lalrin, Santu, Arjun, Rellang, Chettri, Ramesh.
KEB : Gurpreet, Soumik, Gurwinder, Okpara, Naoba, Penn (Lobo), Sanju (Dika), Mehtab, Isfaq, Baljit, Manandeep (Chidi).

IFA CFL - Riding on Odafa's hattrick Mohun Bagan beat Kalighat MS 5-0..

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28.12.2013 : MOHUN BAGAN   5-0   KALIGHAT MS

MMB : Shilton, Ravinder, Rowilson, Kingshuk, Souvik, Aibor, Yusa, Ram, Saeeth, Odafa, Pankaj.
KMS : Subham, Supriyo, Mohon, Kallol, Jordin, Prasenjit, Prasenjit, Jeol, Arijit, Saikat, Bhim... REF: Biplab Poddar..

FULL TIME : Mohun Bagan win the match 5-0 against Kalighat MS. Odafa Hattrrick, Ram Malik and Ravinder singh.
90+2': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5-0 of Mohun Bagan. Hattrick of Odafa.Counter attack of Mohun Bagan and Odafa scores once again like last season.

90': 3 minute added time.
88':Counter attack of Kalighat MS, Shiladitya is in offside position
87':Chance to Rajib in box from katsumi's pass, his shot blocked
85': SCORE LINE - Mohun Bagan 4-0 Kalighat MS .
83': PLAYER CHANGE - Mohun Bagan : Pankaj out and Adarsh in.
81': Score remains still same
77':Jordin's free kick, cleared in box
74':Another corner cleared in defence
73':Sunday's header but a brilliant fists by Shilton and another corner
73':Mohun Bagan leading 4-0 now
71':Another shot of Odafa, Shubham fists it brilliantly
70':Another shot of Odafa deflected by post
69':Chance to Odafa, good block in box.
66':Odafa's shot, deflected from post. Brilliant individual effort
64':Mohun Bagan's move but Rajib is in offside position
63':Yellow Card to Jordin
63':Mohun Bagan leading 4-0
61':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Rajib in place of Ravinder
60':Kingshuk's tackle to Sunday, free kick to Kalighat MS
59':Brilliant through pass, Subham cleared the ball
56':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Counter attack of Mohun Bagan and a Odafa scores once again
55':Ball cleared from corner
55':Kallol's shot blocked and corner
54':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores 3rd goal of Mohun Bagan from Sabeeth's pass
50':Saikat's square pass to find Sunday, Shilton clears the ball
49':Mohun Bagan leading 2-0 now
48':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ravinder's corner deflected by Kallol and finds the net
47':Aibor's header but another good clearance by Subham. Another corner
46':Odafa's left footed touch, Subham clears a the ball. corner to Mohun Bagan
46':Attack through Ravinder, but a miss pass make it easy to Arijit to deny the attack
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 after the end of first half
45'+1':Jordin's free kick, directly in Shilton's hand
45':2 minutes added time
44':Pankaj committed foul against Saikat, free kick to Kalighat MS
44':Foul against Jordin, free kick to Kalighat MS. free kick
42':Chance to Odafa, good individual display beat defender but his shot touches side net
41':Pankaj's centre cleared by Prosenjit.
40':Supriyo's shot from corner goes too wide
40':Good move through Sunday finally Bhim's shot blocked and a corner to Kalighat MS.
39':Chance to Odafa from Ram's pass, his shot went outside
37':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ram Malik scores for Mohun Bagan, Brilliant pass of Odafa to Ram and this time Ram made no mistake. Prosenjit try for a goalline save but fails to clear it
37':Chance to Sunday, but he handed the ball
35':Ram's centre from right, Sabeeth's header blocked and finally cleared
35':Kingshuk's long pass, Prosenjit clears the ball
33':Another move of Mohun Bagan, Prosenjit clears the ball
32':Chance to Sunday, but he failed to trap the ball properly
31':Bhim's shot, easy for Shilton
30':Brilliant chance to Jordin, his shot outside the box cleared by Shilton. Corner to Kalighat MS
29':Katsumi's square pass to Odafa, too many players blocked him
27':Score remains still goalless
25':Sunday's shot, went wide
24':Sunday's free kick cleared
23':Aibor committed a foul against Sunday, free kick to Kalighat MS
23':Ball cleared from corner
22': Ram's forward pass, Subham fails to save a easy ball results a corner
21':Odafa's shot, blocked and cleared
20':Ravinder's pass to Odafa, ball cleared
19':Chance to Ram, tight angle. His shot nearly miss second post
19': Centre to find Joel, Shilton clears the ball
18':Chance to Odafa but take too many times and finally a misspass cleared the attack
17':Souvik's centre from left, chance to Sabeeth but Subham cleared the ball
16':Pankaj's header touches upper side of post and went wide
15':Ram's centre cleared and a corner to Mohun Bagan
14':Chane to Mohun Bagan through Odafa, Sabeeth and Katsumi, finally Odafa's pass cleared by Jordin
13': Another brilliant move through Ram, tackle of Prosenjit but referee denies penalty appeal
12': Subham cleared the ball from corner
11':Long run of Sabeeth but a away pass to Ram, his centre cleared and a corner to Mohun Bagan
10':Mohun Bagan's move through Souvik, brilliant sliding tackle to clear the ball
9':Another move of Kalighat MS but centre directly in Shilton;s hand
8':Arijit's long ranger, weak shot go wide.
7':Mohun Bagan's move but Ram Malik is in offside position
6':Katsumi's tackle to Jorden, free kick to Kalighat MS
5': Bad tackle of Kingshuk to Joel Sunday, free kick to Kalighat MS
4':Ram Malik's centre from right, Supriyo again clears the ball
3':Kingshuk's header from corner went wide
3':One to one chance to Sabeeth from Odafa's pass, Subham cleared it and a corner to Mohun Bagan
2':Another move of Mohun Bagan through left, Souvik cleared the ball
1':Katsumi's forward pass to Odafa, ball cleared in defence
0': Kick off
0' : ODAFA scored hattrick against Kalighat MS in last Season match as Mohun Bagan won 3-1. PAGE FOR YOU
0' : Match will start at Salt Lake Stadium from 4.00 PM