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In 2014 - East Bengal Club and their Affilated fan club's target to increase fan base..

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Increasing Fan base and supporters are a prime task for any club. Even the newly introduced clubs in Indian Soccers are in a target to increase their fan base.

East Bengal Club and their Affilated fan club Red and Gold Lovers have taken a target to increase their supporters and to create interest among the youths in football. Red & Gold Lovers Fans' Club, Affiliated fans club of East Bengal Club, opened a new unit in Nabadwip a district town in Bengal after Siliguri, Alipore Duar, Coochbehar, Burdawan, Nagpur, Pune & Mumbai units.

The new unit boasts of 50+ members and its one of the well organised units in the districts of Bengal and take East Bengal Club to every corner of the country. Red and Gold lovers are planning to open their new unit and increase the fan base in the small towns in Jan, 2014. Basirhat, Sonarpur, Baruipur, Barasat, Birati, Madhyamgram units will be the next ones coming up."

East Bengal Club was founded way back in the year 1920. The club is on the verge of celebrating it's hundred years, have their member and supporters all over the world. It is indeed a prime task to include the new generations under the Red and Gold umbrella.

IFA CFL - East Bengal beat Railway FC 4-1 in 7th match. Still All win..

31.12.2013 : KFC. | HOME PAGE      Share Button 31.12.2013 : EAST BENGAL 4-1 RAILWAY FC (KEB - FT)
KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Arnab, Raju, Robert, Khabra, Vasum, Sueoka, Dika, Lenn, Moga
RFC : Ranjit, Babu, Samuel, Pradip, Tanmoy, Sukanta, Amit, Tamal, Srimanta, Mirazul, Raju REF : KANIKA BURMAN.
MOM Lenn

The defending CFL Premier Division Champions East Bengal reach top of the League table jointly with Mohun Bagan. Both teams are now in 21 points and +20 goals. But This was the 7th match of East Bengal while Mohun Bagan played 9 matches so far. East Bengal to get more 4 matches Mohammedan SC, United SC, Kalighat MS and Mohun Bagan while Mohun Bagan will face Mohammedan and East Bengal and Mohammedan SC who also have got 20 points from 9 matches will get East Bengal and Mohun Bagan match. So the match on 2nd January against Mohammedan SC will play a decisive role.


MATCH END. East Bengal beat Railway FC in 4-1 to win all their 7 CFL Premier league match. EB will face Mohammedan Sporting in 2nd January 2014.
90':2 minute added time
88':Chance to Seuoka, but he is in offside position
85':GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL Railway FC reduces one. Own goal of Raju. Right sided cross of Railway FC and his wrong clearance of his header went to goal. EB leading 4-1.
79':Chance to Railway FC, but shot goes over the bar
75':Back to back two corner of EB, cleared in ddefence
74':Players Change in EB: Abhra in place of Gurpreet
72':The young striker Lenn on the verge of a hattrick, He was the man of the match in the last game against Army XI
65':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Moga's pass and Lenn's shot once again finds the net
63':Players Change in EB: Lobo in place of Khabra
62':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Naoba's centre, Lenn make no mistake.
57':East Bengal leading 2-0.
52':Chance to Moga but good block in Rail defence. Moga fails to connect the ball
48':Chance to Vasum, but he is in offside
46':Players Change in EB: Tulunga in place of Dika
46':Second half resumes
East Bengal advances fuhrer towards their 4th CFL title in a row. If they can win the crucial match on 2nd JAN 2014, against Mohammedan SC, it can be said that they have completed most of their job to win the league title. At the half time East Bengal was leading by a brace against Railway FC and they dominated all through the 45 minutes but had to wait till 26th minute of the match when DIKA converted it from a spot kick, Khabra gave East Bengal a 2-0 lead just before the lemon break when he nods a ball from Naoba's cross from the right flank.
In the 2nd session Armando Colaso must have the target to increase the goal margin and keep East Bengal in safer and advantegious poition in the league.
HALF TIME. East Bengal leading 2-0 after the end of first half
45'+1':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Naoba's centre and Khabra's heade touches post and finds the net
45':2 minutes added time
44':Ball cleared from corner
43':Chance to Moga, he missed the header, Khabra's shot blocked and a corner to EB
40':In 2010 CFL: East Bengal beat Railway FC in 3-0, Budhiram, Penn and Tolge scores for EB
37':Match is mainly in midfield. No such good movement at this moment by both teams
30':East Bengal leading 1-0 now
27':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dika scores from penalty
25':Foul to Sueoka in box. Penalty to East Bengal
22':Moga fails to touch left foot in box and one more brilliant opportunity
20':Lenn headed down the ball but fails to trap the ball in box, defenders clears the ball
17':One to one chance to Moga, his shot goes wide.
12':Match is mainly in midfield. No such good opportunity by both the teams
5':Chance to Samuel from a centre, Gurpreet clears the ball. Samuel looks injure for tackle of Arnab
0':Kick off
0': Today Kanika Burman will be the Referee. As an women Referee she is the first one in CFL premier League to manage Men Football where a team like East Bengal.
0':East Bengal won their all 6 matches in CFL Premier with 18 points.
0':Match will start at 2 PM in East Bengal ground