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IFA CFL- Mohun Bagan beat Aryan 3-0 at Barasat Stadium...

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17.12.2013 : MOHUN BAGAN   3-0   ARYAN CLUB (BST - FT) -

MMB : Shilton, Preetam, Aibor, Eche, Shaiju, Denson, Rowilson, Yusa, Ram, Manish, Pankaj
ARN : Tanmoy, Goutam, Prosenjit, Emmanuel, Asit, Biswarup, Pintu, Ujjal, Anish, Kartik, Stanley.-- REF : Pranjwal Banerjee MOM: Manish Bhargav

Match End. 10-man Mohun Bagan beat 9-man Aryan Club in 3-0 and goes to top of the table
90'+2':Gour's forward pass in box, defenders cleared the box
90':Referee added 3 minutes of injury time
90':Argha's left footed shot went wide
89':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Prakash Roy in place of Manish Bhargav
88':Brilliant chance to Souvik from Katsumi's centre, Souvik's header went wide
87':Score remains still same. Mohun Bagan leading 3-0
83':Pritam's free kick and a header went wide
80': Eche looks very angry. Now 10-man Mohun Bagan against 9-man Aryan Club
79': Red Card to Eche. Second Yellow to Eche for a shot after referee whistle.
77':Mohun Bagan leading 3-0 now. Manish scored two and Katsumi added one
75':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Arghya in place of Ram Malik.
73': Another Chance to Mohun Bagan through Ram but he made a misspass
72': SCORE LINE : Mohun Bagan 3-0 Aryan.
70':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Manish's long ranger, Tanmoy tries to stop the ball, but ball finds the net after it touches Tanmoy's hand
69':Mohun Bagan's move, but Souvik is in offside position

67':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Tanmoy denies Katsumi's shot first time but Katsumi scores from rebound

66': Gour committed a foul against katsumi. Penalty to Mohun Bagan
64': Ram Malik's centre, went wide. Tanmoy looks injured. Play stopped
62': Goal scoring chance to Mohun Bagan but Katsumi and Eche's shot blocked but a foul in box. Free kick to Aryan
61': Centre to Eche, but Eche fails to trap the ball properly
60': Another move through Ram, Ainish cleared the ball
59':Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 now against 9-man Aryan Club
57': Another chance to Eche, Tanmoy again in the position of rescue.
56': Another move of Mohun Bagan through Eche, Emmanuel clears the ball
55':Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 against 9-man Aryan
55':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Manish scored from spot kick.

54': Manish shot finds the net. But Pranjal wants re-kick
52': Red Card to Ujjal. Ram Malik's shot from Manish's pass,Ujjal clears the ball in Hand. A Clear Red Card. Penalty to Mohun bagan
51': Another move, Ujjal clears the ball
50': Ram Malik's shot, nearly finds second post
49': A back pass nearly causes problem to Shilton. Finally shilton clears the ball
47': Ram Malik tries to beat defender but ball cleared and a corner
47':Corner to Mohun Bagan, shot went wide
46':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Souvik in place of Shaiju
46': Shaiju commited a foul, free kick to Aryan. Chance to Ram Malik, Emmanuel blocked his shot
46':Second half resumes

Half Time. Score remains still goalless between Mohun Bagan and 10-man Aryan Club
45+5': SCORE LINE : Mohun Bagan 0-0 Aryan.
45'+4': Yellow Card. Another booking for Mohun Bagan. Aibor booked for play acting in Aryan's box
45'+4': Another brilliant move through Katsumi, his minus but again Emmanuel denies it and a corner to Mohun Bagan
45'+3': Good chance to Pritam, his right footed shot went over the bar
45'+2': Another move, Emmanuel cleares the ball
45'+1': Centre in box to find Stanley, Rowilson cleared
45': 5 minutes added time
44': Denson's free kick, Rowilson tries for header but a collision between Rowilson and Tanmoy. Tanmoy looks injured. Game stopped
43': Asit's corner, Stanley's backheel cleared by Eche. Counter attack of Mohun Bagan through Katsumi. Emmanuel committed a foul against Katsumi. Free kick to Mohun Bagan
42': Goutam's free kick, Rowilson cleared and a corner to Aryan
41': Yellow Card to Eche for his bad tackle to Stanley. Free kick to Aryan
39': Score remains still goalless. Both team have to opportunity in last 5 minutes to score but no one succeed
38': Another move, but Katsumi is in offside position. One more attack of Mohun Bagan. Ram Malik's centre from right, Manish's shot went wide
37': Ball cleared from corner and a counter attack of Mohun Bagan through a long pass of Katsumi to Ram. Ram's centre to Katsumi cleared and goes to Denson. Denson's shot directly in Tanmoy's hand
36': Stanley's brillant shot, good save by Shilton and chance to Asit from rebound but defenders cleared it and a corner

34': Score remains still goalless. Mohun Bagan looks more aggressive
33': Pritam's square pass, Katsumi false to for Shaiju but Shaiju not is position. Ball cleared
32': Pritam's centre, directly in Tanmoy's hand
30': In CFL 2010 ARYAN beat Mohun Bagan 1-0.
28':Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, brilliant shot of Katsumi, but a brilliant save by Tanmoy
27': Corner to Mohun Bagan after header from free kick went wide. Short corner cleared a brilliant counter attack of Aryan through Emmanuel, but a misspass in box to find Ujjal
26': Tackle to Pankaj Moula, free kick to Mohun Bagan
24': Back to back two corner. Tanmoy fists the ball but a foul against Tanmoy. Tanmoy looks injured. game stopped
23': Another move of Mohun Bagan results a corner
22': Katsumi's free kick, went wide

21': Aryan'a are now 10-man within 20 minutes of the match.
20': RED CARD - Referee shown direct Red Card to Prosenjit. Brilliant counter attack through Ram but Prasonjit made tackle from behind.
15': Pritam Kotal atta ked from left but he was in offside trap.
5': Corner to Mohun Bagan from Ram Malik's move but Denson's kick wasted
3': Yusa fouled in out side box by Goutam of Aryan.
1': Saiju man in offside trap from his first movement.
0':Kick off
0': Today, Mohun Bagan's Ram Malik's and Aryan's Ujjal Haoladar's Village coach Ratan Das will be present at Barasat Stadium and he will say something in TV.
0': Match will start at 4 pm at Barasat.