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Los Angeles Documentary Filmmaker Plans Completion of film on Mohun Bagan East Bengal Rivalry

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News release: July 3, 2013 :: From Kelly Candaele - Angeles documentary filmmaker Kelly Candaele is in planning to return to Kolkata to finish shooting the documentary film he began last February on the historic football rivalry between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. Candaele filmed for twelve days last February in Kolkata and interviewed players, coaches, team officials, fans and historians in order to obtain a well rounded perspective on the history of the two squads.

"This film will be about football of course," Candaele said, "but it will also be a film about Bengali history and culture." "You can't talk about these two teams if you don't also engage with the history of Kolkata and the history of India," Candaele added.

DIRECTOR MR Kelly Candaele

Candaele first heard about the intensity of the rivalry from a radio broadcast on BBC about the passion that surrounds matches between the two historic clubs. "I'm interested in the convergence of athletics, history and culture," Candaele said. "And there are only a few places in the world where these dynamics converge in the way they do in Kolkata," Candaele said. Other places in the world that Candaele mentioned where he has seen similar elements at work are in Spain between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and Glasgow with the Celtic and Ranger rivalry.



While filming in Kolkata in February Candaele traveled to every part of the city to get a sense of the different neighborhoods and the cultural variety of Kolkata. "I saw beautiful temples and mosques, the famous Kumartuli Lanes, workplaces and homes in every part of the city,"Candaele said. "And I can't forget the wonderful food and sweets of the city."

Candaele is planning to return this Fall to film a game between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. "I'm hoping there are 75,000 fans in the stadium as that will make for great energy," Candaele said. He is looking to follow some fans from each side as they prepare during the week to attend the game. Candaele wants to visit their neighborhoods, their homes and film them at the stadium during the game and after.

"I really want to be able to capture the passion and intensity from the fan's perspective so that people throughout the world will understand what this rivalry means for the city," Candaele said. Anyone interested in volunteering to be in the film should contact him at

Candaele has also put together a website for the film where a five minute trailer for the movie can be viewed. Visit Candaele intends to distribute the film around the world once he has raided the funds to complete the film. Candaele wants to offer the film for viewing in the lead up to the World Cup in Brazil. Candaele's previous documentary film followed the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

"India has a long way to go to reach the level of the Spanish League," Candaele said, "but in terms of the passion, history and love for the game the is no equal to Kolkata."

Candaele is working extensively with the Bengal community in the United States and will travel this July 4th to a conference of North American Bengalis in Toronto, Canada.

"Bengals are a warm and generous people," Candaele said, "and they want to see me complete this film to bring awareness of Bengali culture and athletics to the rest of the United States and the rest of the world."