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18.02.2013: MOHUN BAGAN   5-0   SOUTHERN SAMITY (YBK - FT..)
MMB : Odafa 9', 12', 73', Tolgey 28', 84' :

MMB : Arindam, Rajib, Aibor, Khelemba, Rakesh, Denson, Snehasish, Jacobs, Manish Jr., Odafa, Tolgey.
SOU : Avijit, Rajib, Shyam, Mithun, Imran, Basant, Nilendra, Marcos, Heman, Dajomo, Sovon.
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FULL TIME. Mohun Bagan beat Southern Samity 5-0 in their 3rd match of the Super Nine of CFL Premier League.
90'+2':Mohun Bagan's attack through Snehasish, ball cleared in box.
90'+1':lalrinfela's shot went wide.
90':Referee added 3 minutes injury time.
88':Brilliant move by Odafa, but fails to advances this time.
88': Players Change in Southern: Pronit in place of Nilendra.
87':Lalrinfela's centre, Odafa's centre went over the bar.
86':Mohun Bagan leading 5-0 now.
84': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa's shot deflected from post and goes to Tolgey, Tolgey's shot finds the net.
83':Odafa's shot, went wide.
82': Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Lalrinfela in place of Manish Bhargav.
1':Yellow Card to Aibor for his bad tackle to Imran, free kick to Southern.
80':Golden chance to Manish, Emanuel made a goalline save, return chance to Manish but his shot saved by Avijit.
79':Mohun Bagan leading 4-0 now.
78':Brilliant chance to Nilendra in box from Imran's centre, but missed that very easy chance.
77':Marcos's shot went over the bar.
76':Bad tackle and a free kick to Southern in a very good position.
75':Ball cleared from Southern's corner.
74':Bad miss of Arindam after he fails to receive a back pass, ball nearly finds the net. Corner to Southern.
73':GOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL Odafa's right footed outstep beat 2 defender as well as Avijit to make his hat-trick.
72':Southern's attack through Sovon, ball cleared .
70':Chance to Snehasish from Odafa's pass, his shot cleared by Avijit.
69':Odafa's shot, Avijit saves it by driving to his left.
68':Ball cleared from free kick, Nilendra fails to make back volley.
67':Mehraj committed a foul against Marcos, free kic to Southern.
66':Denson's free kick, cleared in box.
65':bad tackle of Heman to Denson, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
64':Players Change in Southern: Ajoy in place of Mithun.
63':Denson committed a foul , free kick to Southern.
62':Mohun Bagan's attack, Denson's shot went wide.
61':Odafa's shot blocked by Mithun and finally cleared.
59':Odafa's free kick to find Tolgey, but ball went wide.
58':Aibor's centre went wide.
57':Snehasish's long throw in box, cleared and again a centre to find Tolgey, Tolgey's header went wide.
56':Mohun Bagan still maintaining better procession but scoreline remains same.
55':Snehasish's centre from left flank, Emanuel clears the ball.
54':Southern's attack but Snehasish clears the ball.
53':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Tolgey for his bad tackle to Heman.
52':Marcos looks injured, game stopped.
51':Score remains still same.
50':Manish's corner and Emanuel cleared the ball.
50':Odafa's shot from free kick, cleared and corner to Mohun Bagan.
49':Ball cleared from the corner.
48':Mohun Bagan's attack results a corner.
48':Odafa's shot touches side net.
47':Bad tackle to Odafa from Emanuel, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
46':Southern's attack, Aibor clears the ball.
46':Second half resumes.
Half Time. Mohun Bagan leading 3-0 after the end of first half.
45'+2':Chance to Tolgey, Avijit saves it well.
45'+1':Southern's attack, Arindam saves it well.
45':Referee added 2 minutes injury time.
43':Chance to Odafa, his shot went wide.
42':Players Change in MMB: Mehraj in place of Rajib.
41':Score remains still same, Mohun Bagan is playing with complete aggression.
40':Chance to Nilendra, but he is in offside.
39':Snehasisj's long throw-in in box, Rakesh committed a foul.
38':Manish's centre from right flank, cleared in box.
37':Rajib's centre directly in Avijit's hand.
36':Southern's attack through Basant, ball cleared.
35':Mohun Bagan leading 3-0 now
34':Snehasish's centre, Heman clears it.
33':Tolgey's centre, Emanuel clears the ball.
32':Odafa got a easu chance after making a outside dodge to Heman, but missed it.
31':Rajib's centre, cleared in box.
30':Mohun Bagan's attack through Odafa, ball cleared.
29':Southern's attack, ball cleared.
28':GOAAAAAAALLLLLLL Tolgey's right footed long ranger outside the box, finds the net.
27':Southern's attack but Nilendra is in offside.
27':Forward pass of Manish to find Odafa, Avijit saves it.
26':Mohun Bagan leading 2-0 now.
25': Rajib looks injured, game stopped.
24':Another attack of MMB through Tolgey, ball cleared.
24':Another attack of Mohun Bagan through Tolgey and Manish, but ball cleared.
23':Southern's attack, shot went wide.
22':Chance to Odafa from a brilliant wall pass, but he fails to trap the ball properly.
21':Chance to Nilendra, his shot went over the bar.
20':Manish missed back to back two one to one situation, Avijit saves it both the times.
19':Brilliant pass of Tolgey to Odafa, Odafa missed a very easy chance.
18':Shot went wide from corner.
18':Denson clears the ball from corner and another corner.
18':Arindam clears the ball and another corner.
17':Southern's attack results a corner.
16':Tolgey's shot, directly in Avijit's hand.
15':Rajib committed a foul, free kick to Southern.
14':Brilliant attack of Mohun Bagan, Snehasish's long ranger, went wide.
13':Odafa's pass to Tolgey, but he is in offside.
12':Rajib's centre and Odafa's header finds the net.
12':GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL Odafa once again advances Green and Maroon.
12':Southern's attack, Rajib clears the ball.
11':Brilliant pass of Odafa to Tolgey, but Tolgey fails to trap it properly.
10':Brilliant goal by Odafa by his own effort.
9':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa advances Mohun Bagan once again.
8':Manish's shot, blocked in box and cleared.
7':Southern's attack but Sovon is in offside position.
6':Mohun Bagan's attack through Denson's free kick, Manish's centre but Avijit saves it well.
5':Brilliant forward through of Denson to Manish, Emanual blocked it brilliantly.
4':Ball cleared from Marcos's defence.
3':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Rajib for his bad tackle to Imran, free kick to Southern.
2':Sovon's long ranger, went wide.
1':Mohun Bagan's attack, Odafa committed a foul.
1':Southern's early attack, centre directly in Arindam's hand.
0':Kick off


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23/03/13 PAI V/S MMB  R-21 ------------	(New date-24.3.13)	  

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...Pune Football Club Academy (PPFCA) will conduct 'Open' trials for the Under-19 and Under-17 teams at the Pune FC Training Pitch, Mamurdi from 20th to 25th April, 2013.

Selected players will be eligible for a two-season residential programme (2013 to 2015). Both batches will begin regular training in June, 2013.

The Under-17 programme will make up the first batch of the PPFCA residential scheme breaking away from the non-residential tag held earlier. The Under-19s trials are for the second batch.

"The idea to have an Under-17 residential programme is to allow players make a stage wise progress a concept followed world over. We believe and hope that someday, with the right exposure, players from these ranks will graduate to higher levels and make all proud," informed Ranjan Choudhary, Pune FC's Head Of Youth Development.

Age eligibility is as follows:

Under-17 - Players born after 1.1.1997

Under-19 - Players born after 1.1.1995

Registration forms can be downloaded from punefc.com, which is listed under the link 'Academy'.

Forms will need to be emailed with a subject line bearing - 'Under -19 Trials' or 'Under-17 Trials' respectively to ppfcacademy@gmail.com on or before 22nd April, 2013.

Every applicant will thereafter be emailed a Confirmed Registration Number (CRN), which will make them eligible to give a trial. The CNR reply mail will also include all other details.