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Mohammedan Sporting waved by the red and gold Sunami at the Vivekananda YubaBharati Kriaangan.In the CFL super nine match East Bengal registered their 6th consecutive victory against Mohammedan Sporting by a margin of 6-1 and advances closer to the tittle. East Bengal missed so many chances to score more to touch or break the old 7-1 win record held on 6th Octobor 1998 against Mohammedan in IFA League.

Mohammedan started the match 4-5-1 formation with Wi Hyojun the only man in the upfront.But despite of the 5 medio's Mohammedan failed to create any impressive results. There was absolutely no understanding between the stopper backs who also failed to tackle and cover in time.The cohesion in the midfield was hardly seen as the midfielders failed to block in the middle third in front of the continuous attack of the red and gold brigade.

Alfred, who was placed in the midfield in order to stop the ball play of Penn Orji, did not create any impression as Penn has marshaled the East Bengal midfield and passed a number of positive passes to the upfront.

East Bengal open the flood gates in the 10th minute of the match when Baljit Singh Sahani headed in a Dika's left footed center of a corner from the right. At that time Baljit was free enough to head with none of the Mohammedan deep defenders to block.The red and gold were leading by 3-0 in the first 45 minutes.

Cheddi Eddeh increase the margin just two minutes later. Penn Orji"s right footed center was placed by Baljit to Unmarked Cheddi who had ample time to nod the ball into the back of the net.Mohammedan tried hard to gain some momentum but they had to surrender in front of the accurate passing football of East Bengal, who gained control of the midfield.

It has been observed that from the middle of the first half Penn was working as the third striker and Khabra, Dika and Lobo was in full control of the midfield even in the absence of Mehtab.Baljit scored his third goal in the 25th minute when a Cheddi Eddeh shot was partially saved by Somnath Khara and on rushing Baljit places the ball home with a grounder.

The story of the 2nd half remain unchanged as Baljit scored his third hatrik in the CFL.Baljit is in good touch and has regained his form with a much relive of Trevor Morgan who was desparate to find an able partner of Cheddi. Harmonjot Khabra sends an accurate head from Dika's corner and Baljit was once again absolrtely free within the six yards to place past Somnath to his left. Mohammedan reduced the margin in the 60th minute through Wi Hyojun who headed in a Jerri's centre from the right.

Baljit Singh Sahani was replaced by Robin Singh in the 62nd minute and increase the tally when he places a Sanju Pradhan's center from the right.The red and gold completed the tally in the 75th minute when Andrew Borisik after a long run sends a wonder of a pass to Robin who had a easy task to send the ball to the back of the net past the substitute goalkeeper Pramod Kumar.

East Bengal has two more important match to play against the Mohan Bagan and United Sports Club in the super nine.The CFL tittle will depend on the positive results of these two matches.


23.02.2013: EAST BENGAL   6-1   MOHAMMEDAN SC (YBK - FT..)
KEB : Baljit 10', 25', 53', Chidi 12', Robin 68', 75'
MSC : Hanne We 60' ::

KEB : Gurpreet, Soumik, Raju, Okpara, Naoba, Khabra, Lobo(Sanju), Penn, Dika, Baljit (Robin), Chidi(Borisic).
MSC : Somnath (Promod), Dhanarajan, Narugopal, Kingshuk, Charles, Jayanta (Zuala), Haane We, Alfred, Goutan, Zerry (James), Ashim...............REF : Ajit Dutta

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FT : Match end. East Bengal beat Mohammedan SC 6-1 to earn unbeaten 18 points from 6 matches in CFL Premier Super Nine.
90+3': Haane WE was fouled and MSC earned a Free kick. Cleared from KEB box.
90+2': Robin was in offside.
90': Referee added 3 minutes more.
89': East Bengal is trying to break their 6TH OCT, 1998 CFL Record? . Few minutes to end.
87': Last match East Bengal beat Aryan 7-1. Can they able to touch or overtake that scoreline??
86': East Bengal score 26 goals so far in 6th SUPER NINE match and 3 goals against them.
84': EB another chance to score but Sanju missed it from Borisic pass from left.
81': More and More attack of East Bengal now.
80': EB another corner. Promod saved Sanju's long ranger. Cleared
79': East Bengal is leading 6-1.
78'; Another corner kick for EB from Soumik's attack. Cleared now.
76': East Bengal is leading 6-1.
75': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 6th Goal of EB. 2md of Robin singh. Brilliant pass of Borisic from left and photo finish of Robin.
72': PLAYER CHANGE : NSC : James in and Zerry out.
70': Okpara well blocked an attack of MSC in EB defence.
69': Now East Bengal is leading 5-1.
68': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5th Goal of EB. Robin Singh scored from Sanju's right sided cross.
67': EB win a corner in right again from Penn's attack.
64': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB: Sanju in and Lobo out.
63': Goutam Kujur's long ranger missed the target.
62': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB: Robin in and Baljit out.
61': Now the score line is 4-1 for East Bengal.
60': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MSC reduced margin through Naane We. Zerry's cross from right and his open header beat Gurpreet in right.
59': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB: Borisic in and Chidi out.
58': Barisic is warming up in side line. Baljit or Chidi mat be changed.
57': PLAYER CHANGE : MSC - Jayanta out and Lalramzuala in.
55': East Bengal is leading 4-0 now.
54': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YESSS.. Baljit scored the hattrick from a nice corner kick of Dika. Baljit's 3rd hattrick in CFL.
53': Baljit is searching for his hattrick? EB win a corner from Chidi's attack in right.
51': Well effort of Haane We, his header from the corner kick went over the bat.
50': Good effort of Zerry from out side of EB box, his shot saved by Gurpreet fro a croner.
49': MSC attacked from left wing cross of Narugopal but aimless.
48': MSC attacked in right side of EB, cleared.
46': Starts of 2nd half. EB n attack from right to left now.
46': 2nd half match is going to start at YBK.
HT : It's half time now in the match where East Bengal is leading 3-0. Last year CFL East Bengal was leading 3-0 upto first half and scored another 3 in 2nd half.

45+2': Naoba to Okpara in their box and Okpara to Grupreet.
45': Referee added 5 minutes.
44': Soumik cleared a long cross in left from Zerry.
43': Lobo's effort finally cleared by Narugopal.
41': Gurpreet got a ball after a long time from an attack of Ashim.
40': East Bengal 3-0 Mohammdan SC.
37': Dika's nice free kick shot and nice save of Somnath.
36': Charles blocked Chidi, foul, Free kick for EB out side the MSC box.
35': East Bengal is leading 3-0.
33': YELLOW CARD : to Zerry of MSC .
32': KEB attacked now from left, Dika's effort went for throw in.
31': Now slow pace in the match.
30: Last year CFL East Bengal was leading 3-0 upto first half and scored another 3 in 2nd half.
26': East Bengal is leading 3-0 now. Scorer, Baljit - 2 and Chidi.
25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 3rd goal of East Bengal. Baljit's 2nd goal. Chidi got a ball in open space in right sided box of MSC and his shot deflected from Somanth and Baljit who followed the ball pushed easily in open net.
24': East Bengal is attacking from right side now.
22': Grounder of Baljit from out side of MSC box went out from an attack of KEB.
20': Scoreline is 2-0 for KEB. Baljit and Chidi scored goal.
20': Free kick for MSC, Haane We was fouled. Free kick cleared from KEB box.
18': Ashim's long ranger missed the target.
16': We got a ball in EB box but Soumik was alert to cleared well.
STATS : In the Preliminary Round of this CFL Premier League, Mohammedan SC beat Mohun Bagan 1-0 where Haane We scored the goal.
15': 2-0 is the scoreline for East Bengal.
15': MSC attacked from right but long ball went to Gurpreet.
13': East Bengal is leading 2-0 now. Scorer Baljit and Chidi.
12': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 2nd goal of East Bengal. Chidi scored now. Penn's cross from right went to Baljit and his header again heded by Chidi from goal line and score the 2nd for East Bengal.
11': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Baljit scored from Corner. Shot corner from right to Dika and Dika lobbed the ball in MSC box and Baljit headed before Charles's block.
9': Dika's shot cleared by Kingsuk for corner.
9': Free kick for KEB out side of MSC box.
7': Penn's cross from right in MSC box but well cleared by Kingsuk.
6': Ashim's poor left footer from out side of EB box went to Gurpreet.
5': No impact in corner kick. 0-0 is the scoreline.
4': MSC earned corner, Zerri to Dhanarajan in right and his cross deflected to Dika and out for corner.
3':Free kick for MSC out side of EB box. Poor Free kick deflected.
1': MSC attacked. Long ball from midfield to EB box but Gurpreet collected it.
1': Kick - off of the Derby.
STATS : In last CFL Premier match East Bengal beat Mohammedan SC 6-0 where Tolgey scored 4 goals Doungel and Penn on 14.5.2012 to lift the title for 2011-12.

STATS : In 2010-11 CFL Premier LEAGUE East Bengal beat Mohammedan Sporting 5-0. East Bengal's scorers were Khabra, Robin-2, Soumik, Tolgey. East Bengal won the match 10 Men from 35th minute as Penn Shown Red Card.


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Kolkata Giant Mohammedan Sporting Club will meet against their city rival East Bengal in the super nine of the IFA premier league tomorrow at Salt Lake Stadium. Mohammedan Sporting started well in the initial stages of remier league priliminary rounds as they selected to play in the super nine, but failed to be impressive in the later stages. At present Mohammedan Sporting are at 7 points from their 5 outings in Super nine.

Mohammedan Sporting had a glorious history when they won the Kolkata league in pre Independent period for a consecutive five years as a non British team under British rule. They first won the title in the year 1934 and after that they continued the lap till 1938 which was the first step of their dominance in Indian football. But after 1981 they failed to won the title which was their last IFA league crown.

This year Mohammedan Sporting will going to participate in the 2nd division I-league at Indore in Group 'B" along with some strong team of India. They must have a target to promote themselves in the Next year's 1st division I-League. In this season Mohammedan Sporting are lacking from a continuous and stable performances which is required for a good result in any sort of tournament.

Mohammedan's deep defense headed by Kingshuk Debnath along with Charles has to perfect and agile to control in from Cheddi Eddeh. The midfield of Mohammedan is lacking of proper blocking which is required to control the red and gold midfield and also to support the deep defense.

19.02.2013: MOHAMMEDAN SC 1-1 UNITED SC (YBK - FT..)
17.02.2013: Mohammedan SC 0-1 Bhowanipur Club (YBK -FT')

On the contrary East Bengal depends on Mehtab, Penn, Dika and Khabra who has got a cohesion and a good understanding between themselves. Mohammedan's upfront will have to depend on Ashim Biswas and Gouranga Dutta. Ashim is a good striker who scored 2 goals against Eastern railway and has the ability of scoring goals in important matches any time. He scored 3 goals so far in the super nine stages but he requires a support from his collages to be successful in a high profile match. He scored in their last match against United SC which the team drew finaly 1-1. In the preliminary Round matches Mohammedan SC beat their arch rival full strength Mohun Bagan 1-0 where the scored by Hanne WE.

It may be mentioned that Mohammedan sporting will have to face a strong deep defense of Uga Opara and Raju Gaikwad who are economical in the I-league also. In brief, it will say that, Mohammedan Sporting is required to perform to the maximum of their ability in order to be successful in Saturday afternoon.

While Trevor James Morgan's only aim is to earn full points for advancement of the CFL tittle. He will depend on the same formation and if required he will certainly adopt on his new plans. Though Morgan is optimistic to be successful and will depend on the attacking football from the very beginning. East Bengal beat Aryan 7-1 in their last match in CFL and currently staying as league leader with 15 points from 5 matches as unbeaten. They scored 20 goals so far and conceded 2 goals only.

East Bengal's Australian striker Borisic scored a hattrick in last match and scored 5 goals so far for East Bengal but East Bengal played aghainst Aryan without their star player Chidi Edeh who scored only 1 goal in Super Six.
13.02.2013: EAST BENGAL 4-0 KALIGHAT MS (YBK - FT..)

In last year's CFL East Bengal beat Mohammedan sporting in their final league match 6-0 to win the tittle. If they overcome Mohammedan Sporting in Saturday afternoon then they will advance to win the title for the 34th time. VISIT US FOR LIVE COMMENARY TOMORROW AT 2.15 PM WITH EXLCUSIVe STATS