Egyptian Court Gave 21 fans and officials of Port Said club Al-Masry to Death Sentences Over Soccer Riot

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Egyptian Court Gave 21 fans and officials of Port Said club Al-Masry to Death Sentences Over Soccer Riot. 74 people killed in Port Said stadium on 2 February 2012 when the team played against top Egyptian Club Al-Ahly. Clashes broke out then between rival fans of clubs al-Masry and al-Ahly.

The men sentenced to death overnight were accused of participating in a riot in the Egyptian canal city of Port Said February last year, which killed 74 people when supporters of the local team clashed with visiting rivals from Cairo.

After the match day incidents Cairo's town Al-Ahly sparked with the violent protests in Cairo for their 74 fans death, in which another 16 people were killed then.

After hearing the death sentence of 21 Al-Masry fans, then relatives of those sentenced to death tried to storm the prison in Port Said where they were being held and portesters fought against the police where two police officials shot dead. The security forces Officials said at least 30 people have been killed.

Two soccer players are among the killed, according to director of hospitals in the Mediterranean city.He identified them as Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, who played for the city's Al-Marikh club, and Tamer al-Fahla, who used to play for the city's main Al-Masry team. Al-Diwazi was shot three times to death.

Opposite scene in the Cairo based club Al-Ahly, after hearing Saturday's strict sentence, thousands of Cairo-based soccer fans who had vowed earlier to die for the retaliation for their murdered fellows, expressed overwhelming happiness over the verdict.

The military force was deployed in Port Said to try to restore security, but assaults continued into the evening. Egypt is now playing in Africa cups of Nations in Sopth Africa. After the incident of Feb 2nd 2012, FIFA President Sepp Blatter told "Black Day of Football and he also told READ THE OLD NEWS OF INCIDENTS

Republic Day Veterans Football Trophy Bangalore : won by KSFA President XI

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KP : Ramesh-1, Janikiraj-2, Vincent-1

BS : Kadirivanan-1

26-01-2013 : FINAL: KSFA PRESIDENT XI 0-0, (3-1) BDFA SECY.XI
Pen BS : - Udayakumar
KS : Nandakumar, Vijayakumar, Mastan.

Republic Day Veterans Football Trophy won by KSFA President XI, Runners-up - BDFA Secy. XI.

FINALS of Dream Cream Roots Football League, Bangalore 2013: Weekend Football League for Kids.

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After playing the following rounds over the weekends in December 2012 and January 2013, Dream Cream Roots Football League is ready with the Grand Finale. The final is scheduled this Sunday, January 27 at the venue Mt. Carmel College Ground, Vasantnagar at 10.30 am. Dream Cream Roots Football League for kids was kicked off Sunday, December 9, 2012.

All the teams will play against each other in round robin format followed by a Super League among the top three teams and the next three teams to decide the final standings.

RFL aspires to create a football movement among kids and parents the League will encourage more children in the age group to play football, thus broadening the base of football in our community.


U11 - Eagles vs Lions
U11 - Rhinos vs Sharks
U11 - Cheetahs vs Lions
U11 - Bisons vs Sharks
U11 - Eagles vs Cheetahs
U11 - Rhinos vs Bisons

U13 - Bisons vs Cheetahs
U13 - Sharks vs Lions
U13 - Rhinos vs Bisons
U13 - Sharks vs Eagles

U15 - Lions vs Rhinos
U15 - Bisons vs Eagles
U15 - Cheetahs vs Lions
U15 - Sharks vs Bisons

Super League : Prize distribution