IFA CFL PREMIER LEAGUE : Subodh Kumar's free kick goal helps East Bengal win against Barreto's Bhowanipur Club.

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KEB : Gurpreet, Saikat, Gurwinder, Okpara, Robert, Lobo, Subodh, Penn, Vasum, Barisic, Robin.
BHO : Debjit, Gurpreet, Richard, Jonny, Abinash(Sagram), Uttam, Jagannath, Dipendu, Sanju, Arun, Nabin.

Full Time. East Bengal beat Bhawanipur in 1-0.
90'+2':Free kick to EB in right outside the box, Alvito's shot cleared.
90':Referee added 3 minutes injury time.
88':Subodh's weak shot, directly in Debjit's hand.
84':Bhawanipur's attack, Arun's weak shot directly in Gurpreet's hand.
80':Chance to East Bengal through corner, Manandeep's shot went wide
75':Players Change in EB: Manandeep and Alvito in place of Robin and Vasum.
71':Another attack of Bhawanipur through Jagannath, gurwinder blocks it well.
68':Bhawnnipur's attack, Jagannath's shot directly in Gurpreet's hand.

66':Okpara's pass to Vasum but his cross went wide.
62':Corner to Bhowanipur, Arun's shot from Sanju's corner went out.
60':Players Change in EB: Baljit in place of Penn.
55':Another attak of EB, Lobo's shot went over the bar.
52':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Subodh' right footed free kick from 35 yards finds the net.
50':Chance to Sanju Kumar, missed one to one chance, Okapara finally cleared the ball.
48':Vasum's shot from right end, directly in goalkeeper's hand.
46':Second half started.
HT: End of first half. Scoreline is 0-0.
45': 2 minutes added by referee.
45': Arun Pandia well effort but Saikat blocked him.

42': Borisic to Robin in BHP box but his weak shot went out.
40': Long ranger of Subodh Kumar went wide over the bar.
38': Another attack of EB through Penn from right but ball went for corner. Subodh Kumar's corner kick cleared.
35': Still no score in the match but East Bengal is dominating.
34': Corner cleared from BHP defence.
33': Another chance missed by Robin, Saikat from right to Vasum Vasum crossed but Robin was unable to do any thing. Cleared for corner.
31': Corner from Penn's attack. Corner of Saikat cleared.
30': 0-0 scoreline.
26': Penn to Robert but his shot cleared.
25': Vasum's won effort crossed from right but Richard fouled when he cleared. free kick for EB.
20': PLAYER CHANGE: BHP: Sagram Mandi in and Abinash out.
15': No score yet in the match.

14': Bho attacked from right, Arun's cross cleared.
13': Penn got a chance in front of BHO box but his shot deflected.
10': 0-0 scoreline.
9': Free kick for EB, Robert's kick cleared from BHO defence.
7': Robin Singh got an one to one chance but he missed the chance.
5': Bho attacked from right Gurpreet cross but cleared.
2': First attack of EB, Penn to Subodh but he was fouled.
0': Match is going to be started at Kalyani Stadium.