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AIFF MEETING : Federation Cup draw held today

AIFF MEDIA TEAM with V.P.Subrata Dutta and other officials.:: PIC: AIFF MEDIA PRESS

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AIFF PRESS RELEASE : 26.06.2013: Mr. A.R. Khaleel, Chairman, I-League & Federation Cup Committee, Chaired the AIFF I-League and Federation Cup Committee Meeting at Football House in the Capital on June 26, 2013 (Wednesday). Besides, AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das, Senior Vice-President Mr. Subrata Dutta, Treasurer Mr. Hardev Jadeja and I-League CEO Mr. Sunando Dhar, representatives from all I-League Clubs (barring Mohun Bagan) along with representatives from AIFF's Marketing Partners IMG-R attended the meeting. The Committee unanimously decided on the following points:

The proposed Conference Model (for the 2013-14 season of the I-League) by AIFF's Emergency Committee was discussed at length. The Clubs raised some concerns about the proposed Model to which AIFF explained their point of view. The Clubs would accordingly send their recommendations so that a decision can be taken jointly.

The Committee informed the Clubs about AFC's criteria that all I-League Clubs would need to have a Coach possessing a Pro-Licence Degree from 2017 onwards. The Clubs were also informed that no Technical Director without an A-Licence Degree would be allowed to sit on the Team Bench or enter the Dressing Room for I-League 2014-15 onwards.

The Clubs recommended the following be reconsidered by the AIFF's Executive/Emergency Committee:

a. The Clubs requested that the number of Foreign Recruits in 2nd Division League be increased to two (from one) to bring it in line with the State Leagues.

b. The Clubs pleaded an year's extension to the decision of having a Marqee Player in their Teams by I-League 2015-16 onwards.

The AIFF agreed to place the recommendations in the next Executive/Emergency Committee for a final decision.

Furthermore, the Federation Cup draw was also held on the day. The top eight teams of I-League 2012-13 were placed in Pot 1 while the other I-League Teams along with the two promoted Teams, Rangdajied FC and Mohammedan Sporting, were placed in Pot 2. Team 15 and Team 16 (both of whom were also placed in Pot 2), would be announced later.

The Draw for the Federation Cup which would be played on an Home and Away basis is as follows (the dates are to be announced soon): Expected date of starting is 5th October.

ROUND of 16
Match No. 1: Prayag United vs Team 16 (Prayag play their Home-match first).
Match No. 2: Salgaocar SC vs Team 15 (Salgaocar play their Home-match first).
Match No. 3: Sporting Goa vs Rangdajied FC (Sporting Goa play their Home-match first).
Match No. 4: JSW vs Churchill Brothers (JSW play their Home-match first).
Match No. 5: Mohammedan SC vs Dempo FC (Mohammedan SC play their Home-match first).
Match No. 6: Mohun Bagan vs Pune FC (Mohun Bagan play their Home-match first).
Match No. 7: Mumbai Tigers vs East Bengal (Mumbai Tigers play their Home-match first).
Match No. 8: Shillong Lajong vs Mumbai FC (Shillong Lajong play their Home-match first).

Quarterfinal 1: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 3
Quarterfinal 2: Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 7
Quarterfinal 3: Winner Match 2 vs Winner Match 4
Quarterfinal 4: Winner Match 6 vs Winner Match 8

Semifinal 1: Winner of Quarterfinal 1 vs Winner of Quarterfinal 2
Semifinal 2: Winner of Quarterfinal 3 vs Winner of Quarterfinal 4
On a separate note the inclusion of Pailan Arrows would be finalised based on the decision of the Executive/Emergency Committee.

16th July 1950 : Brazil vs Uruguay and The term "Maracanazo",

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SUBHRANSU ROY : 26.06.2013: Tomorrow morrnning (12.30 AM as Indian time) in the first semi-final of Confederation Cup 2013, host Brazil will face Uruguay. This match reminds us a very specific match between same two team just 63 years ago. The very match is known as one of the biggest upsets in football ever. It was a decider match of 1950 World Cup and match was called Maracanazo. What is Marcanazo?

The term "Maracanazo", which is used when an underdog beats the Brazil National Team, or one of the four big teams from Rio de Janeiro (Flamengo, Vaso da Gama, Fluminense or Botafogo), in the Maracana stadium. Brazil was shocked after the defeat against Uruguay. The Football Association of Brazil immediately changed their colors, because the plain white outfit was cursed according to them ( Brazil's home shirt was white with a blue neckline along with white shorts). The new outfit became the yellow jersey, blue short and white socks that we know today and watch in the television or Pic .

After a long gap of 12 years due to World WarII the World Cup one again commenced its journey in1950, Brazil under guide line of The sixteen countries expected for the World Cup, but only thirteen turned up. Brazil insisted on a format that had never been used before and was never used subsequently.

There would be no knockout stage. Instead, the winners of each of the four first-round groups would form a final group of four teams. Each country would play every other in the group with the title going to the country that came first. The last match in the group between host Brazil and Uruguay was a decider as group two top teams faced each other in that match. With Brazil one point ahead of Uruguay going into the match, Uruguay needed a win while Brazil needed only to avoid defeat to claim the title of world champions.

Brazil beating Sweden 7-1 and Spain 6-1 to go top of the group with four points going into the final match. The match was scheduled to be held on 16 July, 1950 at Maracana stadium, Rio.

The team of Brazil for the final The Brazilian newspaper O Mundo printed an early edition on the day of the final containing a photograph of Brazil with the caption "These are the world champions". Uruguay's captain, Obdulio Varela, bought as many copies as he could, laid them on his bathroom floor and encouraged his teammates to urinate on them.


BRAZIL Vs URUGUAY IN MONTH OF JULY (12 Matches: Brazil win 6:4 Uruguay win)


10 July 2007	 Copa America		Uruguay	2-2(4-5)Brazil  

21 July 2004	 Copa America	        Brazil	1-1(5-3)Uruguay  

01 July 2001	 World Cup Qual.	Uruguay	1-0	Brazil 

17 July 1999	 Copa America		Brazil	3-0	Uruguay 

23 July 1995	 Copa America		Uruguay	1-1(5-3)Brazil 	 

11 July 1991	 Copa America		Brazil	1-1	Uruguay

16 July 1989	 Copa America	 	Brazil	1-0	Uruguay 

01 July 1967	 Friendlies		Uruguay	1-1	Brazil 

09 July 1960	 Friendlies		Uruguay	1-0	Brazil 

16 July 1950	 World Cup	 	Uruguay	2-1	Brazil 

18 July 1916	 Friendlies		Uruguay	0-1	Brazil

12 July 1916	 Copa America		Uruguay	2-1	Brazil

On the morning of 16 July 1950, the streets of Rio de Janeiro ORGANISED THEIR FAMOUS CARNIVAL and fans were celebrating the world title, and chants of "Brazil must win!". The Brazilian fans filled the Maracana stadium with a paid attendance of 173,830 and an attendance estimated to be about 210,000 which still remains as a record.

Uruguay squad played attacking football which was just opposite of their coach Juan Lopez's strategy as the team Captain Varela insisted his team mate before the match as a vocal tonic.

In the match Brazil attacked through their attacking style but the Uruguayans managed to maintain their defence and the first half ended scoreless. Friaca scored in 47th minute and Brazil was leading 1-0 but Juan Alberto Schiaffino scored the equaliser in the 66th minute for Uruguay . Later, Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia, running down the right side of the field, scored another goal in 79th minute, with only 11 minutes remaining on the clock. The crowd was virtually silent after the second Uruguay goal until English referee George Reader long whistle marked the end of the match with Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1 to win Julets Rimet Cup.

BRAZIL Vs URUGUAY IN MONTH OF JULY (9 Matches: Brazil win 6:0 Uruguay win)

06 June 2009	 World Cup Qual. 		Uruguay	0-4	Brazil 

28 June 2000	 World Cup Qual.	  	Brazil	1-1	Uruguay 

21 June 1984	 Friendlies			Brazil	1-0	Uruguay 

17 June 1970	 World Cup			Brazil	3-1	Uruguay

12 June 1968	 Friendlies			Brazil	4-0	Uruguay

09 June 1968	 Friendlies			Brazil	2-0	Uruguay 

28 June 1967	 Friendlies			Uruguay	2-2	Brazil

25 June 1967	 Friendlies			Uruguay	0-0	Brazil 

24 June 1956	 Friendlies			Brazil	2-0	Uruguay 

On next day The Guardian reported: A Brazilian victory song entitled "Brasil os encedores" ("Brazil The Victors"), was composed several days prior to the final and was to be played in anticipation of a Brazilian win. But after the shocking unexpected defeat the song was never performed.In Brazil many newspapers refused to accept the fact that they had been defeated, famous radio journalist Ary Barroso retired, and some fans even went so far as to commit suicide.

BRAZIL TOOK REVENGE OF THEIR WORLD CUP LOSS AGAINST URUGUAY JUST TWO YEARS LATER, IN PAN AMERICAN CUP BEATING URUUAY 4-2 IN THE FINAL IN 1952. AFTER 1950 BRAZIL AND URUGUAY MET EACH OHTER 40 TIMES..WHERE BRAZIL WON 23 TIMES, uRUGUAY WON 7 TIMES AND 10 MATCH DREW. Now almost 63 years after again these two teams facing each other ina a directly FIFA organised tournament the ghost of Maracanazo will sure be there as this will be the first time meeting of the both in FIFA confederation Cup. In the last 6 meetings Brazil was unbeaten to Uruguay even their last meeting in 2010 World cup qualification in 2009 june Brazil beat Uruguay 4-0. Let's see whether history repeats or not