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Bengali NRI Coach Ron Sanyal in CASL- Extreme right

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The Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) is home to over 20,000 players, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and supporters. Established in 1974, our non-profit organization is one of the largest clubs in the nation and the largest in North Carolina, USA with over 700 teams. It's for the youth from ages 4-18 at all levels of play.

CASL Promotion of Diversity for FIFA Fair play

Mission: To promote diversity, education, life and sports skills through community oriented involvement.

Vision: Social inclusion, community partnership, good sportsmanship, mentoring, academic assistance. Ethics and Values: Doing the right thing when no one else is around.

Goal: Scholarships, college placement, education of proper nutrition, change lives, encourage them to finish high school, positively affect lives, community involvement.


Southern Samity decided to withdraw their team from the Indian Football??.

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The financial turmoil has hit severely in the Kolkata maidan as we have seen that the even the big clubs have effected badly. The hundred years old club like Mohun Bagan had to reduce their budget and had to release players like Tolgey Ozbey.


The United Sports club are in deep sea now as their officials are yet to find out any suitable alternative, even their sponcor Prayag are not in touch with them. But it has been learnt which is the most tragic part in the Kolkata football is the IFA CFL Premier Division and 2nd division I league club Southern Samity is thinking to withdraw their team ??

Southern Samity was a team which participated in the premier division of the CFL.For the last few years Southern was quite impressive in the 2nd division I league. It may be mentioned that Subrata Bhattacherjee was the Technical Director in the last years team. Even the Sports minister of West Bengal Madan Mitra were actively related with the club.

The officials of Sothern Samity today officially informed to the IFA (west Bengal), and the AIFF regarding the withdrawal of the football team. Southern Samity declared that the absence of a sponcor and the increased expenses to run the club smoothly have forced them to take the decision.

Southern Samity, was established in the year 1945 and in the year 1959 the club got the affiliation from the IFA. The club got their footstep in football from the year 2007-2008. In 2008-2009 they became the champions in the 2nd division of the IFA organised CFL and promoted to the Premier Division League.

In 2009-2010 they were the champions in the 1st Division Group A and were promoted to the Premier Division of the Calcutta Football league. Once their players were Brazilian Edmilson, Chandan Das, Sasthi Duley, Manas Das, Anand Bhasan, Gurprit Singh, Bolaji who were very prominent figure in the Indian Football.

In this year's Kolkata Premier League Group B Southern Samity selected to the Final Round but got the 4th position in the Group B table with 14 points from 8 matches. But In the Final round, out of 9 teams, Southern finished 7th after earning only 9 points in 8 matches where East Bengal won the League title. In the year 2010-2011 Southern Samity were the Runners up in Darjeeling Gold Cup and in the All India ONGC Gold Cup.

In 2nd Divn I-League Famous coach Subrata Bhattacharyya took charges of Southern Samity and played in Group C and went to Final Round of the Torunament. In the final Round Southern finished last spot with 6 points after 10 matches where Rangdajied FC and Mohammedan SC promoted in 1st Divn I-League. Southern Samity also played in 115th IFA Shield where they beat East Bengal 2-1 in the group league when Churhill Brothers win the shield beating Mohun Bagan.

This year Southern Samity signed some footballers in order to build the coming season's team. They have signed Md Muktar from Mohammedan Sporting and released Nilendra Dewan, who joined East Bengal. Sources said that Southern failed to clear the salaries to some of their players who served them last season.