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I have to go back to Sporting Lisbon and discuss the possibilities of a Loan to some other Club. - Chhetri .

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AIFF MEDIA RELEASE : At a time when most opt for vacations during the Off-season, National Team Captain Sunil Chhetri stays different. In fact, he wants to utilise the Off-season by spending time with the kids and passing on his knowledge at a Coaching Camp. In an exclusive interview to, Chhetri speaks about the concept of his Coaching Camp, plans for a future Academy, the forthcoming season, the present financial crisis in Indian Domestic Football and much more. EXCERPTS:

How much is an Off-season important for a Footballer?

It's the only time when we get to stay with our Families. If you look at me, I've been travelling all over in the Year without even getting time to spend with my family. Isn't it the best feeling to see the faces of your dear ones around when you wake up in the Morning?

At the same time, I'm growing up and cannot shy away from my responsibilities. I felt blessed when I could stay by my mom's side when she got operated recently. That's the responsibility of a son. During peak-season, even if my Heart wanted, maybe I may not have been able to be there. It's the same for all Footballers.

Do you have any specific plans?

Yeah, there's an unique plan. There's a plan to have a Coaching Camp for kids at the Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi. It kicks-off on June 16 and will go on for eight days.

Tell us more about it.

Some time back, some of my Friends came up to me with the idea of opening a Football Academy in New Delhi. I didn't want to dampen their enthusiasm but was a bit skeptical at the outset. Simply because, sustaining an Academy is a huge thing. You just cannot have an Academy for the sake of having it.

Instead, I told them to have an 8-day Coaching Camp and revisit the idea of the Academy later on.

How different will this Coaching Camp be different from other Camps?

It's not just a Camp pulled out from the dictionary; rather, the kids will be taking back Home of how they need to take it up further. The idea is to give the kids a proper feeling of how a training process should be. A budding footballer needs to balance practice, diet and rest at the same time. But someone needs to tell them about it.

I will personally talking and interacting with the kids and tell them about the mistakes which I made at their age. I will also have a separate session with the parents.

We will take care of the kitting' Nike, will be supplying the balls and the kids will be given clean drinking water and proper nutrition in between and after the sessions. The first two days will be the trials practice sessions have been slated for next four days. The Practice matches would take place during the last two days.

We will revisit the concept after maybe organise another Camp three months later. If at that stage we feel we can sustain an Academy, we will take the plunge.

You are playing at your peak. Isn't it too early for you to be associated with such a Camp?

It's an opportunity to meet kids. It's an opportunity to share your experiences during the Off-season. It's an opportunity to pass on your knowledge to the next generation. The timing is perfect as I don't have any Footballing Commitments at the moment.

We will have a separate batch for the U-12-14 Boys and another one for U-16 Boys. There's also an open category for U-18 Girls. We will finalise the timings depending on the response.

Which Club colours will you be donning next season?

I haven't decided it yet and haven't signed for any Club. In any case, I have to go back to Sporting Lisbon and discuss the possibilities of a Loan to some other Club.

The financial stability in the Indian domestic market has suddenly taken a hit. How do you react to it?

It's unfortunate but it happens. That's how economy all over the World is. There was a time when there was a boom and the Players benefitted from it. But as now there's a crisis, one has to adjust. And I tell you, the players will. The situation is just an indication that Clubs need to be more sensible and spend more wisely.

After your performance in Churchill Brothers do you feel you have been able to break the myth that Sunil Chhetri never plays well for any Club?

(Laughs). Everyone stays free to have their own opinion. To be honest such talks disturbed me initially. But I've learnt to stay calm; maybe I'm more matured now. My job is to work hard and play. I've done it and will do it till the time I hang my boots. A day will come when even this talk will subside.

Beckham, Owen, Henry, Raul to India for IPL Style Football???.

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Ex-England International David Beckham, recently retired from all form of football in the age of 38 recently after winning French League in PSG. He also recently interested to buy franchise in MLS. Popular sports site claims Beckham may return to football again in IPL style football in India in January.

According to sources, Sports Management group IMG are helping recruit recently retired stars like Beckham, Michael Owen, Thierry Henry, Raul Gonzalez to help boost publicity for the venture.

All India Football Federation's commercial partners, IMG-Reliance wants to start a franchise based football league in the model of the highly successful Indian Premier League (IPL). AIFF plans to license eight clubs with a squad of 25 players to play a series of matches in between January 14 to March 13 in next year.

Previously a franchise-based league named Premier League Soccer proposed by a Kolkata based company Celebrity Management Group (CMG) which is not started as AIFF didn't approve it.

Indian International players like Gouramangi Singh, Subrata Pal, Syed Rahim Nabi, Renedy Singh, Sanju Pradhan, Mehrajuddin ex-captain Baichung Bhutia are some of the big Indian names that have already agreed to feature in football IPL.

But, most I-League clubs dislike this new tournament and have refused to release any of their players for those two months. But a meeting of the IPFCA (I-League Professional Football Clubs' Association) will take place tomorrow in Mumbai to sort out this problem.

According to both Beckham and Owen are very excited about the idea of playing in India.

Hope this time big profile retires players like Beckham, Owen, Henry, Raul will come to India to make Indian football more popular worldwide attract fans in the stadiums..

2014 World Cup : Japan qualified for 5th times.


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Japan has qualified as the 1st team from Asia in the 2014 Brazil Wold Cup when they drew with Australia 1-1 in the Asian Qualifying match. Japan qualified for its fifth straight World Cup and joined host Brazil in the 32-nation field after 2006.

At the Saitama Stadium of Tokyo, Australia scored first in 82 minutes through Tommy Oar but Japan got penaly just few minutes before end of the game for a hand ball of Matthew McKay in Penalty box from a shot of Shinji Kagawa.

Keisuke Honda's penalty kick beat goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer with a left-footed shot to the top corner.

Japan earned 14 points and leads in the league table of Group B in the final round of Asian qualifying. Australia stood second with seven points and is ahead of Jordan on goal difference. Oman has six points, one ahead of Iraq. The top two teams in each group qualify, and the third-place teams advance to a playoff.

NOTE : Japan's legendary striker Kazu Miura is the only player to have scored more than ten goals in two different FIFA World Cup qualifying campaigns, netting 13 in 1994 and 14 in 1998.

This is their 5th times apprearence in final of FIFA World cup from 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. Japan played 14 matches so far in the Finals of Worl Cup where they won 4 matches drew 3 matches and lost 7 matches, scored 12 goals and 16 goals was scored against them.