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IFA CFL PRemier : Mohun Bagan Vs United SC Match abandoned after 79 minit due to bad light..

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17.05: 2013: MOHUN BAGAN   0-0   UNITED S.C (KALYANI - 79' (ABANDONED)...)

MMB : Shilton, Nirmal, Eche (Tolgey), Aibor, Biswajit, Manish Jr., Denson (Rakesh), Manish Sr., Jacobs, Sabeeth, Odafa
USC : Subrata, Deepak, Bello, Dhanachandra, Anupam (Gorumangi), Tulunga, Tapan, Lalkamal, Rafiq, Vincent, Ranty .
REF : Prabir Dhar

=============================================================== STAT : On 08.10.2012 : MOHAMMEDAN SPORTING and POLICE AC match abandoned after 60 minutes at YBK. The MATCH POSTPONED by Referee after 15 Minutes of 2nd Half due to bad light in the Stadium. This is the rescheduled match of 4.10.2012. On that day the match was postponed also due to bad light condition as heavy shower..Finaly on 02.11.2012 the match again held and MOHAMMEDAN SC Vs POLICE AC match ata YBK ended goalless where Koushik of PAC shown RED cARD at 67'.

ON 08.09.2012 : EAST BENGAL vs BNR CLUB match at YBK abandoned after 68 minute when East Bengal was leading 1-0. Referee Mr. Asit Sarkar unable to complete the IFA Premier division league match between East Bengal and BNR as BNR denied to play. The incident occurred at the 68th minute, when the referee compeled to stop the match due to bad light and poor visibility. At the time East Bengal was leading by the 49th minute goal of Penn Orji. Rescheduled match held on 31.10.2012: where EAST BENGAL won 3-0 at YBK and the scorers were Lalrindika Ralte 10', Robin Singh 62', Kevin Lobo 70

79': Referee Prabir Dhar announced that the match abandoned. Now IFA will give the final verdict.
79': Mohun Bagan appealed for bad light. What will be the decision? There is no flood light in Kalyani Stadium. Match still stopped. Any chance to resume the last 11 minute?
79': Math still stopped. Light problem? Players are talking with referees.
78': Rest time for Drink? No some conversation between the match commissioner and MMb official..What happened? .
77': Short corner of James Singh cleared finally as Rafiq missed it.
76': Another corner for USC as Masih cleared the corner kick of Lalkamal.
75': United earned corner kick from James attack in left.
73': Good attack of USC, Deepak's cross from right but Ranty too late to action, cleared.
72': No United put pressure in MMB defence to search for a goal, Deepak's long ball cleared by Aibor.
70': Two back to back attack of USC through Ranty but no score.
69': PLAYER CHANGE USC : Gourmangi in and Anupam out.
67': PLAYER CHANGE MMB : Rakesh Masih in and Denson out.
65': 0-0 is the scoreline now in this do or die match.
63': Chance to MMb, Jacob's corner and Subrata's clear .
61': Still the score line is 0-0.

60': Subrata saved an attack of Odafa from a close. Good save of Subrata.
57': Our 2nd Question was - What was the highest margin win of Mohun Bagan against United SC in IFA CFL? In the match a hattrick occurred. what was the result? Mohun Bagan won 4-1 on 2006 CFL Premier League 1st leg match where Dipendu Biswas scored hattrick and DU scored the other goal..
56': PLAYER CHANGE MMB : Tolgey in and Eche out.
56': Slow pace in the match. Both teams are trying to score first.
54': Long throw in of Biswajit cleared from USC box.
52': Odafa injured and lying on the ground for his treatment. Match stopped.
51': USC got a corner in right but Corner went to Shilton's hand.
50': Another well attack of Bagan but Anupam well cleared from Odafa.
47': Our First half Question' and answer:That was the match between the two in CFL Premier League when 7 goals scored by both teams. Who won finally? Score line? Mohun Bagan won 4-3. on 5.8.2007. Lalkamal, barreto, Venkatesh and Peter Siddiqui scored for Bagan while Theo, Ashim Das and Sanlkar Oraw scored for USC.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. 0-0 is the result.
45': Odafa got a ball in right but his weak shot went to Subrata.
43': What A MISSSSS of Manish Mathani, Got a ball in USC box, One to one with Subrata, He should lob the ball but his grounder went wide.
42': Mohun Bagan won the first ever encounter against United in IFA CFL Premier League by 2-0 on 7th August 2002. Lolendra Singh and Sk.Sanjeev scored for Bagan.
41': CHANCE missed by Bagan, Odafa got the ball in Usc box but before doing anything Bello well cleared the ball.
40': Still 0-0 is the score line.

39': Jacobs to Nirmal in right and Nirmal waa trying to pass Sabeeth but Tapan well cleared.
38': Sabeeth got a ball in left but bello passed to Subrata.
35': Still 0-0 is the score line.
34': Nirmals header from Jacob's free kick went for corner, no impact in the corner of Jacobs.
33': Lalkamal fouled Sabeeth in Box, Free kick for MMB from top of the box, It's danger.
32': Counter attack of USC, Earned corner from Vincent's attack, Ball cleared of Lal's corner kick.
31': Counter attack...Miss a chance by MMB, Subrata came cout and Sabeeth lobbed the ball but it missed the target for an inch.
30': Danger for MMB, Tulunga's right footer from right flank beat Shilton and went out.
28': Jacob to Denson to Nirmal but failed to cross.
27': Nirmal's low cross from ight defended by Bello.
26': Ranty is well guarded by Eche.
25': Mohun Bagan last got IFA CFL Premier League title in 2010 when Karim was coach.
24': Bello to Lal to Tulunga to Vincent finally in MMB box but he was unable to touch the ball from a close.
23': Goal kick for Bagan. Shilton's long shot went to Jacobs.
22': Miss pass galore in the field by both of the teams.
25': Still score line is 0-0.
20': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
19': Danger for MMB, Ranty got a ball in MMB box, but that was too fast, ball out.
18': Ranty's attack from left but his cross went for MMB goalkick.
17': Nirmal to Denson but his miss pass went to Tulunga and Tulunga fouled Biswajit.
17': Good attack of Sabeeth but Deepak cleared.
16': Long ball of Bello towards Ranty but Eche well covered the ball.
15': Eche fouled Ranty and free kick for USC.
15': Tulunga passed in MMB box but Aibor cleared for Throw in.
14': Attack of MMB, Jacobs's long pass towards United box but Odafa fouled earlier.
13': Pressure of MMb but there was Bello Rasaq to resist the attacks of MMB.
15': Score line 0-0.
11': Shot corner of Jacobs wnet wide.
11': Yellow card to Lalkamal of United.
11': Jacob's shot cleared for another corner for MMB.
10': MMB earned a corner from Manish Jr. Attack from right side.
9': Yellow Card to MMB Denson who fouled Lalkalmal from behind.
8': Nice shot of Ranty went out side the 1st bar of Shilton.
7': Vincent got a ball out side of MMB box but Eche fouled him to stop.Free kick for United.
6': Odafa's effort went to Subrata's hand.
5': United Mideo Costarican Carlos Harnandez returned to his country. The free kick master Carlos played beautiful game and socred some goal for United SC in the season.
4': No score yet in the match.
2': Foul to Rafiq, Free kick of USC. Long shot went to Shilton's hand.
1': Wrong pass of Denson snatched by Anupam.
1': Match starts at Kalyani.
0': What a great effort of United SC, They handed over INR 65,000/- to Souvik, A 20 year old cancer patient. also pray Souvik's long life and praise United SC's great effort.
0': That was the match between the two in CFL Premier League when 7 goals scored by both teams. Who won finally? Score line?
0': What was the highest margin win of Mohun Bagan against United SC in IFA CFL? In the match a hattrick occurred. what was the result?
0': Denson of Mohun Bagan and Lalkamal of United SC had some experience in their today's opponent team. Both scored goals in CFL..When?
0': Today's battle between Two top Nigerian strikers Odafa of Mohun Bagan and Ranty Martins of United SC.
0': Before EB-MB derby on 23.5 the match is very important to Mohun Bagan
0': The match will start at Kalyani Stadium.