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Subash Bhowmick " My dream is to play the AFC cup final..


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REPORT: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The I - League champion Goan side Churchill Brothers Technical Director Subash Bhowmick today facilitated by the Sports Journalists of Kolkata at Calcutta sports Journalist club tent (CSJC) today afternoon. This is Subash Bhowmick's third I-League win as he won twice when he was in charge of the Kolkata giant East Bengal. He is the only coach who has the honor of winning for Kolkata as well as for a Goan club.

In an interactive session with the Sports Journalists in the press meet, Subash Bhowmick said that his dream is to play the AFC cup final. Armando was successful to play the AFC cup semis, but I require a balanced team to achieve the goal. He showed the agreement copy with the Churchill Brothers, but he did not want to continue with the I-League champions..He was asked by the media if he has a plan to quit Churchill.

Bhowmick answered that at present no other club other than Churchill offered him. But, if he gets any club who are having a good infra structure and balanced team then he may shift. He added that a I-League playing club required a minimum of 12 crore to build up a balanced team - 9 crore for players payment and 3 crores for other useful requirements.

Discussing the fact that why an Indian coaches are successful in the I-League he illustrated that a Indian knows the culture, food habits and language, and this made them successful. But a man from the overseas are not accustomed with this situations. This can make a distance with the Indian players and foreign coaches.

He added that there are good and successful coaches in India but the clubs are yet to change the Colonial Hangover. The clubs must see the background of the overseas coaches before appoint them. He added that it is easy to work in a club outside Kolkata as there are a severe pressure to work.

While talking regarding the performances of East Bengal he said that Trevor Morgan has performed consistently in the last three years but he has failed to win the I league. He added that Morgan is a good coach who has his own philosophy and implemented it quite uccessfully. East Bengal started well but unable to keep the focus in the final stages of the I-League.

I-League is a difficult tournament as you have to travel a lot and have to be a consistent performer all through. He feels that the new IPL football can only be successful if there is a strong marketing backup which can create enthusiasm back among the football fans. Otherwise the IPL would have been a circus or be a point of beating. Bhowmick welcome the decision of AIFF of including U-22 players in the I-League

Teams as new stars can be spotted every year. As this year he is optimistic with the performances of Allwyn George, Arnab Mondal and Holicharan Narjery.

IFA Organized Shyam Sundar Women's Gold Cup women Football won by Youth Footballers Welfare Association.


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REPORT: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : IFA Organized Shyam Sundar Women's Gold Cup women Football won by Youth Footballers Welfare Association which beat W.b.Police 1-0 (Auduri Khatun) today at East Bengal ground. Woman of the match was awarded to Aduri Khatun and Woman of the Series was given to Soma Sil of W.B. Police.
Winner : Youth Footballer W.A.
Runners : W.B. Police S.C.
Individual Prize, Winners' Trophy & Cheque of Rs. 50,000/-


Individual Prize, Runners' Trophy & Cheque of Rs. 25,000/-
Two Semi Final Losers : Taltala D.S. & Sarojini Naidu O.S.C. - 10,000/- each
Highest Scorer of the Tournament : Aduri Khatun & Puja Karmakar(both fromYouth Footballer W.A.) scored 5 goals each to get gift Voucher of Rs. 3000/- each.
Women of the match : Aduri Khatun of Youth Footballer Gift Voucher of Rs. 3000/- .
Women of the Tournament : Soma Sil of W.B. Police Rs. 5000/-