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16.11.2013: EAST BENGAL   2-1   ARYAN CLUB (YBK - FT..) ::: GO HOME PAGE
KEB : Lobo 25, Chidi 41'
ARN : Stanley - pen 78'

KEB : Gurpreet, Khabra, Gurwinder, Saumik, Robert, Alvito, Seuoka, Subodh, Lobo, Tulunga, Chidi,
ARN : Subhadip, Goutam, Biswarup, Kartik, Anish, Subhankar, Ujjal, Prosenjit, Asit, Stanley, Emmanuel.
REFEREE : Pranjwal Banerjee.

FT : Match end. East Bengal win the match 2-1.
90+3': PLAYER CHANGE - KEB : Dipankar Roy in and Tulunga out.
90+2': Corner for East Bengal, Baljit's header from kick went out.
90': 4 minute added time.
90': Chidi went to defence to block an attack of Inish, counter attack of EB.
90': Robert's will take the Free kick, Keeper cleared the kick..
89': Yellow card to Aryan keeper subhojit, Free kick for KEB.
89': Subhojit banerjee fouled Baljit in out side box.
88': Another attack of ARyan through Ujjal but Robert blocked.
87': Throw in for EB, Robert's throw went to Khabra, Khabra to chidi but miss pass.
86': Free kick for East Bengal in their half from a counter attack of ABU.
83': PLAYER CHANGE-KEB: Lenn in and Seuoka out.
82': Attack of Aryan, Abu and Goutam attacked from right, passed to Prosenjit. cross of Asit cleared by Gurpreet. 81': ARyan is attacking now more and more to equalize.
80': Now the scoreline is 2-1 for East Bengal.
78': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL Stanley scored from Spot kick. 9th GOAL of STANLEY in the LEAGUE
77': Penalty for Aryan as Seuoka fouled Stanly in Box.
76': Nice flying header from Asit but went out.
75': Corner for Aryan from Ujjal's attack in right.
74': Chidi got the ball from Seuolka but he disballanced in Aryan box, ball cleared.
73': CHANCE RO KEB --------- Baljit's close shot from top of the box just went wide.
70': Same scoreline 2-0 for East Bengal.
68': Chidi's shot went direct to Keeper of Aryan.
65': Aryan is attacking now, Ainis's right sided cross went to Gurpreet.

64': Free kick for KEB, Chidi's shot went wide.
63': PLAYER CHANGE-KEB: Baljit in and Alvito out.
60': 2-0 still now for East Bengal.
59': Prasenjit good inspt Lobo's through pass.
58': Throw in for EB in heir half.
57': Good up and down match is running.
57': ARyan attacked, Robert cleared from Ujjal.
56': Free kick for EB, Emmanuel fouled Tulunga.
55': Aryan again attacked. Biswarup missed pass.
53': Aryan attacked from left, Ujjal moved but Robert blocked.
52': More and more attack of East Bengal.
49': Ainish pass and Stanley bycycle kic but he was found offside.
48': Free kick earned by Aryan. Danger area.
47': 2nd half match starts.
HT : End of First half, East Bengal is leading 2-0. Lobo and Chidi scored.
45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
44': Shot of Biswarup went to Gurpreet, Good effort.
43': East Bengal is leading 2-0.
41': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL 2nd goal of East Bengal. Chidi scored a nice shot from top of the box.
38': Chidi to lobo to Chidi and Chidi's aim less shot.
36': Free kick for Aryan, Goutam's kick and Subhankar's poor left footer went to Gurpreet.
35: scoreline is 1-0 for East Bengal.
33': Good attack of East Bengalk, Seuoka's movement from Rober's pass but finally he was bolcked by Ariyan defenders.
31': East Bengal is leading 1-0, scored by Lobo.
30': Another attack of EB, Seuoka from Chidi but his half vollye went to Keeper of Aryan.
28': Lobo's another long ranger from out side box but aimless.
27': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
26': Lobo chested a ball gave by Chidi from behind and his bullet rit footer beat Aryan keeper and went home after hitting the post.
25' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Lobo nice scored from a final pass of Chidi.
23': Corner for East Bengal in Aryan keeper's right, Khabra's kick and Biswarup cleared by header.
22': Still the scoreline is 0-0.
20': Chidi got a chance in Aryan box but his shot went wide.
17': Free kick for Aryan, Shot of Goutam went wide over the bar but it was good kick.
16': Yellow card to Gurwinder of East Bengal as he fouled Ujjal of Aryan.
15': Scoreline is 0-0.
15': Chidi moved from left but 3 Aryan plyers were behind him, Ball cleared.
13': Corner for East Bengal. Alvito's corner cleared.
11'; BREAKING NEWS : Bengal lost 1-4 to Maharashtra in Semi Final of U-14 National at Kalyani
10': 0-0 is the score line.
9': Free kick for Aryan, Gotam was fouled. Free kick cleared.
7': Alvito's left side cross for Lobo but cleared in Aryan box.
5': Again attack of Aryan, Ujjal missed the target.
4': Gurpreet bad back pass as Ujjal was in front of him but Gurpreet came in advance to collect.
3': Alvito's Corner kick cleared by Subhankar.
2': Alvito's kick and finally Chidi's header missed the tartget and went for Corner kick..
1': EB earned FREE kick for an attack of Chidi. Emmanuel blocked him
1': Match starts at YBK.
0': Match is goint to start.

AIFF u-14 National - Bengal, Manipur, Kerala and Maharashtra in Semi

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Bengal reach in the Semi Final of AIFF U-14 National Football Championship going at Kalyani, Nadia. Other 3 semi Finalists are Kerala, Maharashtra and Manipur.

Today in mornning match at Kalyani Bengal beat Karnataka 2-0, goal scored by Kinan Nashiri and Subhodip Bharacharyya while Manipur won 9-0 against Ounjab. In other two matches in afternoon Maharashtra win 3-2 against Goa and Haryana drew 2-2 with Kerala. Tomorrow in the semi Final Bengal will face Maharashtra while Manipur will face Kerala to reach in the Final.

Friendly in Shiliguri - PHILIPPINES HOLD INDIA

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INDIA : Karanjit, Denzil, Arnab, Aibhor, Gurjinder, Francis, Mehtab, Lenny, Clifford, Chhetri, Robin.

PHL : Mueller, Ray Jonsson, Gier, Guirado, Christiaens, J Younghusband, Lucena, Chris, Schrock, A Guirado, P Younghusband

FT : Match end, Result is 1-1. Sunil Scored for India and Younghusband scored for PHL.
90': 3 minute added time.
PLAYER CHANGE -INDIA : Raju in and AIbor out.
88':Karanjit made a brilliant save by Marcus's shot.Score remains still same
86': PHL shot missed the target.
85': India got 3 and PHL got 5 corner kick so far.
83': Corner kick fro PHL from left sided attack, no impact.
80': PLAYER CHANGE; INDIA - Jeje in and Robin out.
77': Yellow card to Aibor of India.
74': Both teams got 3 corner kick each so far.
73': PHL's Free kick but ball went out for India goal kick.
72': Corner for India, No impact of Mehtab's kick.
71': A goal disallowed of Younghusband for Philipines for offside.
70': Same score 1-1.
63': PLAYER CHANGE - PHL : Christopher Greatwich out Marwin Angeles in
62': Still 1-1 is the score line.
57': Free kick for India, Mehtab's kick no impact.
53': Throw in for India - Referee shown Yellow card to Younghusband.
50': Still 1-1 is the scoreline.
49': PHL player shot a ball but missed the target.
48': PHL attacked from right but no impact, cleared.
46': Yellow Card to Clifford-India.
46': 2nd half match started.
HT : It's half time now. Scoreline 1-1.
45': 1 minute injury time added.
44': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Phillipines equalized through a nice shot by James Younghusband.
42': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL India Scored Goal through Sunil from Mehtab's well corner kick.
40': Still no score, India is playing attacking Football.
38': Free kick for India - Mehtab kick cleared.
36': India is playing well now.
33': Throw in for PHL cleared.
30': Karanjeet well saved a goal bouded shot of PHL Schrock.
30': Right sided attack of Indiam Mehtab passed to Francis and his shot saved.
28': India ATTACKED--Good header of Chettri from clifford pass deflected and Francis shot from return ball saved.
26': In the field AIFF vice President Subrata Dutta is present alongwith Another official Anil Kamath.
25': Still the scoreline is 0-0.
23': India attacked by Sunil.
22': Corner for PHL from left flank, Saved by Karanjit.
21': India is attacking more and more.
20': Still goalless is the match.
18': Free kick to Philippine just outside the penalty box but Schrock's effort deflected by human wall and finally cleared
17': Counter attack of PHL cause India for Goalkick.
16': Good attack of Robin to Sunil to Cliffored but defeder of PHL collected the ball and back passed to their keeper.
15': 0-0.
14': Corner for PHL, right of Karanjit, Cleared by Lenny.
13': PHL attacked again but Arnab well blocked.
12': Goal kick for PHL from an attack of India.
7': Free kick for India form left by Clifford but no impact.
6': Long shot of Karanjit.
5':After early 5 minutes score remains goalless, India tries some early pressure but no such real goal scoring opportunity by both the teams
5': Again atack of PHL, Throw in in right for them, but ball went to India goal kick.
3': PHL attacked from left wing, crossed from left but cleared in India defence.
2': Throw in for India, Franco's throw in but fouled.
1': Match starts, India kicked - off the match.
0': 1 minute's silence observed in the field before the match for the tragedy back in the Philippines. 10,000 victims lost life recently for stron.
0': Expected 15-18000 spectators in the Stadium now cheering for India team.
0': Both teams are walking towards the field.