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CFL SUPER-12 : Barreto's brace helped Bhawanipur's win vs Police

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IFA CFL : 30.09.13: Bhowanipur Club  2-1   Police AC (BST - FT)
BHP Debjit, Saikat, Sovon, Amit, Monjit, Snehasish, Tarun, Dipendu, Francis, Bidemi, Barreto.
PAC:Pradip, Samir, Henry, Goutam, Maidul, Biswajit, Arijit, Barun, Debashis, Bira.
FULL TIME Bhowanipur SC beat Police AC in 2-1
90'+2':Another chance to Barreto, his touch goes wide
90':Referee added 5 minutes of injury time
88':Dhiraj's forward pass, directly in Debjit's hand
87':Henry's free kick deflected by humna wall and cleared
87': Players Change in Bhowanipur Najimuddin in place of Francis
86': Free kick to Police AC in a very good position
85':Dhiraj's centre from right flank, Amit clears the ball
84':Bhowanipur's move through Barreto, Monjit, but Monjit's touch made it easier to Pradip
82':Players Change in Bhowanipur: Uttam in place of injured Tarun
81': Score remains still same
78':tarun looks injured, game stopped
75': Police AC's corner, Debjit saves the ball
73':Samir's shot from corner blocked and a back volley of Henry went wide.
72':Police AC's attack results a corner, Sovan tries to clear but again a corner
70':Another good run of Dipendu in right wing, his pass to Francis but ball cleared
68':Francis's shot, another good save by Pradip clears the ball
67':Monjit's header from corner, just missed 2nd post.
66':Tarun's long ranger, deflected and a corner to Bhowanipur
64':Good move through Daniel from right footed instep in box, his pass to Barreto but it is away for him , finally barreto's pass but Daniel fails to control the ball
63':Bad tackle of Dipendu to Biswajit, free kick to Police AC
62':Goutam's forward pass to Biswajit, one to one situation, Biswajit's left footed shot went wide. He missed a very easy chance.
61':Another goal scoring opportunity to Bhowanipur, Monjit missed the header
58':Players Change in Police AC: Dhiraj Thapa in place of Barun Dana
57':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bhowanipur scores once again. Bidemi's header goes to Barreto,
56':Another attack through Barreto, ball cleared
55':Brilliant move of Bhowanipur through Daniel with a long run, too many defenders blocks him
53':GOALLLLLLLLLLL Francis's centre from left wing, Barreto once again in the score sheet.
52':Francis's corner, Pradip fists the ball, Sovan's back to back three shot but all blocked. Finally a corner to Bhowanipur
51':Another shot of Monjit, Pradip fists the ball. Corner to bhowanipur
48':Francis's long ranger, just went wide of second post.
48':Brilliant chance to Monjit from Daniel's pass, Pradip saves it in second try
46': Second half starts
Half Time. Police AC leading 1-0 after the end of first half
45'+2':Brilliant attack of Bhowanipur through Daniel, Barreto's shot deflects from post and went wide. Brilliant shot by Barreto.
45': Referee added 2 minutes of injury time
44':Dipendu's shot from corner directly in Pradip's hand. Too easy for Pradip
44':Ball cleared from free kick and a corner.
43':Yellow Card to Henry for his foul against Francis
43': Dipendu's free kick, Pradip fists the ball again a return shot of Francis, hs shot directly in Pradip's hand
40':Police AC's attack, Barun is in offside position
37':Players Change in Bhowanipur: Rajib in place of Saikat.
36':Brilliant attack of Bhowanipur, Francis's centre, Baretto's header went over the bar
35':Tarun's long ranger, went over the bar
34':Dipendu's corner cleared and goes to Sovan, his centre from left flank to Baretto. Baretto's header went wide.
32':Sovan committed a foul against Biswajit, free kick to olice AC
31':Francis's centre directly in Pradip's hand
26':Another attack of Bhowanipur through Barreto and Dipendu, but Dipendu's centre went to Francis in wide position and cleared by defenders
25':Dipendu's centre from right flank, Henry clears the ball
24':Goutam Pal looks injured, game stopped
23':Dipendu's corner, Francis's long ranger went over the bar
22':Bhowanipur's attack through Francis and Barreto, but ball went wide
21':Players Change in Police AC: Dhiraj in place of injured Arijit
19':Biswajit's one touch shot outside box, easy to Debjit. Score remains 1-0 for Police AC
15':Another attack of Bhawanipur, chance to Francis but Pradip made a good save
14':Counter attack of Bhawanipur through Snehasish, his centre cleared in box
13':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Henry Opara scores brilliantly from free kick. An excellent free kick finds the net, no chance to Debjit.
12':Free kick to Police AC in a very good position after Saikat committed a foul
11':Polics AC's attack, Barun Dana committed a foul against Daniel Bidemi
9':Chance to Goutam of Police AC, his shot blocked in box
7':Score remains goalless still now. Police made more move than Bhawanipur Club.
2':Police's free kick, ball directly in Debjit's hand, no chance to Barun
1': Police AC's move, Amit clears the ball.
0': Kick off

West Ham United Chief visits the Goalz Project site of George Telegraph

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ADHIRAJ DUTTA : "Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority." Vince Lombardi".

This is the exact motto the boys of the Kolkata Goalz Project follow as they endure hardship and yet find bliss through the beautiful game of football. Elite clubs of Kolkata, in association with British Council, Premier League,UK, Kolkata Police, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, AIFF & The IFA set up a unit of football training centre named "KOLKATA GOALZ" at Christopher Park, Tangra, identified by the Kolkata Police as one of the crime prone zones of Kolkata, to extend their helping hand towards street children. In July this year, Swansea defender Neil Taylor had visited the city to promote the project, which is quite similar to the Kickz Project in England.

On Saturday, Joseph Lyons, Head of Community of West Ham United Community Sports Trust, was accompanied by Anirban Dutta, Additional General Secretary of George Telegraph Sports Club, Sanjay Sarkar, Senior Project Manager of the British Council, and Ashique Ahmed, Officer-in-Charge, Nadial, to the Goalz sites at Christopher Park and Nadial, run by George Telegraph. After visiting the two sites, Mr Lyons went to the residents of some of the teenagers being helped by Kolkata Goalz and had an interaction with them.

Quite impressed by the work being done, Lyons said, I feel there is a fantastic potential to develop the programme further and to capitalise on the CSR seminar outcomes. I will be discussing and feeding back my observations and thoughts from my trip to the EPL over the next few weeks.