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Aryan Club beat George Telegraph in CFL tie.

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04.10.2013: George Telegraph   1-2   Aryan Club (BST - FT)
GEO : Surojit, Haustav, Gautam, Suman, Indrajit, Bibek, Taurus, Bijay, Amit, Supriyo, Waheed.
ARN : Subhadip, Abu, Kartik, Gour, Ujjal, Srikanta, Prosenjit, Asit, Goutam, Biswarup, Stanley
REFEREE : Prabir Dhar
LA LIGA SCENE IN IFA CFL TODAY ---------- Today In IFA CFL MATCH at Barasat, Referee awarded Indirect Freekick for George Telegraph inside Aryan Penalty box for dangerous play when Aryan's Gour fouled Taurus of George. ------------- YES, april 29 th 2012, THE SAME Occured in a match in LA LIGA between Real Madrid vs Sevilla when in 35th minute a sevilla player fouled Ronaldo in box and ref awarded Free kick in Penalty box for Real...................what happened then?

Match End Aryan Club beat George Telegraph in 2-1
90':Referee added 5 minutes of injury time
89':Pintu nearly finds another chance to score.
88':Players Change in george: Bijay in place of another Bijay
86':Yellow Card to Bijay.
87':Chance to George from a forward pass to find Taurus. Subhadip fails to clear the ball properly. Stanley clears the ball finally from back volley
83':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Substitute Pintu scores for Aryan
81':Players Change in Aryan: Pintu in place of Asit
80':Chance to Abu, Goutam clears the ball
76':Ball cleared from corner and a counter attack of George through Bijay. Asit's sliding tackle to denies the attack. Bijay looks injured. Game stopped
75':Brilliant fists of Surojit save one clear goal scoring chance, another corner to Aryan
75':Aryan's move and another corner
74':Wahid's centre from right wing, Taurus's header directly in Subhadip's hand
73':Chance to Abu, but he is in offside position
71':Aryan's attack through Abu and Kartik, Goutam's sliding tackle clears the ball
67':Subhadip brilliantly save the ball from corner.
66':Ball deflected by human wall, corner to George
64':Tackle of Gour to Taurus, free kick to George
63':Bijay's centre again from left flank, Taurus failed to trap the ball properly
62':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Wahid equalize for George Telegraph. Bijay's centre and Wahid beat offside trap and a one to one situation to him. he made no mistake to finish it easily
61':Ujjal nearly finds another chance, ball finally cleared in box
59':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Bijay
57':Forward pass to find Satyajit, Subhadip saves it by coming upwards
56':Yellow Card. Referee ahown yellow card to Gour for his bad tackle ti Amit
54':Players Change in George: Satyajit in place of Bibekananda
53':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Abu Scores for Aryan, Ujjal's pass to unmarked Abu, he made a brilliant finish
51':Goutam's free kick, Biswarup tries to head the ball but failed but ball deflected by post and goes to Abu. Abu's shot went too wide
51':Another foul, free kick to Aryan
47':Indrajit's shot from free kick, went over the bar
46':Aryan's attack, Ujjal is in offside position
46':Biswarup's shot, directly in Surojit's hand
46':Second Half Resumes
HALF TIME Score remains goalless between George Telegraph and Aryan Club
45'+2':Abu's header from corner, went wide
45'+1': Aryan's attack, ball cleared and a corner to Aryan
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time
44':Abu's shot in wide angle, directly in Surojit's hand
43':Biswarup's forward pass to Abu, but he is in offside position
42':Asit's centre from right flank, ball cleared in box
40': Asit's left footed shot, very near to first post, ball went wide.
37':Chance to Taurus after a bad clearance, but his shot to weak to finds the net
35':Score remains still goalless
32':nearly finds another chance taurua, Subhadip give him no space
31':Brilliant chance to Wahid from Taurus's pass, but very weak shot to beat Subhadip
28':Another long ranger, Goutam's shot, went wide
27':Kartik's right footed shot nearly finds second post.
26':Gour's centre, ujjal's header went wide, corner to Aryan
25':Goutam's free kick, too wide.
23':Aryan's corner, Surojit saves the ball
21':Kartik's right footed long ranger, went wide
19':Wahid looks injured, game stopped due to injury
17':Vivekananda's forward pass to find Wahid, but he committed a foul against Stanley
13':George's attack through Taurus and Wahid, but Subhadip saves the ball
11':Chance to Abu Bakkar, ball cleared in defence
9':Wahid's centre, Gour cleared the ball
6':Ujjal tries to shot from corner, ball went wide
5':Abu's centre, cleared and a corner ti Aryan
4':Biswarup committed a foul against Waheed, free kick to George Telegraph
1':Long run of Vivekananda, good block in defence
0':Kick off

Mohun Bagan win against ARMY XI in CFL match at Barasat.

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IFA CFL PREMIER : 03.10.2013 : Mohun Bagan   3-0   Army XI (BST-FT ) :: REFERESH THE PAGE WITH F5 BUTTON

MMB : Shilton, Aibor, Eche, Kingshuk, Wahid, Denson, Adarsh, Sabeeth, Zakir, Eric, Ram.
ARMY : Balwant, Kuki, Dileep, Anthoney, Santu, Arjun, Gmawaia, Vipin, Shadip, C.L. Mawia, MAhato
REFEREE : Goutam Chakrabarty

FT : Match end. Mohun Bagan win 3-0, All score came in first half.
90+2': Another chance to Army, Shilton saved but rebouned ball was cleared by Kinhshuk well.
90+2': Army attacked, Santu Subba's powerful right footer went wide.
90': 3 minute added time.
87': Wahid again Injured and under in treatment.
86': Yusa solo effort from midfield but finally cleared.
85': Right sided attack of Army bur clered.
83': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Sankar Oraw in and Sabeeth out.
82': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Yusa in and Eric out.
80': 3-0 for Bagan.

79': Santu Subba from right side but Line official Konika Burman said he was offside.
78': Mohun Bagan is searching for 4th goal.
77': Goal kick of Shilton.
76': Wahid is injured win an Arial ball now under treatment.
76': Denson's corner cleared from Army defence.
75': MMB attacked, Sabeeth to Eric in left but finally kuki cleared for corner.
74': Army's attack cleared by Wahid.
73': Shilton cleared a ball from caming in advance.
71': Again and again attack of Bagan, Ram's shot from Eric's pass went wide.
70': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 3-0.
69': ANOTHER CHANCE MISSED: Eric's grounder hits the post and out.
68': Corner kick for Baga in right of Army GK.
65': Corner kick cleared.

65': Bagan win another corner from Eric's attack who got the ball from sabet but dileep well defended for a corner.
64': Long ball of Army in Bagan box but no one there of Army ball went to Goal kick for Bagan.
63': Army attacked, Arjun Tudu's left from out side of the Bagan bo but went out.
62': Now slow pace in the match.
62': Corner for Army but vall cleared.
60': 3-0 is the score line for Bagan.
58': CHANCE MISSED by Eric, Sabeeth well crossed from right but Eric's 3 yard shot in open net went over the cross bar.
57': Mahato of Army fouled EChe.
56': What a miss of Penalty by Deleep of Army. His left footer went out.
55': PRNALTY FOR ARMY, Aibor handled a ball in box.
54': Mohun Bagan is playing short passed.
53': Ram to Denson to Wahid in top of the box but his shot missed the target.
52': Shilton collected a ball from box.

51': Well effort of Bagan, Ram to Sabeeth in right but no one to receive his right sided cross.
50': Still 3-0 is the scoreline for Mohun Bagan.
49': Army attacked from right cross but Kingshuk cleared via header.
48': Eric was offside from a movement.
48': Miss pass of Bagan went for Goal kick of Army.
47': Corner kick cleared.
47': Left sided attack of Army through Gmawaia but went for corner kick of Bagan.
46': Starts of 2nd half.
HT : It's half time now, Mohun Bagan is leading 3-0.
45+1': Sabeeth got a chance in left but finally his cross was too long which went to Army.
45': 2 minute added time.
44': Bagan is searching for more goal with more and more attack.
43': PLAYER CHANGE : Arghyo in Adarsh out. Debut of Barasat' Boy at Barasat Stadium today in Mohun Bagan Jersey.
42': Eche cleared Santu Subba's right sided cross.
41': Wrong pass of Army Kingshuk cleared.

40': Foul fo Adarhs to Sanut Subba. Free kick for Bagan.
38'; Mohun Bagan is leading 3-0 now. 4th goal of Sabeeth in the season of Sabeeth, CFL 3 and I-League 1 goal of Sabeeth.
37': Eric passed in rifht of Army box, Sabeeth well received and lobbed over Keeper's head.
36': Free kick for Army, Good effort of Dileep and saved by Shilton but ball deflected which Eche cleared well.
35': 2-0 is the scoreline for Bagan.
33': Corner for Arny in left of Shilton from Santu Subba's attack, corner kick cleared.
33': Match stopped as Arjun Tudu is injured and in under treatment.
31': Zakir's corner from right of Army keeper, cleared.
30': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 2-0.
29': Dander in Army box but Dileep cleared for corner.
28': Again offside of Army, Mahato to Shadip but he was offside.
27': Army attacked from left but dismissed by Bagan defence, ball went to Shilton.
26': Mohun Bagan is leading 2-0 now.
25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant Free kick of Eric which beat Keeper in his right and scored Bagan's 2nd goal.
25': Erick's free kick.
24': Free kick from MMB, just out side of the Army box, Kuki fouled Sabeeth from behind.
23': Sabeet to Denson to Zakir and his low grounder went to keeper's hand.
23': Corner kick cleared.

23': Shilton wrong collected a ball as the refree said the corner kick of Army in his left.
22': Today WOMEN ASST REFEREE Kanika Burman
21': Again attack of Ram Malik from right but his corss cleared in Army box.
20': Sabeeth attacked from left but ball out.
20': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
18': Denson's kick short pass to Zakir but his right footer went wide.
18': Foul of dilip to Ram Malik in right of their box, Free kick for Bagan.
17': Army atacked from left, but Gmawai offside.
16': Another attack of Army, Again Eche cleared by a header from a left sided cross.
15': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0, Ram Malik scored.
14': Army attacked but Eche cleared through header from box.
12': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ram Malik scored for Mohun Bagan, his first goal for Mohun Bagan. The Maker of the goal was Eric, Eric's left footer saved but deflected from Army keeper and on rushing Ram who followd the ball scored in blank net. .
10': 0-0 is the score line.
9': Waheed to Eche and he wants to pass Ram but cleared in top of the Box.
8': Ram Malik got the ball in left from Sabeeth but wrong cross cleared.
7': Another attack of ARmy, Santu crossed from but ball cleared by Eche.
6': Eric's shot went to Keeper of Army.
6': Denson to Eche and his long pass in Army box , cleared.
5': 0-0 is the score line.
5': Good attack of Army, ARjun's kick from out side box went out.
4': Denson's corner and Kingshuk's header went for Goal kick.
3': Right sided attack of Eric and MMB win a corner kick.
3': Army attacked from left, Counter attack of MMB through ERIC, corner for MMB>
3': Wrong throw in of MMB.
2': Denson to Eche to Kingshuk but missed to pass.
2': Long goalkick of Shilton.
1': Match starts at UBK.