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Maria Rebello is on her way to become the first woman to officiate a match of Chinese National Games

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... 02.09.2013: CHARLES D'SOUZA - GFA : Goa gets the distinction of having Maria Rebello will officiate in the final phase of Chinese National Games to be held at Dalian City in China from August 30 to September 11 It may be recalled that last month, Maria Rebello is on her way to become the first woman to officiate a match in the I league after the AIFF'S Referee committed included her in the panel for the 2013-14 season.

Rebello captained India for a brief period. while the trend for former player is dabble in coaching. Rebello had other ideas. I wasn't going to be happy sitting on the sidelines and shouting instruction. This gives me a chance to be on the pitch she says. Obviously, Maria has every reason to be overexcited. It was a pleasant surprise to. I did not expect this invitation at all This is huge for me says Rebello. This is very motivating she remarked.

I will be officiating the I league form this season and getting such exposure before season gets commence is priceless. It's not everyday that you get to officiate National Games of a country.

Hailing from Curtorim in South Goa, she made entry in refereeing the men's games in GFA local leagues before handling a role at the National level . Over the years she has learnt enough to ensure that the aggressive and foul mouthed players do not intimate her. Players are not well versed withj the laws of the game and so we have to make them understand politely and whenever there is a need we cautioned them with yellow and red cards pointed out Rebello.

Being a player helped. And she claims to easily trace the spot when a player in faking an injury. I know those tactics now I have witnessed and use them as player she says. We are thought how to deal with those things.

When asked how she felt after being invited to officiate the Chinese National games Rebello remarked I ma very excited and happy too as I have to prepare to cope up with the big challenge.

To officiate such big event is a matter of pride tome added Maria Rebello. She expressed her great full ness to AIFF, GFA,AG, Family, colleagues and friends for giving her support and guidance and faith reposed by AIFF ,GFA In allotting me various tournament s and speak about their trust which I cherish and value very much.

They have provided me with a platform or else I would never able to go this far signed off Maria Rebello Rebello will be Refereeing in the women's football competitions

Garrath BALE move to Real from Tottenham : what says in twitter?

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BALE - The player will get (Approx)

Yearly: DOLLAR - 15,600,000
Monthly: DOLLAR - 1,200,000
Weekly: DOLLAR - 300,000
Daily: DOLLAR - 42,857
Hourly: DOLLAR - 2,040
Minute: DOLLAR - 34

Top 5 biggest transfer ever:

1. Gareth Bale - EURO - 100m
2. Cristiano Ronaldo - EURO - v94m
3. Zinedine Zidane - EURO -v 75m
4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - EURO - 69m
5. Figo - EURO - 68m