Purple boys started their journey of the season

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 United SC are back in action

15.10.2014: USC PRESS RELEASE : USC started their first practice of the season, 2014 keeping in view of the Durand Cup, 2014 under the guidance of Mr. Anjan Nath and Mr. Partha Sen. Senior players like Surajit Bose, Bivash Sarkar, Swarup Das was available from last year's Team. Two Nigerian Players, Charles and Yusa was also having trials with the team.

Veteran Coach Mr. Anjan Nath said, "Right away I am not looking for Championship in the next tournament, instead I will try to make a balance squad for the 2nd division I league. We will play next tournaments as preparation tournament to I League.

 United SC are back in action

Team Director Mr. Nabab Bhattacharya said "Getting down from I League first division only due to licensing criteria is a blow to our club. USC is a serious football club and always have a sound youth development system. Like past several years we will concentrate mainly on local players, and recruitment of decent foreign players will make a spirited team for upcoming season. We are still looking for financial supports and I strongly believe that with the inclusion of ISL in Indian football scenario, we will be able to present the viability to the probable sponsors."

It is almost sure that from tomorrow some more matured and quality players will join the team to make it a success.

The "Purples" are back..United SC ready to start practice 14th Sept'14

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 United SC are back in action

14.10.2014: USC PRESS RELEASE : The "Purples" are back. Amidst the grandeur of ISL, UNITED SPORTS CLUB is back tothe main stream of Indian football with preparation of ensuing Durand Cup. Team comprising mainly ofyoung local talents nurtured at our youth development project with a perfect blend of experiencedforeigners is all set to carry the batons of their legendary big-bros under the guidance of USC's old warhorse Mr. Anjan Nath.

He will be assisted by Mr. Partha Sen, another young, talented and dedicatedfootball teacher associated with our youth development program under whom Pathachakra, the totversion of USC became Champion of 1st Division of Calcutta Football League 2014. Practice to start at Kalyani "A" Block ground from 15th October, 2014 at 9.30 A.M. with the help of USC' susual Philanthropic Partners Kalyani Municipality Bleed Purple.We invite all of our press friends on the scheduled practice session.Yours presence on the field always make us happy.