AIFF appoint Mr. Javed Siraj Integrity Office.

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AIFF Official Press Release : FIFA and AFC's mandate to appoint an Integrity Officer in every member association to combat corruption and match-fixing in sport, All India Football Federation (AIFF) has appointed Mr. Javed Siraj in that role. The AIFF is focused on upholding the core values of football such as Fair Play, achievement by merit and the uncertainty of the outcome of matches and competitions" Governing Body's General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das told on the appointment.

Match fixing is a dangerous threat to the game, therefore, the AIFF is committed to protecting the integrity of all its competitions and enhance good governance across football in the country," Mr. Das added. The Integrity Officer will be the single point contact on all matters of Integrity in AIFF. Among his many roles and responsibilities in the aforementioned capacity, the Integrity Officer is expected to develop an Integrity Plan and Strategy along with developing required educational material on integrity matters.

He will also report the progress of this initiative to the Executive Committee of the AIFF from time to time. "With the commercialization of sports, it has become imperative to have integrity in all areas and prevent any sort of wrong doings," Shiraz told I will be ensuring that integrity in football is maintained at all levels in the country by coordinating with clubs and their team security officers on all matters pertaining to integrity and security during competitions, he added defining his role.

Siraj will also carry out risk assessment of competition/matches on threat of match manipulation and betting as and when required. He will also be paying visits to competition venues in view of preventing any sort of malpractice during matches. The AIFF is also in the process of signing an agreement with Early Warning System (EWS) for monitoring betting of domestic competitions. The Officer will have his feet under the table from August 1, 2014.

AFC 'B" License courst at Kolkata on and from 7-27th Sept.

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The AIFF is conducting an AFC B Certificate Course in Bengal, from 7th to 27th September 2014. Candidates willing to apply for the course should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be an AFC C- Certificate holder.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years experience in football coaching since being issued the AFC C-Certificate.
  • Hold a valid birth certificate/passport copy.
  • Should have maintained a log book for his sessions after completion of AFC C- Certificate (minimum 60 hours), required for submission during the course.
  • Applications for the course should be made online at by 31st July 2014.