11 passed in AFC 'A" and 8 passed in AFC 'B' License course

 AFC -A- License course result 2014

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AIFF Media RELEASE : Eleven Candidates have passed the AFC A-Certificate Course which was held in Kolkata from March 14 to April 9, 2014. Twenty Candidates had appeared in the Course which was conducted by Mr. Vincent Subramanium from Singapore and Lim Kim Chon of Malaysia.

 AFC -A- License course result 2014

The following is the list of successful Candidates who passed the Course.-----: Passed Candidates: Raman Vijayan, Langam Chaoba Devi, Prasanta Chakrabarty , Kundan Chandra, Sankarlal Chakraborty , Subroto Dutta , Mridul Kanti Banerjee , Arun Saha, E.S. Shyam, Tarun Dey and Biswajit Bhattacharya.

while Eight candidates passed the AFC B-Certificate Course held in Mumbai from March 29 till April 18, 2014.The Course which was conducted by Scott O'Donell, AIFF Technical Director Academies and Director of Coach Education saw 24 participants take part in the Coaching programme. O'Donell was assisted by India Senior National Team Assistant Coach Savio Medeira.

The eight participants who have passed are as follows: Sukhwinder Kumar, Deggie Cardozo, Zhoyeb Shaikh, Anthony Fernandes, Salim Akbar Pathan, Dennis Xavier George, Joseph Sidy and T.A. Renjith

2nd Divn I-League : Club Selection Starts

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AIFF Media RELEASE : The All India Football Federation (AIFF) have announced that the selection of teams as per the AIFF's Indian club licensing Criteria for the Second Division League 2014/15 season begins today, July 7, 2014.

The State Associations are asked to send in their nominations of the interested Clubs along with the required documents for licensing latest by July 25. The 2nd Division League will start from the middle of November this year.

There is a cap of maximum of three teams from any particular City in the I-League and the 2nd Division League put together with the exception of Goa and Kolkata, where the maximum cap is five teams for both I-League and the 2nd Division put together.

However, in Goa and Kolkata a maximum of 3 teams can play in the top-flight and the newly promoted team will have to relocate. In case of other venues/cities the cap of teams in I-League is 2 clubs. Sporting Merit will be a critical aspect in the selection of Clubs for the 2nd Division League. The Teams that qualify will be chosen on their performance in the last played top-most local Leagues/tournament.

It has also been announced that the U-19 I-League will begin in September this year.

It is mandatory for all the 2nd Division League Clubs to field a team in the U19 I-League Tournament. This will be held in two phases; phase 1 will be zonal competition and the top teams will be competing in the final round. All the State Associations are asked to send a tentative list of teams interested in participating in the 2nd Division League by July 15.

The winning team from the 2nd Division will get promoted to the I-League, subject to acquiring the license for competing in the I-League under the Indian Club Licensing regulations.