IFA CFL - Mohun Bagan beat East Bengal to get Runners-up position.

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KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Gurwinder, Raju, Soimik, Lobo, Khabra, Dika, Abranches, Seuoka, chidi.
MMB : Shilton, Preetam, Eche, Rowilson, Souvik, Zakir, Pankaj, Denson, Sabeeth, Sankar, Odafa and... REF : Pranjol Banerjee

Mohun Bagan had bagged the CFL derby and finished second edging past the arch rival East Bengal by a solitary goal scored by Katsumi Yusa at Kolkata today. The all importan t goal came in the 82nd minute of the match to give the Mariners some pride to cheer after an unproductive season so far. East Bengal are already declared as the champions of the CFL when they defeated KalighatMS on the 8th of January to reach the tally to 28 points.

But today the football lovers of Kolkata proved once again that the charm and attraction of a Derby is alaways different. It was almost sixty five thousand odd spectators along with the UB Group Chairman Dr Vijay Mallya and a host of Tollwood stars were at the Yubabharati to witness the match......... SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH MATCH LIVE COMMENTARY and PIC GALLETY

Mohun Bagan could took the lead at the very first minute of the match when a shot from top of the box by Pankaj Moulla was saved by Gurpreet. Mohun Bagan definately had the better of the opportunities in the first session and could have converted. But some good goalkeeping by Gurpit Singh Sandhu and some waisted opportunities by Odafa and Sabeeth restrited the Mariners to take the lead. The only chance came in East Bengal's way when Cheedi Eddeh’s head hit the bar following a long throw by Raju Gaikwad. Karim started with three strikers as Pankaj and Denson were the life wire in Mohun Bagan’s midfeild. Pankaj could have been the hero at the very first minute but his shot was denied by Gurpit.

In the second session East Bengal came back strongly as they started to play a number of passes in the middle third. East Bengal could have converted but a number of chances waisted by Moga, Dika, Abranches and Cheddi. Abranches waisted a easiest opportunity with Shilton at his mercy. Mohun Bagan scored through their Japanese medio at the 82nd minute of the match following a forward through from Sabeeth.

Katsumi recieved the ball just outside the 18 yards beat Raju Gaikwad with sheer speed and scored brillantly from almost a 15 degree angle beating the Red and Gold custodian Gurpit Singh Sandhu. The match did not rise to any great height. Referee Pranjal Banerjee had to stop the match in several occasions following some scrappy football by both the teams.


FULL TIME : Match end, Mohun Bagan beat East Bengal in New year's first Derby by 1-0, Yusa is the hero to Mohun Bagan fans.
90+2': Raju' s long throw in in Mohun Bagan box but Dika header went wide.
90+1': Corner for East Bengal from Moga's attack but effective the corner kick.
90': 3 minute added time.
90': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0. Yusa scored.
89': Mohun Bagan lost 3 derbies and 1 drew in last years Derby and have a chance to win this year's first Derby.
88': YELLOW CARD TO Kingshuk of Mohun Bagan.
87' East Bengal is now more and more attack in Mohun Bagan area.
87': Good effort of Seuoka but nice saved of Shilton.
87': East Bengal 0-1 Mohun Bagan. Yusa scored the goal.

86': Counter attack of East Bengal from left, Lobo;'s shot went wide from Soumik's pass.
84': Brulliang goal of Yusa beat Raju in speed and Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
83': GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL Katsumi Yusa scored brilliant goal from left sided movement and Finished with a nice volley.
82': CHANCE MISSED by East Bengal : Moga got the ball from a movement of Seuoka and Dika from left, but in one to one situation Shilton win.
PLAYER CHANGE - JAMES MOGA - 80' : Moga in and Chidi out.
80': Still no score in the match.
PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL - 78' : Tullunga in and Abranches out.
78': Chidi fouled Eche in Mohun Bagan box.
77': Moga and Tulunga both are warming up in side line.
76': Now slow pace in the match.

75': 0-0 is the scoreline.
74': Abranches attacked from right, Shilton collected cross of Abranches.
73': Free kick for Bagan as Yusa was fouled from behind by Khabra.
72': Attack of Bagan in right but Soumik well gurad the ball from Denson for Throw in.
70': Gurpreet collected Yusa's weak shot.
70': 0-0 is the scoreline.
69': East Bengal earned corner from Seuoka's attack and Eche's clearence, Corner kick of Dika cleared.
67': PLAYER CHANGE - MOHUN BAGAN - 68': Kingshuk in and Rowilson out.
65' Yellow card to Yusa who fouled Khabra.
65': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
65': Corner for Mohun Bagan, Denson's shot well collected by Gurpreet.
64': Tulunga of East Bengal is warming up.
63': DEnson's header and Pankaj's header went wide.
63': Free kick for Mohun Bagan as Dika fouled Yusa from behind.
62': Attack of East Bengal from right, soumik to Lobo but hsi cross deflected.
60': Still scoreline is 0-0.

59': ANOTHER CHANCE MISSED by East Bengal : Credit again to Shilton, Chidi's cross and Lobo's shot well saved by shilton from very close.
57': CHANCE TO EAST BENGAL----- Shilton well saved Seuoka's close shot.
55': Still scoreline is 0-0.
55': Free kick for East Bengal, Dika's left footer went wide over the bar.
53': Now slow pace in the match.
52': Attack of East Bengal from right, Naoba's cross saved by Shilton and Khabra's long ranger went wide.
52': Mohun Bagan is now playing without the service of Odafa Okolie.
PLAYER CHANGE MOHUN BAGAN 50' - Odafa out and Yusa in.
50': Still scoreline is goalless.
49': Odafa is out of the field for teatment.

48': Odafa injured and grounded, he is under in treatment, may be his leg cramp.
48': Odafa got another chance but Gurpreet well advance to collect.
47': Attacko fBagan, Rightt sided attack of Pankaj, cleared.
46': CHANCE MISSED BY EAST BENGAL - Lobo's close shot saved by Shitol, Well save of shilton.
46': Referee Pranjol Banerjee starts the 2nd half match.
HALF TIME : No score in the match. 0-0 is the scoreline.
45+2': East Bengal got Free kick, Dika's kick cleared from Mohun Bagan box.

45+2': Back to back 2 attacks of Odafa, one went wide and another he hold the ball so many times and finally cleared from East Bengal box.
45': Refree added 2 minutes more.
45': Naoba cleared Odafa's free kick shot.
44': YELLOW CARD to Gurwinder of East Bengal.
43': Foul to Odafa from behind by Gurwinder, free kick for Mohun Bagn in East Bengal area.,
43': Goal kick of Shilton went to East Bengal area.
42': Cross of Naoba Singh from right went wide as it was too long.
41': YWLLOW CARD To ECHE of Mojhun Bagan.

40': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
39': Eche fouled to Abranches in top of the Mohun Bagan box, Free kick for East Bengal.
39': Mohun bagan is attacking more than East Bengal now.
38': Attack of East Bengal from right but Chidi was offside.
37': Free kick for East Bengal, 36': Odafa's free kick went wide.
36': Free kick for Mohun Bagan as Lobo fouled Denson.
35': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
35': Again and again attack of Mohun Bagan is going now.
34': Another chance to Bagan, Sankar's cross from left but well saved by Gurpreet.
33': Again attack of Mohun Bagan, Odafa to Sabeeth in left of East Bengal box but his weak left footer went wide.
33': Naoba to Raju to Gurwinder but cleared by Souvik.
32': Mohun Bagn in attack, Throw in in for East engal from Denson's long ball.
30': No score yet in the match. 0-0 is the scoreline.
28': Gurpreet well collected a close shot.

26': Gurwinder fouled Sabeet bery bad, He studded Sabeet when Dabeeth was grounded?
25': Still no score - East Bengal 0-0 Mohun Bagan.
25': Abranches shot went out.
24': CHANCE MISSED BY ODAFA: Easy chance missed by Odafa from a close.
24': Referee said no foul.
23': Tough fight in the field, Chidi who scored 7 goals in CFL so far wasfouled by Eche.
23': Goal kick for East Bengal, gurpreet shot went to Mohun Bagn area.
22': Denson's long ranger went wide.
21': Attack of Mohun Bagan, Solo run of Odafa but finally unable to control.
20': Still no score - East Bengal 0-0 Mohun Bagan.

19': Pankaj oula's attack from right cleared by Soumik.
18': Throw in for East Bengal, Raju's long throw in cleared.
17': Wrong pass of Denson, counter attack of East Bengal, Chidi missed to collect the ball in out side of Mohun Bagan box.
17': This is the 4th times in IFA League that Derby Match is playing after one's win of League Title.
16': Now slight slow pace in the match than last 15 minutes.
15': Still no score - East Bengal 0-0 Mohun Bagan.
15': Right sided attack of East Bengal Seuoka to Lobo but Lobo disbalanced.
14': Souvik to Odafa and Odafa to Preetam in right but ball out for Throw in for East Bengal.
13': Chidi offside in the left from Lobo's pass.
12': Bagan now attacked from left, Eche to Souvik in left passed to Zakir and Zakir gave to Odafa but Odafa's weak shot went to Gurpreet.
10': Still no score in the match, East Bengal 0-0 Mohun Bagan.
9': Odafa to Sankar in left from a back heel but Naoba cleared.

8': Upto this time both teams got one chance each to score but finally unable.
8': CHANCE MISSED of East Bengal, Chidi's header from Raju's throw hits the post.
7': Raju's long throw in of Raju to Mohun Bagan box.
7': Counter attack of East Bengal Lobo for Chidi in left but Rowilson cleared.
7': Goal kick for East Bengal, long kick of Gurpreet but Dika fouled Denson.
6': Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Eche's effort went for Mohun Bagan's corner, Gurpreet cleared the corner kick of Denson.
5': Still no score in the match, East Bengal 0-0 Mohun Bagan.
4': Khabra to Lobo but throw in for East Bengal, Naoba's throw in from right cleared in Bagan bo.
3': Another attack of Mohun Bagan, Sankar Oraw fouled Naoba, Free kick for East Bengal
3': Attack of Mohun Bagan, Sabeet pushed the ball in goal but he was in offside.
2': Long ball of Demson to Odafa but ball cleared by Lobo, counter attack of East Bengal.
2': Counter attack of East Bengal, Soumik to Seuoka but bloced in middle.
1': Corner kick cleared from East Bengal box but ball went to Denson and his shot went wide.
1': First attack of Mohun Bagan from Right, Nice shot of Pankaj but well saved by Gurpreet for corner.
1': Kick off of the match by Mohun Bagan.

0': Dr. Bijay Malia and Film Star Prasenjit are introducing with the Footballers.
0': East Bengal will be defending in Northern Side while Mohun Bagan in Southern Side 0': Battele is going to be started, both teams are in the pitch. Refferee and other officials are ready to start the Derby- KOLKATA DERBY.
0': East Bengal chief Coach Armando Colaso now in Goa and Asst Coach Ranjan Chowdhury will be in the dugout in place of Armando.
0': East Bengal already won the league title when they beat Kalighat MS 2-0 last match but can they finis the league as ungeaten??
0': In last 10 matches East Bengal won 9 drew 1 while Mohun Bagan won 6 and drew 4 matches.
0': East Bengal and Mohun Bagan both are unbeaten in the CFL Super 12.
0': East Bengal team is warming up in the northern end of Salt Lake Stadium while Mohun Bagan is warming up at the Southern End.
0': Today's Referee is Pranjol Banerjee who will assist by Bipab Poddar, Samar Pal and Ajit Dutta, Ex- FIFA referee Subrata Sarkar is the Match commissioner.
0': Today in the CFL Derby - UB Group Managing Director Dr. Bijay Malia will be present at Salt Lake and Bengali Super Star Actor Prasenjit Chatterjee also be present to watch the Kolkata Derby match.
0': Today at Bengalore, The Bengali Fans of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan who are working in various companies of Bangalore met a friendly football match by the name of Mariners@Bangalore and East Bengal Supporters@Bangalore in the Mornning. The Match ended in a goalless draw. PIC and MATCH REPORT COMING SOON.