East Bengal and Mohammedan SC CFL Premier match ended goalless.



WRITTEN BY JAYDIP DASGUPTA: The important CFL match between East Bengal and Mohammedhan Sporting locked in a goalless draw at Yubabharati Kriangan today. East Bengal are leading the CFL table with 22 points from eight matches while their nearest rival Mohan Bagan are at 21 points from nine matches. So, it is expected for an exiting ending to decide the champions of the CFL.

It was a evenly poised matches as both the teams had the chances of converting. But an exampilary good goalkeeping by both the goalkeepers helped to save the citadel. In the first session Lois Bareto saved a Moga's freekick from outside the box and some time later Bareto saved a Dika's left footer from outside the box. In the second session it was Gurpit Singh sandhu who was the saviour of the Red and Gold.

Gurpit saved a low shot of Ashim Biswas diving towards his left and blocked the way of Josimar's shot who had some dangerous moves in the East Bengal middle third. The absense of Mehtab had proved time and again as the zone in front of the two deep defenders were uncovered which was utilised by the Mohammedhan midfeilders Anthony Soren and Israil Gurung. Ruiji Sueaka acted as a pivot in the Red and Gold midfeild, who worked tirelessly and was unlucky in the second session when his shot from Dika's pass hit the post.

East Bengal started the match with five midfeilders and Moga in the upfront who was in the shadow of Mehraj and Luciano. His substitute Cheddi Edeh failed to be positive during his short spell. East Bengal were denied a penalty in the early stages of the match when Lobo was brought down within the 18 yards.

In the second session Arnab Mondal were in the field for 4 minutes with jersey no 19 which was changed later instead of his registered jersey no 3. The mistake is an offence according to the rule. Mohammedhan will play their last match against Mohan Bagan later this week. Mohun Bagan will have to earn full points in order to stay in the run for championship.

The chances of East Bengal are more positive as they will meet United Sports Club and Kalighat MS before the derby on the 11th of January. The equation says that the Red and Gold needed 6 points to reach the desider target of winning the CFL forth time in a row.


02.01.14: East Bengal 0-0 Mohammedan Sporting (YBK - FT):: SCORLL DOWN BELOW TO READ ALL
MSC : Barreto, Nirmal, Luciano, Mehraj, Dhanarajan, Antony, Israil, Manish, Joshimar, Nabi, Ashim
KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Arnab, Gurwinder, Soumik, Vasum, Khabra, Lobo, Dika, Sueoka, Moga REF : Prabir Dhar.
MOM: Anthony Soren (Mohammedan Sporting Club )

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Match End. Mohammedan Sporting hold defending champion East Bengal in CFL Premier Super 12 match.East Bengal leading in CFL Premier table. LATEST LEAGUE TABLE ON 2nd JAN

90'+3':Corner by Mohammedan Sporting, cleares in defence
90'+2':Long ranger of Dika, goes out
90'+1':East Bengal's attack and a corner
90':4 minutes added time
89':Mohammedan's free kick, cleares
88':Players Change in East Bengal: Tulunga in place of Lobo
86':Dika's free kick, goes wide
85':Yellow Card. to Luciano for arguing with referee
84':Chidi obstracted outside the box, free kick to East Bengal

82':Seouka's through pass well cover by Mehraj, otherwise it will be a open chance to Chidi.
81':Players Change in Mohammedan Sporting: Samson in place of Ashim
77':Score remains still goalless
75':Dika's corner, clears in Mohammedan SC defence
74':Good tackle of Luciano to Seuoka, corner to East Bengal
72':Players Change in East Bengal: Chidi Edeh in place of James Moga
11th January DERBY POLL - EB vs MB - POLL
70':Arnab's header from Dika's free kick, goes wide
69':counter attack Joshimer fails to trap the ball properly and unable to shoot
68':Players Change in Mohammedan Sporting: Jerry in place of Israil Gurung
67':Chance to Ashim inside East Bengal box, but his shot goes wide.

66':Sueoka's shot from Dika's pass, deflect from post. Good chance to East Bengal goes in vein
66':Chidi Edeh is warming up. Looks like East Bengal will re-enforce their attacking force.
65':Both the teams are in search of goal.
64':Dika's long ranger, goes wide
63':Counter attack of Mohammedan Sporting. Good tackle of Dika to Ashim just outside the box to deny the attack.
62':Khabra's long ranger, Baretto saves it well
60':Gurpreet is the savier one today. Joshimer's shot, but well save by Gurpreet
East Bengal's Arnab wore Jersey no 19(Robert's jersey) instead of jersey no. 3 in second half. Later he changed it. No Card from Referee for this offence
59':Easiest opportunity misses by Ashim. Gurpreet saves Ashim's shot.
57':Dika's corner, Baretto fists the ball and clears finally
56':Lenn's through pass, clears by Mohammedan defence. Corner to East Bengal
55':Joshimer's shot just misses the post

54':Players Change in East Bengal: Last two match's man of the match Lenn is in place of Vasum
53':East Bengal is playing more number of passes in the middle third
52':Soumik's centre, Baretto fists it
51':It is a midfield battle by both the teams
47':Lobo's centre, Baretto clears the ball
46':Second half resumes
1st HALF ANALYSYS: It was a season battle in the first session of the Derby. Either of the team could have scored. The goalkeepers came to the rescue and saved the citadels by some example of good goalkeeping. MSC keeper Barreto rise to the occasion and saved a free kick of Moga and later on a prompt shot of Dika of East Bengal. While East Bengal keeper Gurpreet was responsible to save along ranger from Manish Maithani. Seuoka is acting as a libero in the Midfield of East Bengal while Kavin Lobo was the upfront.
HALF TIME. Score remains goalless between East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting after the end of first half
45':3 minutes added time

43':Moga unable to control a pass from Seuoka, a good chance of East Bengal wastes
41':Brilliant long ranger of Manish, but Gurpreet again save it very well.
39':Joshimer's shot from top of the penalty box, well save by Gurpreet
35':Score remains goalless still now
33':Counter attack of Mohammedan Sporting, Ashim's long ranger goes wide
32':Dika get a loose ball from Mohammedan SC defence. Barreto save Dika's shot very well
29':Barreto fists Moga's free kick and finally Mohammedan Sporting defence clears the ball
27':Nirmal's tackle to Moga outside the box. Free kick to East Bengal
24':Israil's free kick, goes wide. Score remains goalless
22':Yellow card to Arnab for tackle from behind to Ashim. Free kick to Mohammedan Sporting just outside the box

20':Lobo's centre from left flank, Seuoka's header goes over the bar.
18':vasum's shot from outside of box, sails over the bar
17':In last season under coach Morgan East Bengal finished the Super 9 in Premier League with all win being the Champions
15':Score remains goalless after first 15 minutes of the match
14':Good tackle by Gurwinder to Joshimer inside East Bengal box.
13':Mohammedan Sporting is attacking more using both their wings
11':Naoba tackle Nabi inside the box and clears the ball
9':Joshimer's shot, Soumik clears the ball inside East Bengal box

7':Chance to Israil Gurung in box from Joshimer's pass. Israil's shot goes wide.
6':Lobo's free kick, cleared in Mohammedan SC Defence
5':Israil commits a foul against Lobo outside the box. Free kick to East Bengal in a very good position
3':Long pass from naoba to find Moga in middle, but Moga is in offside position
1':Vasum unable to reach Lobo's pass, Luis Barreto clears the ball
0':East Bengal kick off the match.
0':East bengal is in the Nothern End while Mohammedan Sporting is in the Southern End
0':East Bengal is in Yellow jersey while Mohammedan Sporting is in their traditional jersey
0': 8th match of East Bengal in CFL Premier League
0': 10 Match of Mohammedan SC in CFL PREMIER League
0': Mohammedan SC in 3rd Position with 20 points in League Table.
0': East Bengal in 1st Position with 21 points in League Table.