English League Football Club, The Bromwich Albions launch itself in India.

21.01.2014 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

PRESS RELEASE - West Bromwich Albions : The English Premiere League Football Club, West Bromwich Albion FC has decided to start its football activities in India. Adrian Wright, Commercial Director of the Club along with Harish Mehta, India Strategic Adviser spoke to the press at the Nehru Stadium on 21st January 2014 stating that the Club wants to raise the standards of football in India.

WBA have collaborated with the International Youth League and Indian football organization to nurture the talent for the youth of Delhi to begin with. Gareth, the Indian head of International Youth League was very excited and expressed that the coaches Indian children have a lot of talent but we need to raise the level of Indian football coaches as per the European standards.

It was explained by Adrian Wright that the football infrastructure in India needs to be brought up to the level of Europe. Adrian informed that WBA is interested to take part in the Indian Super League provided they qualify the norms placed by IMG Reliance for the League.