"My Chance" : FC Metz, Edukick and French Embassy to start grassroot football in India.

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With the U-17 FIFA World Cup at hand, Mr. Eric Benny's EduKick Sports in association with the French Cultural Centre and the Embassy of France in India announces the launch of "My Chance" which would emphasise the importance of grass-root development of Football in India.

Partnering with globally renowned French Football Club, F.C Metz which already comprises of a few aspiring young Indian Footballers in France, this new initiative aims to scout, train and develop youngsters across the NCR region from over a hundred Schools.

Mr. Dennis Schaeffer, Director (Football Academy) FC Metz believes and aims to further strengthen the relationship with Eric Benny in receiving more players to France to educate and develop more Indian Players.

"We have long had a desire to facilitate the development of Football in India and have accepted and a few kids through our relationship with Mr. Eric Benny" he says.

This relationship and the launch of "My Chance" would only aid in improving the state of Indian football and help awaken the sleeping giant. As Eric believes "My Chance is a small step in that direction. Big things can happen from here."


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PRESS RELEASE - FPAI : The Board and Senior Members of the Football Players Association of India met at the Fortune Hotel, Kolkata on 27th Jan 2014 to take executive decisions and discuss the board composition of the FPAI effective 1st March 2014.

Bhaichung Bhutia stepped down after serving as President of the FPAI from its foundation in 2006 to the present date and Renedy Singh was unanimously elected as the new President. Bhaichung Bhutia will continue to serve on FIFPro Worlds technical committee as Asia's representative. He will also be an adviser and a life member of the FPAI.

The following 4 persons were appointed as the Vice Presidents - Sunil Chetri , Abhishek Yadav , Clifford Miranda and Alvito D'Cunha. Simon Colosimo was elected as the Vice President representing foreign players in India. A new board will also be announced from 1st March 2014. Deepak Mondal will continue as the Honorary Treasurer of the FPAI and Jahan Mehta as the Honorary General Secretary. The President, Honorary General Secretary and Treasurer will serve for a maximum of 3 terms. It is compulsory for the them to take a break of 1 year after these 3 terms.

The Board has taken executive decisions about the future of FPAI, its interaction and exposure to all players across India and its annual work. The standard contract for all players in India was also discussed. Decision regarding a charity match, the Indian Football Awards 2014 and the development of the FPAI House (New Office) were also taken and will be announced shortly.

A committee for formed to oversee the completion of the new FPAI House consisting of Deepak Mandal, Gouramangi Singh, Jahan Mehta and Rahim Nabi besides the President Renedy Singh who will over see the full development. The committee will be dissolved on completion of the FPAI House in Kolkata targeted to be inaugurated in early 2016. Anuj Kichlu will continue as the FPAI representative on the FIFPro Asia Board.

The presence of players from Goa and Mumbai was not possible as it is between the season but some of them did attend by video conference. The FPAI would like to thank Sunil Chetri and Gouramangi Singh who came in from Bangalore and Shillong for the meeting despite their hectic schedule other than all the players from Kolkata who were all present when required.

A vacancy was also announced for two new positions within the day to day management of FPAI for an employee in Kolkata (East Region) and Goa/Mumbai (West Region). Selection and announcement of the deserving candidate will be announced shortly and expected start date is 1st April 2014.