CFL PREMIER - East Bengal beat City rival United SC in 9th match.

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KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Raju, Gurwinder, Soumik, Dika, Khabra, Vasum, Lobo, Seuoka, Moga
USC : Abhijit, Deepak, Azim, Hassan, Dhanachandra, Tapan, Souvik, Lalkamal, Asif, Rafiq, Ranty REF : Biplab Poddar

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal are three points away from the magic figure of three points to bag the CFL crown for forth time in a row. At Kolkata today they crossed the barier of United Sports by a brace to register their ninth victory and will meet Kalighat MS on 8th of January before the derby against the arch rival Mohun Bagan on 11th.

A brillant left footer from outside the 18 yards gave East Bengal the lead in the 13thminute of the match following a pass from Harmaonjot Khabra. The ball went in like a rocket with the United goalkeeper had no answer to response. Moga could have increase the tally in the first session only but was unlucky while converting. A push from Moga in the empty goal was saved by Hassan from the goalline and another right footed shot from inside the 18 yards was hit in the frame work. Cheedi Eddeh icreased the tally in the 82nd minute after recieving a forward through from Tulunga.

Cheddi was replaced by Moga a minute earlier before he scores.In the second session United controlled the midfeild played a number of passes between themselves but unable to create any danger in the central defense of Red and Gold expect for an instance. The lateral back of United Sports Dipak Mondal was clear through the right flank and had a shrarp shot at East Bengal goal which was saved by Gurpit following a rebound. The danger man in the United upfront Ranty Martins were under the shadow of Raju and Gurwinder.

The decisions of the referee Biplab Poddar was controversial in some occasions. He had stopped the match without applying the advantage rule. At the dying moments of the match he flashed yellow card to Sheik Azim of United when he handled the ball and obstruct Cheddi who was absolutely clear. The football law says that Azim should be given the marching order as Ceddi was about to enter the box with no one infront except the goalkeeper. Harmonjot Khabra will miss the next match as he was shown the red card at the 92nd minute.

The match on the 8th of January against Kalighat MS will be eventfull. If East bengal win then they will be declare as the champions of the CFL before the derby on Saturday,


FULL TIME : East Bengal won the match 2-0, Moga and Chidi scored.
90+2': RED CARD to KHABRA for Double caution. 10 men East Bengal for 1 minute
90': 3 minute added time.
88': What a miss of East Bengal.. Gurwinder missed one to one after getting a ball from Chidi.
87': Yellow card to Sk Azim of United SC.
85': East Bengal 2-0 United SC - Scorer James Moga and Chidi.
82': Passed from Tulunga and Chidi beat two defender with his speed and his right footer grounder beat Abhijit.
80': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL - 81' : Chidi in and Moga out.
80': PLAYER CHANGE - UNITED SC - 79': Dhanachandra out and Vineeth in.
77': CHIDI EDEH is warming up in side line.

75': This is the 5th match of ELCO against East Bengal where he won 3 times.
73': Again and again attack of Unuted SC now, Deepak's another cross in East Bengal box but Rafiq offside.
71': PLAYER CHANGE - United 72' : Lal out and Surojit in.
70': CHANCE MISSED BY UNITED - Deepaks close shot hits the post and out.
70': East Bengal 1-0 United SC - Scorer James Moga in 14th minute.
69': Well attack of United, Deepak to Rafiq and Rafiq's shot went to Gurpreet.
68': Lenn's another effort went to United Keeper Abhijit.
67': Khabra's long ranger went out.
66': East Bengal attacked, Naoba's right sided cross went to Lenn but Azim cleared.
65': Still East Bengal is leading by Moga's 14th minute goal.
62': PLAYER CHANGE - UNITED SC - 62' : Asif out and Jayanta in.
62': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL - 62' : Lobo out and Lenn in.
61': East Bengal attacked again, Soumik's cross but he was offside.
60': East Bengal 1-0 United SC.
54': Attack of East Bengal from left, Soumik's cross went wide.
52': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL - 52' : Vasum out and Tulunga in.
51': Vasum of East Bengal injured and out from the field for treatment.
50': Attack of United, Gurpreet well saved Ranti's shot.
50': Deepak's cross from right to Ranty but Gurwinder cleared.
49': Foul of Vasum to Lalkamal, Free kick to United SC.

48': Double covering to Ranty by Raju and Gurwinder of East Bengal.
47': Wrong pass of Soumik went to Abhijit's hand.
47': Ranty's attacked from left but blocked by Naoba.
46': Starts of 2nd half.
A brilliant left footer from James Moga in the 14th minute of the match gave East Bengal a 1-0 lead. East Bengal clould have increase their margin if Moga was not unlucky as his shot hits the cross bar and United Stopper Hassan saved another from goalline. United concentrated on passing football but unable to bother the East Bengal central defence till in the first half.
HT : East Bengal is leading 1-0 from 14th minute goal of Moga.
45+2': Deepak's cross from right went out.
45': 2 minute added time.
43': Again attack of East Bengal, Moga's left footer from Dika again missed the target for an inch..
42': Yellow card to Khabra..
42': Foul of Khabra when ball entered in USC box, he fouled Souvik.
42': Throw in for East Bengal, Long throw in of Raju.
40': STILL East Bengal is leading 1-0.
40': Yellow card to Dhanachandra, Free kick of Dika cleared.
39': Again attack of East Bengal, foul to Lobo by Dhanachandra.
38': CHANCE MISSED of Moga, his right footer from Gurwinder's cross hits the cross bar and out.
37': United Attacked from right, but finally cleared from East Bengal box, Counter attack of East Bengal.
36': Long ball from East Bengal defence to Vasum but Dhanachandra cleared.
35': STILL East Bengal is leading 1-0.

35': Yellow card to Souvik.
35': Foul of Souvik of United SC, fouled Seuoka from behind.
34': United is playing more passes, Free kick for East Bengal.
33': United is attacking from right, Deepak to Azim towards Ranty but Soumik cleared.
32': United and East Bengal I-League match ended 1-1.
31': United attacked, Lal's cross in East Bengal Box but too long , goal kick for East Bengal.
30': STILL East Bengal is leading 1-0.
28':Ranty scores but he is in offside position
27':Good move of EB through Seuoka and Moga, but Moga make a misspass
27':Chance to Lalkamal, but good block by Raju
26':Another move but Moga is in offside
25':Raju's long throw-in, but Khabra commits foul
24':Dhanachandra's shot, Gurpreet saves it in second try
22':Forward pass to Rafiq,too fast for Rafiq, ball goes wide.< 21':Dika's free kick, directly in Abhijit's hand
20':Another free kick to EB after a foul against Dika
19':Bad tackle of Lalkamal to Vasum, free kick to East Bengal
18':Gurpreet's goal kick nearly finds Dika, Hasan's back pass finds Abhijit
16':Dika's long forward pass to Moga, but a clear offside.
16':Ranty's long ranger, goes wide

15':Ball clears from corner
15':Dika's pass to Seuoka, but sliding tackle of Dhanachandra, corner to EB
14':United SC's attack but centre directly in Gurpreet's hand
12':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Moga's brilliant left footed long ranger, finds the net
10':United SC's attack through Ranty, Raju clears the ball
9':Another chance to EB, Abhijit saves the ball
8':Lalkamal's free kick, Khabra clears the ball. Counter attack of EB, Moga's flick beat Abhijit but hasan clears the ball near goalline
7':Foul against Ranty, free kick to United SC
5':Ranty's centre to Rafiq, Rafiq's back volley directly in Gurpreet's hand
4':Raju's long throw-in, Moga's header goes wide
3':Seuoka's centre clears in defence
2':naoba commits foul against Dhanachandra.
1':Brilliant chance to Moga, he beat Abhijit but still take more time and finally ball clears. Brilliant chance to EB wastes
0':Kick off
0': East Bengal is now top of the League table with 22 points as they drew goalless against Mohammedan SC in their last CFL match.
0': Today it will be East Bengal's 9th Match in CFL Premier.
0' : East Bengal to face City Rival United SC today at 4.00 pm - Salt Lake Stadium.