XOLO inks exclusive regional marketing partnership deal with Liverpool FC.

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PRESS RELEASE : XOLO, the leading smart mobile devices brand, today, announced a three-season exclusive partnership with Liverpool Football Club to become the official Regional Marketing Partner for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. With this partnership, XOLO becomes the official mobile handset partner for Liverpool FC across the Indian sub-continent until May 2016. With the growing popularity of football in the region, the partnership with the iconic Liverpool FC signifies the company's long-term intent to promote football across the sub-continent, as it deepens engagement with younger, new-age consumers.

The partnership marks yet another first for XOLO, making it the first Indian mobile handset brand to associate with football. XOLO has been at the forefront of mobile technology since its inception, and has forged industry-leading partnerships including Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm amongst others, in order to provide differentiated technology to the new-age, discerning consumers.

Commenting on the strategy behind XOLO's partnership with Liverpool FC, Vishal Sehgal, Co-Founder & Director at Lava International Ltd., said "India, today, is one of the world's fastest growing football destinations, with the sport emerging as a popular choice amongst new-age Indian audiences. XOLO has always stayed true to our brand promise of delivering "the next level" in mobility to our consumers. We believe this partnership with Liverpool FC will help us strengthen this commitment in bringing best-in-class mobile experiences to Indian audiences."

The partnership will add extra cheer this New Year for Liverpool FC fans in India. XOLO will offer its users in India rich content from Liverpool FC on their mobile handsets, exclusive merchandise and the chance to meet various Liverpool FC players and legends. Some lucky fans, customers and business partners will also get the unique opportunity to witness live matches at Anfield, the team's home-ground. XOLO will work with Liverpool FC supporters and fan clubs in India to engage with a variety of football leagues, coaching camps and tournaments, bringing the Club closer to fans in India.

The agreement was inked at a press conference at Melwood Training Ground by Sunil Raina, Business Head, XOLO and Olly Dale, Sales Director, Liverpool Football Club.

To celebrate the partnership, XOLO provided young football-crazy fans a chance to meet Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler at an event in Delhi. 3 lucky winners of a Facebook contest 'One-Two with Robbie' got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with the football legend and click pictures with him.

IFA CFL - Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan SC match ended 1-1

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06.01.2014: MOHUN BAGAN   1-1   MOHAMMEDAN SC :: (YBK - FT)

MMB : Shilton, Pretam, Kingshuk, Aibor, Souvik, Denson, Pankaj, Yusa, Sabeeth, Ram, Odafa.... TABLE
MSC : Barreto, Nirmal, sanip, Mehajuddin, Dhanarajan, Isfaq, Manish, Antony, Penn, Nabi, Ashim. REF : Uttam Sarkar.

FULL TIME. Match end. Nabi scored for MSC and Yusa of MMb equalized. The final score is 1-1.East Bengal needed a point only to bag the CFL tittle
90+1': Free kick for Mohun Bagan Odafa's shot deflected .
90': Referee added 3 minutes more in the match
88': Corner to Mohammedan but cleared from Mohun Bagan box.
87': Slow pace in the match now. Mid field oriented match is going on.
86': Mohun Bagan won their last season CFL match against Mohammedan by 3-0.
85': 1-1 still now in the match.
83': Penn to Nabi in left but he failed to move ahead as Kingshuk came to resque.
If today's derby ended in a draw then East Bengal needed a point only to bag the CFL tittle
82': Mohun Bagan Attacked, Sabeeth cross and Odafa's header went wide.
80': Still the match is 1-1. Both teams are trying to find another goal.
80': Free kick to MSC, Sandip's free kick cleared. LIKE US
75': Shilton well saved a shot of Ashim from top of the box.
75': Same score 1-1.
74': Now Mohammedan SC is playing some passing football and long ball attack.
74': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC Zerry in and Isfaq out.
73': Penn's cross from right but no one their.
71': Mohammedan SC is going to change their players.
71': The derby battle is going on, Both teams are try to go ahead with a goal.
71': PLAYER CHANGE - MMB Jakir in and Ram out.
70': PLAYER CHANGE - MMB Sankar in and Pankaj out.
70': Still the scoreline is 1-1.
69': Again attack of Mohun Bagan, Barreto collected denson's weak shot.
67': Yellow card to Kingshuk of Bagan as he fouled Ashim.
65': The score line remain same 1-1.
64': Another attack of MSC from right side, Nabi wanted to pass Ashim but he failed to trap the ball properly, ball cleared
63': Slow pace now in the match.
62': Denson's corner kick and Aibor's header deflected and cleared finally.
61': Another attack of Baga side from left result a corner.
Mohun Bagan should win today to stay for the CFL tittle. Though they have to look forward for the result of the match between East Bengal and Kalighat MS. If they loose point they it will be a easy task for East Bengal.
HALF TIME. Score remains 1-1 after the end of first half. At half time both the teams are locked at 1-1. Nabi drew the first blood for Mohammedan Sporting when he scored from a Penn Orji free kick from the right.Mohun Bagan restored parity through Katsumi Yusa in the 26th minute following a pass from Sabeth. Mohan Bagan increased the pressure after scoring created some opportunities but failed to convert.
45+2': Well attack of Bagan, Yusa's left sided cross went direct to Barreto.
45': Still the scoreline is 1-1 . Nabi scored for MSC and Yusa for MMB.
45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
43': Again well tackle of Kinhsguk to stop Penn's advancing in box.
42': Two goals already done in the match one each. Now slow pace in the match.
41': Attack of Mohammedan, Penn from Manis to Penn again but Kingshuk stopped his move, cleared and long ball in upfront.
40': same score remains 1-1.
37':Up and down match is going on, both teams are playing attacking football now.
36': MSC attacked, Nabi's cross from left went to Isafaq but he did not capitalized.
35': The scoreline is Mohun Bagan 1-1 Mohammedan SC.
34': Mohun Bagan is now attacking more and more.
32':Another attack of Bagan, Odafa to Pritam and his shot from top of the box went wide. Good effort of Mohun Bagan.
32':Free kick to Mohun Bagan, Katsumi will take it
31': Denson's corner went to Mohammedan SC box but finally cleared before any Bagan's action
28': Corner for Mohun Bagan, denson's corner cleared.
27': Now the scoreline is Mohun Bagan 1-1 Mohammedan SC.
26': Equalized by Yusa, Sabeeth pass from top of the box and his right footer beat Barreto in left.
26':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Katsumi equalise for Mohun Bagan
24': Another attack of Mohun Baan from left side, Yusa to Souvik to Yusa but Mehrajuddin came advance to clear the situation
23': Mohammedan SC is still attacking more and more.
22':Free kick to Mohun Bagan outside the box
21': Another attack of Bagan, Odafa gave a ball to Ram in top of the box but Ram's shot deflected in MSC defence.
20': Still the score line is 1-0 for Mohammedan SC, Nabi was the scorer.
18': Odafa got a ball and passed to Ram, Ram returned Odafa then and their but MSC defenders covered well the ball and snatched from Odafa.
17': Attack of Mohun Bagan, Odafa to Sabeet but he missed to any action.
15': Again attack of Mohammedan SC, Ashim's shot from penn's pass went wide,
13': Now the score line is Mohun Bagan 0-1 Mohammedan SC
12': Foul of Denson to Anthony and Mohammedan got a free kick, Penn took the free kick and Nabi's brilliant header beat Shilton in left.
11': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Nabi scored goal from Penn's free kick
10':Free kick to Mohammedan Sporting
9': CHANCE MISSED - Sabeeth open missed a net, Odafa passed in box but Sabeet missed the target.
6': Ram got a ball from Sabeeth in right but cleared by Kingshuk in advance.
5': No score yet in the match. Mohun Bagan 0-0 Mohammedan SC.
4': Penn shot went to shilton from a free kick, well advance resist of shilton.
2': Penn returned in the filed for play.
2': Yusa fouled Penn and Penn was injured and under in treatmen in outside of the field.
2': First attack by Mohammedan SC, Ashim got the ball from penn and moved from left wing but blocked.
0':Match starts, kick offed by Mohun Bagan.