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JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The CFL Derby between East Bengal And Mohun Bagan are schedule on the 11th of January at Yuba Bharati Kriangan. The tickets of the match are now available from the IFA Office at Sooterkin Street along with the East Bengal and Mohun Bagan tents at maidan.

The East Bengal supporters will enter the stadium through gate number 1, 2and 3 (part), while the Mohan Bagan fanatics will enter through gate number 3 (part), 4 and 5. The tickets are priced at Rs 70 (General), Rs 100 and 120 (VIP) and Rs 250 (Dignitary).

Mohun Bagan in a press note today declared that the club has made arrangement to issue tickets of the Derby to all the valid members of the club on production of the current Membership Card. The tickets will be dristubuted from the club tent on the 9th and 10th between 1pm and 7 pm.


08.01.2014 : .KFC. | HOME PAGE

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal were declared the champions of the 2013-14. At home ground today Red and Gold defeated Kalighat MS by a brace to bag the CFL tittle for the 35th time. In fact East Bengal is the only team who has been crowned the CFL for the maximum number of times. East Bengal are still to play the last match against the arch rivals on Saturday.

The stage was perfect at the East Bengal Club ground at maidan today. It was a full house ,the fans are cheering with the club flags and was waiting for the moment to celebtrate. After a long time the East Bengal ground at maidan were house full before the start of the match. East Bengal dominated the match all through the entire ninety minutes but could score twice each in both the halfs. The score sheet should have been more if the strikers of East bengal especially James Moga converted the opportunities. Even Sueaka missed a penalty at the dying stages of the match.

Est bengal drew the first blood in the 23rd minute when James Moga lobes a ball in the net following a forward pass from Subodh Kumar. This was Moga’s 6th goal in the CFL. In the 76th minute it was Eddeh Cheedi who increased the margin who converted after recieving a pass fom Malsam Tulunga from the left. East Bengal are at 28 points now from 10 matches and are still unbeaten. So, the last match against Mohun Bagan ( 22 points from 10 matches) will not going to effect as far as the question of championship is concerned.


08.01.2014: EAST BENGAL   2-0   KALIGHAT MS :: (KEB- FT') KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Arnab, Raju, Robert, Lobo, Seuoka, Subodh, Dika, Abranches, Moga.
KMS : Santanu, Mohon, Kallol, Sukanta, Pahoon, Jordinliana, Prasenjit, Supriyo, Prasenjit, Joel, Bhim..... REF : Ujjal Haldar.

EAST BENGAL WINNING YEARS : 1942, 1945, 1946, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1961, 1966, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011,2012,2013.

90+3': East Bengal lost 3rd goal opportunity.
90+3': NOOO. Santanu well saved Seuoka's Spot kick.
90+2': Penalty to East Bengal, Tulunga was fouled by KGAzi.
90': 3 minute added time.
88': Few minutes left to win the League Title of East Bengal.
86': GOALL- No.. no.. Arnab Mondols header beat Keeper of KMS but he was in offside.
85': Still East Bengal is leading 2-0, Moga and Chidi scored the goals.
85': Last 3 years East Bengal won the IFA CFL Premier League now target for 4th time and overall 35th times.
84': Kalighat MS player Pahoon Biswas injured and relaced by Subhojit.
83': Miss pass of Seuoka.
83': East Bengal fans are wating for last 10 minutes to celebrate.
82': Chidi scored hattrick against George Telegraph.
80': 75': Still East Bengal is leading 2-0.
78': Yellow card to Jordinliana of Kalighat MS as he fouled Subodh Kumar.
76': Well attack of East Bengal, Seuoka to Tulunga in right and Chidi scored after his final pass like Mohammedan Match.
76': GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scored goal and East Bengal is leading 2-0. 7th goal of Chidi in CFL.
75': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Chidi in Moga out.
75': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0.
75': East Bengal attacked from left, robert to Lobo but miss pass.
73': Another attack of East Bengal, Naoba to Moga in left, Moga got the ball from Lenn but Moga's weak shot.
72': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Lenn in and Abranches out.
70': East Bengal is leading 1-0 theough James Moga in 23rd minute.
70': Attack of Kalighat MS but Joel was offside in left wing.
68': East Bengal is playing ground passed now.
66': Another Chance missed by East Bengal, Moga got the ball fut it was too fast, Santanu well advance to stop him.
65': East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.Moga scored 64': What A shot of Kalighat MS, Pahoon's sheot well saved by Gurpreet.
63': East Bengal fans are in celebrating mode in the Ground, weaving the flangs,
62': CHANCE MISSED BY SEUOKA - he should pass to upcoming Moga, His attack from right and his shot hits the side net.
60': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0 through a 23rd minit score of Moga.
59': Free kick for East Bengal, Pahoon fouled.
59': Chidi is worming up.
58': Now slow pace in the match.
57': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Tulunga in and Dika out.
55': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0 through a 23rd minit score of Moga.
54': Long corss of Robert from Midfield to Moga but he fouled KMS keeper.
53': Free kick for Kaligh as Subodh fouled Pahoon.
53': Again and again attack of East Bengal, Naoba's cross cleared by Bhim.
52': 50': Still East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
49': Another attack of East Bengal but cleared in KMS box.
48': Subodh's corner cleared.
47': corner for East Bengal from Lobo's attack.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HALF TIME ANALYSIS- JAYDIP DASGUPTA - At half time East Bengal are leading by a solitary goal scored by James Moga in 23rd minute, An exhibition of waisted opportunities restricted East Bengal to indrease their goal margin. Th jam packed East Bengal ground are waving eagerly to celebrate their 35th League title win.
HALF TIME': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS. James Moga scored in 23rd minute
45+1': Abranches effort cleared in KMS box.
45': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
45': 2 minute added time.
44': Joaquim fit to play.
44': Joaquim injured while JOel's free kick hits his belly..
44': Free kick of Joel deflected and counter attack of East Bengal.
43': Free kick in danger area to East Bengal..
42': Pahoon to Joel and Joel's shot touched hand to Arnab, Free kick for KMS.
42': Corss of Pahoon but cleared by Naoba for throw in for KMS.
42': Long pass of Naoba from right but missed pass.
41': Atack of Lobo from right but he was block.
40': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
40': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
40': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
40': Dika's long shot went wide.
39': Corner kick went to KMS box and finally cleared.
38': SURE CHANCE - missed Sueoka's one to one attack well saved by Santanu for corner kick.
37': Miss pass of Kalighat's Kallol, Lobo to Subodh and miss pass of Lobo,.
35': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
35': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
34': Again missed by East Bengal, Miss of Moga and then Dika from Abranches cross from left
33': Moga got a chance to another score but his close shot went wide.
32':No impact from Kalighat MS corner kick, went to Gurpreet, counter attack of East Bengal.
32': Well shot of Kallol Pal of KMS and Gurpreet well saved it for a corner.
32': KMS attacked from left, Oahoon to Mohon but ball cleared from Dika for Throw in.
30': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS. Moga Scored the goal 23rd minutes.
30': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
30': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
30': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
29': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
28': Corner for East Bengal, Dika's kick cleared in Kalighat MS box.
28': Attack of East Bengal from left, Abranches cross and Moga's shot went out.
27': Chance to East Bengal for 35th times win of IFA CFL Premier League..
25': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
25': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
25': Score line East Bengal 1-0 Kalighat MS.
24': East Bengal is leading 1-0. MOGA's 6th Goal
23': Subodh to Moga and Moga lobbed the ball over Kalighat MS' keeper advancing Santanu.
23': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Moga scored goal for East Bengal..
23': Corner for East Bengal, cleared.
22': Lobo to Joaquim in left, wrong pass of Lobo for Seuoka, ball went out for goal kick of KMS
21': Effort of Abranches went out from Dika's kick
21': Corner for East Bengal
20': Soreline Still East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS
19': Dika to Moga but he missed, ball went to Lobo and his shot cleared from KMS box
18': Counter attack of EAst Bengal, Moga's attack but ball went out.
17': Attack of Kalighat MS but wrong pass of Jordin went to Naoba
17': Free kick for Kalighat MS, Long Free kick cleared by Raju
16': Dika to Seuoka but Seuoka offside
15': Scoreline Still East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS.
13': Joel Sunday attacked from right, cross of Sunday cleared by Naoba from box
15': No score- East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS
13': JAM PACKED East Bengal Ground, Fans are waving their club flags
12': East Bengal attacked- Dika's shot went wide over the cross bar.
11': No score- East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS
10': No score- East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS
10': Sueoka's shot finally saved by Prasenjit
9': Corner in KMS keeper's right, Goalline saved of Kaligh MS
9': Lobo to Dika from top of the box and Dika's shot went for corner of East Bengal
8': Long shot of Gurpreet towards Kalight MS area.
8': Goal kick for Kalighat, ball went to East Bengal area.
7': East Bengal need 1 point to lift the League title for 35th times
7': Attack of East Bengal, Moga in right passed to Dika but he failed to Impact
6': Moga's attack went to KMS keeper
6': Kalighat Attack through Sukanta, blocked and counter attack of East Bengal
5': No score- East Bengal 0-0 Kalighat MS
4': Dika cross went out.
3': 64th CFL Match where 181 goals scored.
3': East Bengal in yellow Jersey while Kalighat MS in White Jersey
2': Joel Sunday's shot from Free kic deflected in human wall, counter attack of East Bengal.
2':Free kick of Kalighat MS from out side of East Bengal box.
1': Attack of Kalighat MX, Kallol from right to Supryo but fouled by Raju.
1': Attack of East Bengal, Subodh effort went out.
1': Match starts at East Bengal gorund..